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How To Fix LG TV That Won’t Turn ON?

You’re not alone if you’ve ever encountered a frustrating situation when your LG TV won’t turn on. An unresponsive LG TV that won’t switch on may disrupt your entertainment plans. This issue, which can be a blank screen or an unresponsive remote control, can be brought on by several things, including technical difficulties and power supply problems.

This tutorial will examine typical causes of an LG TV not turning on and offer troubleshooting advice to help you restore your viewing pleasure. Blackout is over; long live uninterrupted entertainment!

How to fix the LG TV Won’t Turn on issue

1. Check the power supply

Checking the power source is the first thing to do when an LG TV doesn’t come on, which is a bothersome problem. Make sure that the TV is safely connected to a working power outlet. Check the power cord for any apparent damage and replace it if necessary. Verify the functionality of any power strips or surge protectors that are in use. Unplug the TV, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in. In some circumstances, a power surge or blackout may have activated a safety mechanism. These procedures frequently fix power-related problems, returning your LG TV to regular operation.

2. Power Cycle Your TV

Power cycling your TV is an efficient fix for the LG TV won’t turn on problem. Start by disconnecting all peripheral devices and unplugging the TV from the power source. In order to make sure the TV is discharged, wait for around 30 seconds. After that, try plugging it back in and turning it on. Power cycling assists in resetting internal components and removing potential hiccups, frequently curing the issue. Power cycling is the first step to restoring functionality to your LG TV. However, additional troubleshooting may be required if the problem persists.

3. Check the remote

Check the remote control first if your LG TV won’t switch on. Depleted batteries might occasionally be the cause of problems, so change them if necessary. Check to see if there are any obstacles in the way of the remote’s IR transmitter and clean it if necessary. Try manually turning on the TV using the power button on the set directly if the remote control appears to be working correctly. If that solves the issue, the remote control could be at fault. If not, you’ll need to look into any additional factors that could be the problem.

4. Check if there are any damaged wires

The first step in fixing the “LG TV Won’t Turn On” problem is to look for frayed or broken wiring. Ensure there are no apparent signs of wear, fraying, or loose connections by looking over the power cord and any connectors. Replace any damaged wires or connectors as soon as you notice them. Check the electrical outlet for any problems and confirm that it supplies electricity. Power-related issues may frequently be fixed, and your LG TV can be brought back up and running by ensuring that all cords and connections are in good condition.

5. Plug the TV into different power outlets

If it doesn’t switch on, try plugging your LG TV into various power outlets as a quick and straightforward troubleshooting procedure. Sometimes, a bad outlet or power strip may cause the problem. Remove the TV’s current power source first, then try plugging it into an outlet or power strip that works again. To rule out any electrical problems, ensure you’re using a reliable power source. Continue with further troubleshooting steps to identify and fix the issue if your TV still won’t switch on.

6. Unblock the sensors

Start by ensuring there are no obstructions in front of the TV’s sensors that can prevent it from receiving signals from the remote to fix the “LG TV Won’t Turn On” issue. Remove any physical obstructions or dust accumulation on the sensor region with care. Check the remote control’s batteries and replace them as necessary if it’s still not responding. You might also attempt a power cycle by unplugging the TV for a short while and then plugging it back in. Functionality can frequently be restored by removing sensor obstructions and fixing remote control problems.

7. Soft Reset the LG TV

Start with a soft reset to fix the “LG TV Won’t Turn On” problem. Remove the LG TV plug from the power source and give it a few seconds to cool down. Then plug it back in and try turning it on once more. Often, a quick power cycle will fix minor bugs and return functionality. Consider trying additional troubleshooting techniques, such as checking the power source or the batteries in the remote control, if your TV is still not responding. If the issue persists, you may want to seek expert help. A quick and simple first step to address this frequent problem is to perform a soft reset.

8. Select the correct input source. (if the screen is on but an incorrect input source is selected)

a. Select the input source on the LG TV via remote

Make sure the LG TV is connected and getting power before trying to fix the LG TV won’t turn on problem. The input source might be off if the screen is on but shows nothing. The input/source menu is often indicated by a button labelled “Input” or “Source.” Use the remote control to access this menu. By navigating the options, choose the proper input source, such as HDMI, cable, or antenna, based on your present setup. When you confirm your choice, the appropriate content should appear on your TV. This straightforward step frequently fixes the issue when the TV is on, and the problem is with the input source.

b. Select the input source without a remote

Make sure the TV is connected and getting electricity to fix the LG TV won’t turn on problem. Next, find the TV’s control buttons, which are often located on the bottom or side. Press the power button to turn the TV on. Use the TV’s channel and volume buttons to move through the menu if the screen is on but showing the incorrect input source. By navigating through the available options until the desired one is highlighted, choose the proper input source, and then press the power button one more to confirm.

9. Check the cable connections and ports

Start verifying cable connections and ports to fix the “LG TV Won’t Turn On” problem. Ensure the TV and wall socket on the power wire is securely connected. Verify that HDMI or other input cables are connected securely by looking at them. Inspect the remote control’s batteries as well, and replace them if necessary. Sometimes the TV won’t turn on because of a loose cable or a low battery. This straightforward approach frequently solves the issue, sparing you from more difficult troubleshooting steps.

10. Check the surge protectors

Checking the surge protectors should be your first step in fixing the “LG TV Won’t Turn On” problem. Power surges or overloads sometimes cause surge protectors to trip, turning off power to your TV. The surge protector’s switch must first be in the “on” position. After that, check the indication light; if it’s red or off, switch it back on to reset it. Test the surge protector with a different device to check if it functions. If the TV still doesn’t switch on, you might want to try a different power outlet or get a new one if the surge protector is broken.

11. Check if the LG TV Backlight is Broken

It’s crucial to determine whether the TV’s backlight is broken in order to solve the “LG TV Won’t Turn On” problem. A damaged backlight can cause a dark screen even with the TV on. Dim the room’s lights and carefully examine the screen to confirm this. A backlight issue is present if you shine a flashlight on it and detect a dim glow or an image. If this is confirmed, seek expert repair services to replace the backlight or check the TV’s warranty to determine if this problem might be covered.

12. Try a Factory reset

An effective fix for the “LG TV Won’t Turn On” problem is frequently to try a factory reset. Access the menu options on your TV, go to the ‘All options’ option, and choose ‘General.’ Select “Reset to Initial Settings” or “Factory Reset” from there. Remember that this procedure will remove all of your specific settings and data, so make sure you have a backup of any crucial information. Once the reset is finished, reconfiguring your TV according to the on-screen directions can fix any software-related problems that were the source of the power issue. Still not solved the issue?

13. Contact LG for technical/help Service.

If a factory reset doesn’t fix the “LG TV Won’t Turn On” issue, it’s recommended to get in touch with LG’s technical support or seek expert assistance from a licensed service facility. The root reason for the issue may be a hardware issue, which technical professionals may identify and fix to bring your TV back in working order.

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LG TV that won’t Turn ON-FAQs

1. Does LG TV have a reset button?

Ans:- No, an actual reset button is not generally included on LG TVs. Instead, you can execute a factory reset by gaining access to the TV’s menu settings. To return the TV to its factory settings, go to the ‘All Settings’ or ‘General’ menu and choose ‘Reset to Initial Settings’ or ‘Factory Reset’. The on-screen menu options, rather than a physical button, are typically used to complete this operation.

2. Why is my LG TV blinking red light but not turning on?

Ans:- A red light blinking on your LG TV but won’t switch on could indicate a hardware or power supply problem. Frequently, the red light denotes standby mode. If the problem still exists after checking the power connections, examine the TV’s manual or get in touch with LG customer service for professional assistance or troubleshooting to fix any potential internal issues.

3. Can I turn on my LG TV with my phone?

Ans:- In most cases, you can turn on your LG TV with your phone using the LG TV Plus app or other smartphone remote control apps. Follow the steps in the app to connect your TV and phone, making sure they are both on the same Wi-Fi network. Once connected, you may use your mobile device to turn on your TV, adjust settings, and access content.

4. Why is my LG TV screen black?

Ans:- A number of things could cause your LG TV’s dark screen. It may be caused by a faulty HDMI port, a loose cable connection, or even a weak power source. A defective backlight and software or firmware issues might also result in a blank screen. Check connections and power sources, perform a factory reset as a first line of defence against problems, or get help from a specialist for a complete analysis.

5. Why is my LG TV not starting with the remote?

Ans:- Check for potential causes, including dead batteries, remote signal interference, or a broken remote if your LG TV isn’t responding to the remote. Make sure the remote’s batteries are new, there is a clear line of sight to the TV, and there are no obstacles in the way of the TV sensor. To restore control of your TV, try investigating the problem or buying a new remote if it doesn’t get better.


In conclusion, there are several potential causes to consider when dealing with the annoying problem of an LG TV that won’t come on or respond to the remote control. These problems can include everything from hardware malfunctions to software bugs. These issues may frequently be fixed by troubleshooting techniques like a factory reset, verifying the batteries in the remote, and ensuring the signal line is unobstructed. However, contacting LG’s technical support or a licensed service facility is wise if these steps fail to restore your TV’s functioning. Restoring your TV’s functionality guarantees continuous entertainment and hassle-free viewing.

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