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Generator and Motor are two devices that has a close association with both mechanical energy and electrical energy One converts mechanical energy to electrical energy

We commonly use small battery backup for our computers and portable generators to power relatively large appliances But you can also build a large battery

Generator and alternator are important devices for generating electricity But what is the difference between a generator and an alternator If we compare a power

A generator be it portable invertor or large standby has an internal combustion engine that burns fuel and produces the necessary mechanical energy Where there

Portable or Standby Generators are relatively simple devices They consists of a prime mover in the form of an internal combustion engine an alternator and

Electrical grounding is an important part of modern power systems If you are building a new house or making some renovations then you will notice

GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is one of the best devices in the modern residential electrical system You might have seen receptacles with TEST

Using a portable generator during emergencies or power outages is very easy Just add some fuel crank the engine plug in your appliance and start

We use portable generators at homes shops construction or job sites camping and many other places Most portable generators are plug and play type devices

Generator Grounding is an important part of operating all generators with internal combustion engines This applies to both portable and standby generators But do you