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How Does Snap Score Work? How to Increase it?

How Does SnapScore Work

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms, known for its ephemeral and interactive features. Among its many features, Snap Score stands out as a unique metric that adds a layer of competitiveness and gamification to the platform. Every time you send or get a Snap, your score goes up by one point. You can also earn points by doing other things like posting stories or sending messages. In this article, we will dive into the workings of the Snap Score, exploring how it is calculated, its significance, and tips to improve it. So, let’s unravel the mystery of Snap Score together!

What is Snap Score?

There are several messaging applications out there. But to be unique among them is the real challenge. Snapchat pulled this off brilliantly using its trademark disappearing messages.

Whenever you send a message or “Snap” to your friends, it has a self-destruct mode i.e., the messages or Snaps automatically delete themselves after a certain duration.

Snaps automatically deleteNow to stay ahead of the competition and attract new users without losing existing ones, Snapchat regularly introduces new features every now and then. One such feature is the Snap Score.

You might have seen a number just below your profile picture and name in the profile settings of Snapchat. This number is Snap Score. In simple terms. it represents your activity on Snapchat.

Snap ScoreThough Snapchat hasn’t revealed exactly how it calculates Snap Scores, it is clear that it considers the number of Snaps you sent or received and also the number of stories you posted.

Snaps Sent & ReceivedThe algorithm behind the calculation of Snap Score is kept secret by Snapchat. But one thing is clear, the more active you are on Snapchat, the higher will be your Snap Score.

How Does Snap Score Work?

Snap Score is calculated based on a variety of factors and activities. While Snapchat keeps the exact algorithm under wraps, it takes into account different elements to determine your score. The more you engage with the platform, the higher your score will be.

If you think the overall Snap Score is just the sum of these two numbers, then you are obviously wrong. Because here is a list of things that Snapchat considers to calculate the Snap Score.

  • Number of Snaps Sent
  • Number of Snaps Received
  • The number of Stories you posted
  • Total number of Friends you have
  • How frequently you use the App
  • The number of Discover videos you watch
  • How well you maintain Snap Streaks

Snap Story                Snap Streak

Note that these “factors” are just an indication of the basic things that Snapchat might consider for calculating your Snap Score. The actual logic behind the algorithm is unknown to the general public.

The Snap Score isn’t similar to the “likes”, “upvotes”, or “retweets” on other platforms. It isn’t a reflection of how popular your stories are or any of your other content. The main thing we can associate with Snap Score is the activity chart of a user on Snapchat.

Importance of Snap Score

Snap Score holds significant importance on Snapchat as it acts as a numerical representation of a user’s activity and engagement within the platform. It serves as a ranking system that quantifies the level of interaction and usage, highlighting active and engaged users.

A higher Snap Score indicates a stronger presence and involvement on Snapchat, fostering healthy competition among users. It not only motivates users to maintain streaks, send/receive snaps, and engage with stories but also encourages meaningful connections and communication.

Thus, Snap Score plays a pivotal role in shaping the Snapchat experience and enhancing user participation

Factors Affecting Snap Score

1. Snapchat Streaks

Snapchat Streaks are an essential part of the Snap Score calculation. Streaks occur when you and your friend exchange snaps for consecutive days. The longer the streak, the higher the impact on your Snap Score. So, maintaining streaks can significantly boost your score.

2. Sending and Receiving Snaps

The number of snaps you send and receive plays a vital role in determining your Snap Score. Regularly sending snaps to your friends and actively opening and responding to snaps you receive will contribute positively to your score.

3. Story Engagement

Snapchat Stories allow users to share photos and videos with their friends for 24 hours. Engaging with your friends’ stories by viewing, reacting, and responding to them can increase your Snap Score. Actively participating in stories keeps you connected and adds points to your score.

4. In-App Activities

Apart from the core features, there are additional in-app activities that contribute to your Snap Score. These include exploring Discover content, participating in public stories, using Snapchat lenses and filters, and engaging with augmented reality experiences. The more you explore and utilize these features, the more your score will rise.

How to Increase Snap Score?

As Snap Score indicates your “Activity” on Snapchat, you might want to increase it to get attention from friends or businesses. Here are a couple of ways you can increase your Snap Score.Increase Snap Score

  • Be Consistent and Engage Daily

Consistency is key when it comes to Snap Score. Make it a habit to use Snapchat daily and engage with your friends’ content. Regularly sending snaps, viewing stories, and interacting with the app will increase your score over time.

  • Snap With Close Friends

Sending snaps to your close friends, rather than mass snaps, can have a more significant impact on your Snap Score. Focus on building strong connections and sharing moments with those who matter most to you.

  • Participate in Stories and Discover

Don’t be a passive observer in the Snapchat community. Engage with public stories and discover new content. Comment, react, and interact with the stories you find interesting. Active participation helps to increase your Snap Score.

  • Utilize Snapchat Lenses and Filters

Snapchat offers a wide range of lenses and filters that add fun and creativity to your snaps. Experiment with different options and incorporate them into your snaps. Using these features showcases your creativity and can positively impact your Snap Score.

The Significance of Snap Score

Snap Score is a numerical representation of your Snapchat activity and engagement. It serves as a ranking system that quantifies your usage and interaction within the platform. The higher your Snap Score, the more active and engaged you are considered to be on Snapchat. It’s a metric that fosters healthy competition among users and motivates them to connect and communicate with others.

Can You See Your Friend’s Snap Score?

Curiosity killed the cat. We are always curious about how much Snap Score our friends have. Can we see our friend’s Snap Score? Yes. You can see your friend’s Snap Score if and only if both of you are mutual friends.

Friends Snap StreakTo view the friend’s Snap Score, simply tap on their profile picture from the list of friends. Just below their name, you can see their Snap Score.

How Does Snap Score Work FAQs

1. What’s the highest Snap Score ever recorded?

Ans: The highest Snap Score reportedly exceeds several million points, showcasing an extraordinary level of engagement.

2. Can I see how my friends’ Snap Scores compare to mine?

Ans: No, Snapchat doesn’t provide a direct comparison of Snap Scores between users.

3. Do group chats and video calls contribute to Snap Score?

Ans: Yes, both group chats and video calls contribute to your overall Snap Score.

4. Are there any age restrictions for earning Snap Score?

Ans: Snap Score is available to all Snapchat users, regardless of age.


Snap Score adds an intriguing layer of competition and motivation to the Snapchat experience. By understanding how Snap Score is calculated and implementing the tips provided, you can enhance your score and enjoy a more fulfilling journey on Snapchat. So, let your snaps tell your story, engage with the community, and witness your Snap Score soar to new heights!

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