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LG TV Won’t Connect To WI-FI – How To Fix?

You’re not the only one who has experienced the frustrating problem of an LG TV that won’t connect to your Wi-Fi network. Accessing streaming services, software updates, and internet entertainment on your television requires a steady Wi-Fi connection.

This connectivity issue has many potential causes, ranging from network problems to issues with the TV itself. This article will look at typical troubleshooting techniques to help you fix the “LG TV Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi” issue and resume enjoying your favourite programs and apps without worry.

Why Does My LG TV Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi?

LG TV Won't Connect to WI-FIThere could be a number of causes for your LG TV to be unable to connect to Wi-Fi. Here are some typical problems and possible solutions:

  • Make sure your Wi-Fi network is operational. Ensure the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough for the TV to connect and the router is operational. Sometimes, the problem can be fixed by simply restarting the router.
  • Verify that your SSID (network name) and password are valid. The TV may be unable to connect if there are typos or invalid credentials.
  • Verify that your TV and router are utilising the 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency band. Only one of these bands is supported by some LG TVs.
  • Walls, nearby electronics, and interference from other networks can all reduce the strength of the Wi-Fi signal. If you can, place your TV near the router.
  • Make sure the firmware on your TV is current. Connectivity issues may be caused by outdated software.
  • You can do a factory reset on your TV as a final resort to fix software issues. Before doing this, don’t forget to backup your apps and settings.
  • If required, check the network settings on the TV and reset them. Wrong setups can occasionally bring on connection issues.
  • MAC Address Filtering: Make sure the TV’s MAC address is added to the list of permitted devices if you enable MAC address filtering on your router.

How To Fix an LG TV That Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi?

1. Check Internet Connection and Network Settings

Check your network settings and internet connection before fixing an LG TV that won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Make sure the signal is strong and your Wi-Fi is operational. Verify that the TV’s network configuration, including the SSID and password, is correct. Verify that the router and the TV use the 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency band. Restart your router and update the firmware on your TV if problems continue. The instructions below can frequently fix connectivity issues and bring your LG TV back online.

2. Power Cycle LG TV

Start by power cycling your LG TV to fix Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Unplug the TV from the power source and turn it off.. 30 seconds should pass before plugging it back in and turning it on. By doing a simple power cycle, you can update the network settings on the TV and fix any momentary issues. Try to reconnect to your Wi-Fi network by entering the proper credentials after rebooting. If the issue persists, think about completing other troubleshooting procedures, such as verifying your network settings and, if required, performing a factory reset on the TV.

3. Reboot Router

Start restarting your router if your LG TV has trouble connecting to the internet. The router’s power source must first be unplugged, followed by a 30-second wait before reconnecting. Permit the router to restart completely. Please turn off your LG TV and wait a moment before turning it back on simultaneously. Once both devices are functional, attempt to connect the TV to Wi-Fi again. This quick reboot frequently aids in resolving connectivity problems brought on by router malfunctions or transient network troubles.

4. Incorrect Password

These methods will help you resolve the “Incorrect Password” error if your LG TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi. First, ensure the Wi-Fi password is exact because errors are frequently made. Restart your router and TV next. Make sure you input the correct password before attempting to rejoin. Reset the network settings on your TV, then input the password again if the issue continues. If you’re still having issues, ask your router’s administrator for the proper password or think about performing a factory reset on your TV. This procedure should assist in resolving the “Incorrect Password” problem and restoring Wi-Fi connectivity on your LG TV.

5. Change Date and Time Settings

The date and time settings on an LG TV can occasionally help to fix Wi-Fi connectivity troubles. Start by going to the TV’s settings menu, selecting “Date & Time,” and ensuring automatic synchronisation with network time is selected. SSL certificates may be affected by incorrect date and time settings, which may result in connectivity issues. Try to reconnect to your Wi-Fi network after making the appropriate adjustments. If the problem still exists, try additional troubleshooting techniques, such as verifying network credentials and signal strength or contacting LG support for more help.

6. Change Location

Try moving the LG TV closer to the router, removing any physical barriers between them, in order to fix an LG TV that won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Signal strength can be enhanced with the proper placement. Alternatively, try with several Wi-Fi channels on your router to lessen interference. Elevate the router or TV if you can to improve signal transmission. It’s essential to remember that moving the TV can significantly affect its connectivity, ensuring a more reliable connection and fixing Wi-Fi issues without sophisticated troubleshooting.

7. Change DNS Settings

Access your TV’s network settings to change the DNS settings to fix an LG TV that won’t connect to Wi-Fi. A public DNS server like Google’s ( and can be entered manually by selecting the manual DNS option. Save the changes, then turn your TV back on. This can enhance network stability and fix DNS-related connectivity difficulties. Try restarting your network and TV if the issue still exists, and make sure your TV’s firmware is up to date for best performance.

8. Connect Through WPS Pin Method

First, You must visit the TV’s network settings to use the WPS Pin method to fix LG TV Wi-Fi connection difficulties. Find and choose the “WPS Pin” option. Your TV will generate a unique PIN. Then, hit the WPS button on your router and, when requested, input the generated PIN. After that, the TV ought to join the Wi-Fi network. Ensure your router has the WPS capability enabled and you are in range. This straightforward procedure can frequently assist in resolving connectivity issues, ensuring your LG TV connects to Wi-Fi effectively.

9. Disable Quick Start/Simple Link Feature

Try removing the Quick Start or Simple Link function to fix Wi-Fi connectivity issues on your LG TV. Go to the settings menu on your TV, pick “General” or “All Settings,” and then choose “Quick Start” or “Simple Link.” Because it occasionally interferes with Wi-Fi connections, turn off this feature. Restart your TV and try to join your Wi-Fi network once you have turned it off. This modification frequently solves connectivity issues and enables your LG TV to establish a reliable internet connection.

10. Disable Auto-Optimization Network in Router Settings

By turning off the auto-optimisation network in your router’s settings, you can get your LG TV to connect to Wi-Fi again. Find and disable the QoS (Quality of Service) or Auto-Optimisation function. Doing this can prevent the router from prioritising some devices over your TV and potentially fix the connectivity problem. If required, save the modifications and restart your router. Once you’ve finished, try reconnecting your LG TV to Wi-Fi; it should now have access to a reasonable amount of network resources for efficient operation.

11. Check For Software/Firmware Updates

Check for software and firmware upgrades to fix an LG TV that won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Go to the settings menu on the TV, which is often under “General” or “All Settings.” Find the “Software Update” or “Firmware Update” option and choose “Check For Updates.” If an update is available, install it by following the on-screen instructions. Updated software frequently includes bug patches and enhanced connectivity capabilities, which can fix Wi-Fi connection problems and improve overall performance. Retry connecting to your Wi-Fi network after the upgrade.

12. Factory Reset LG TV

You can use a factory reset to solve an LG TV that won’t connect to Wi-Fi. First, go to your TV’s settings menu, typically under “All Settings.” Go to “General” or “About this TV” and choose “Reset to Initial Settings” or “Factory Reset.” Confirm your selection according to on-screen instructions. Remember that doing this will remove all of the TV’s settings and data, so be sure to back up any crucial data. Reset your Wi-Fi settings afterwards, and your LG TV should be able to connect to Wi-Fi once more.

LG TV Won’t Connect To WI-FI – FAQs

1. Why won’t my LG TV connect to the Wi-Fi?

Ans: Due to problems like invalid network credentials, signal interference, out-of-date software, or router issues, your LG TV might not be able to connect to Wi-Fi. Verify user credentials, look for software upgrades, and make sure the signal is solid and interference-free when troubleshooting.

2. Can LG Smart TV connect to 5ghz Wi-Fi?

Ans: Yes, the majority of LG Smart TVs can join 5GHz Wi-Fi networks. They frequently have dual-band Wi-Fi capabilities, enabling them to join 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks. For streaming and online activities, connecting to a 5GHz network can offer faster and more dependable wireless connections.

3. How do I check the network connection on my LG Smart TV?

Ans: Navigate to the LG Smart TV’s settings menu to check the network connection. Choose “Test Connection” or a comparable option after selecting “Network” or “Network Connection.” The TV will next run a diagnostic test to confirm your Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. If any problems need to be fixed or if the connection was successful, the results will be displayed.

4. How do I check the signal on my LG TV?

Ans: Go to the TV’s settings menu to verify the Wi-Fi signal strength on your LG screen. You’ll typically see a choice labelled “Network” or “Connection.” You may find the Wi-Fi or network status in this menu, which generally shows signal strength as bars or as a percentage. You can get a sense of the strength of your Wi-Fi signal right now using this visual indicator.

5. How do I update my LG TV software?

Ans: Follow these instructions to update the software on your LG TV:
*On your remote, press the “Settings” button.
*Select “All Settings.”
*Choose “General.”
*Scroll down and select “About this TV.”
*Select “Software Update,” followed by “Check for Updates.”
*If an update is available, download and install it by following the on-screen directions.
The most recent software updates and enhancements will be installed on your LG TV.


In conclusion, updating the software on your LG TV is essential for improving performance, removing issues, and using new features. You can ensure your TV has the most recent firmware by taking a few quick actions in the settings menu. Regular software updates ensure stability and security while also enhancing the viewing experience. As manufacturers often issue new versions, it is imperative to check for updates routinely. By doing this, you can extend the life and functionality of your LG TV and guarantee that it will continue to be a dependable and cutting-edge entertainment centre for many years to come.

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