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Difference Between Impact Driver and Drill

An impact driver and a drill have numerous similarities. Like both spin when you press the trigger, or both are handled and can be corded or cordless. But that doesn’t mean both are the same. And if you want to use them for professional purposes, you should know the difference.

So if you’re curious to find the differences between a drill and an impact driver, read along. This article has almost all the info you need for making a clear distinction. So, let’s start.

About Impact Driver

Impact DriverImpact drivers are tools that look quite similar to drills. They come with high torque and are used mainly for driving screws. You can use it for tightening nuts too. The impact driver chuck supports the bits with a hex shank of 1/4-inch size. You can slip the bits in the chuck or pull the chuck sleeve to insert the bit.

The impact drivers are generally lighter than the drills. You can perform numerous functions using an impact driver. And as the torque is higher, you can use an impact driver to quickly handle the jobs. Impact drivers may be small, but you can install numerous upgrades to this device.

And this is what makes it more versatile than normal drills.

How is impact driver better than drill?

When it comes to drilling a hole, you need to manually apply force if there’s resistance in case of a common drill. But when you use an impact driver, it can produce more power if it senses any resonance. This is the benefit of a high torque impact driver. This way, you won’t have to put the burden on your arms.

Also, when you use an impact driver, you’ll most probably waste fewer screws. However, impact drivers can be quite a risk. As it senses the resistance automatically, you may not know when it is going to kick in. And it can lead to an injury. So, you should use an impact driver only if you’re a professional.

About Drill 

Impact Drill

You can think of a drill driver as a cordless digging tool. It’s a no-brainer that this drill runs with battery power. You can use this device to drill holes and insert screws and bolts. It comes with a clutch that disengages the drive train when you achieve a particular amount of turning force or torque. This disengaging help in stripping the screw head or snapping the fastener, and damaging the workpiece.

It runs using battery power, which ranges from 8 Volts to 60 volts. However, the most commonly found drills have a 12volt or 18volt energy rating. The power of these devices depends on the battery and motor power. So, if you want to handle heavy jobs, make sure to buy a drill with more battery power.

How is drill better than impact driver?

Drills have been in use for quite a few years. And it has improved ever since. Drills have now become more lightweight, streamlined, and powerful. You can handle most jobs without facing many problems. However, sometimes you may end up with screw strip heads & a sore wrist as you have to apply a lot of force.

But drills are quite flexible. You can vary speeds according to your requirements, like drilling holes or pushing the screw. You can also find modern drills, which come with a spindle lock system. Using this system, you can easily change the attachments.

Differences Between Impact Drivers and Drills

IMPACT DRIVER VS IMPACT DRILLPower and rotation are the two main factors you should consider while differentiating between the drills and impact drivers. Impact drivers come along with quick-release shanks. Such shanks allow all ¼ inch hex driver bits.

In terms of force, impact drivers produce a lot of torque or rotational force. So, you can easily drive screws into hard wooden workpieces. When it comes to the internal mechanism, impact drivers come with a complex internal system that allows more torque.

Some bursts or impacts happen every fifty seconds while using the impact driver. And this is where this tool derives its name from. The rotation pattern impact drivers follow there is one step back and two steps forward, allowing effective insertion of screws.

Impact drivers are easy to handle as they’re light in weight. Although they weigh less, the power is impeccable. You can expect good power from a device of this size. New users feel comfortable using this device as the driver bits rarely slip and spin the screw heads effectively.

Impact Driver Vs Drill

FactorsImpact Driver Drill
WeightLight WeightSlightly Heavy
TorqueHigh TorqueLess torque
UsabilityEasy to handleHard to handle as one has to exert force
UsesMajorly used for pushing screwsMajorly used for drilling holes

Are Impact Drivers and Drills the Same?

Impact drivers and drills are two different tools and are meant for two other purposes. Impact drivers do not have a chuck. Instead, there’s a hexagonal shank that holds the drill and driver bits together. Also, impact drivers are major used for driving in screws, while drills are used for drilling holes.

Do You Need an Impact Driver?

For this, you need to define your requirements. If you only want to drill holes and want to push a medium-sized screw, you should go for a regular drill. However, if you want to craft a deck or a treehouse, or something that involves wood screws, you should prefer an impact driver.

It’ll help you effectively reduce the time taken. It’s because you can drive large screws into the wood within a few seconds. However, make sure that you wear safety glasses and know how to operate the device.


Impact driver and drills are two different tools with different uses. An impact driver is majorly used for driving in screws, while the drill is used for drilling holes. Also, an impact driver automatically manages the torque while a drill doesn’t.

So, before investing in any of the devices, make sure to lay down your requirements. After that, you can easily make the right choice.

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