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The 7 Best Right Angle Drills 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

The best solution to work in confined spaces or hard to reach spots, where standard drills can’t reach.

Sometimes, regular tools are not suitable for working on confined areas. Right angle drill is perfect for such tasks like wall studs, floors, joists, roofs or car engines.

A right-angle drill is an essential power tool that has a shorter head (less than 4-inches) and handle attached to the head to fit into any place where a standard drill fails to reach and work.

They offer a 90-degree operation angle for drilling into small corners easily as needed. It comes either as dedicated angled tools or as tool attachments for your existing drills.

Before investing in the best right angle drill, we recommend you consider the following key factors.

Corded or Cordless –

Corded and cordless are two varieties available for right-angle drills in terms of power source.

  • Corded drills require a constant power supply of 120V from an electrical outlet. It is powerful, less expensive yet not flexible and convenient to work.
  • Cordless drills operate with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. They can be used anywhere and are flexible to work, yet expensive and not powerful as corded models.

Chuck Size –

The chuck size will hold the bit in its position, and 3/8-inch is the standard size for almost all drills. This chuck size will fasten a larger bit based on the shank size and can hold up to a 3/4-inch bit. While a chuck of 1/2-inch is needed for professional jobs. Remember that larger bits need more torque than smaller ones, which means consumes more power (corded), or quickly drains the battery.

Speed –

The motor speed indicates how quickly a tool can drive in screws or drill holes. It is measured in RPMs and is related directly to the power source. For instance, a cordless 20-volt drill can generate 2000 RPMs, whereas a corded 4-amp drill produces 2400 RPMs. Retain that speed and torque is not the same.

We are here with a list of some top-notch right angle drill options out there and a detailed “Buying Guide” to help you in selecting the correct drill as per your requirements from our list of right-angle drills.

Best Right Angle Drills

Right Angle DrillTool TypeDrill SizeWarrantyBuy Now
Dewalt Right Angle AttachmentTool attachment¼ inch-Check On Amazon
Dewalt Right Angle DrillPower drill⅜ inch3 yearCheck On Amazon
BOSCH Right Angle DrillPower drill⅜ inch-Check On Amazon
Makita DA3010F Right Angle DrillPower drill⅜ inch1 yearCheck On Amazon
Ryobi Right Angle DrillPower drill⅜ inch3 yearCheck On Amazon
Milwaukee Right Angle Drill Power drill½ inch5 yearCheck On Amazon
Genesis Long  Right Angle DrillsTool attachment⅜ inch-Check On Amazon

7 Best Right Angle Drills Reviews

1. Dewalt Right Angle Attachment

dewalt right angle

Apart from making a dedicated right angle drill power tool, you can also find a tool attachment from Dewalt for converting your existing drill into a right angle drill.

The Dewalt DWARA120 right-angle attachment is one of the best options out there if you are looking for a tool attachment. This is due to the reason that it offers a great build quality to the user that can easily last for a long time. Its internal gearing is also of high quality to ensure that it offers the best in class performance. As for compatibility, you can expect it to work with almost all Dewalt drill models available out there.

You get a 1.5-inch front to back design with tool attachment that can be quickly attached to your existing drills. This is due to the reason that you get a magnetic design in this tool attachment for ease of use. A great thing about this tool is that it can be used in both drill as well as drive models if you wish to use it with an impact drill. While there is no information on the warranty of this tool attachment, it offers a highly sturdy metal construction to the user.

Best Features:

  • 5-inch drill size
  • Metal construction for high strength
  • Magnetic design for ease of use
  • 5 inch front to back design
  • Compatible with most Dewalt drill tools out there


  • Comes with an excellent build quality for peace of mind
  • Easy to connect and use with your drill
  • Offers a reliable and effective gearing inside for optimum performance.


  • No information on the warranty
  • Slightly on the larger side

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2. Dewalt  20V Max Right Angle Drill


Dewalt is one of the oldest and most popular brands of power tools out there. You can also find a right angle drill tool from Dewalt that is cordless.

The Dewalt DCD740B right angle drill is present in the 2nd position in this article as it is a great cordless model. As per its name, it uses a 20-volt battery system for powering its electric motor. This battery system offers excellent performance along with decent battery life. You can go up to 2000 RPM or 650 RPM using this battery, depending on your currently selected mode. As for the drill size, it offers a standard ⅜ inch drill bit size for ease of use. This means that you can use a wide range of drill bits with this right angle drill without any issues.

A great thing about Dewalt is that it is a highly reputable brand of power tools. Due to this, it comes with a 3-year long warranty for peace of mind. You even get a great build quality that feels quite sturdy in comparison to other options out there. The 4” back length of this right angle drill allows you to easily fit it in any corner or small space that you are working in. Unfortunately, this drill does not come included with any battery or charger, and you have to buy a separate one later on.

Best Features:

  • Motor speed rating of up to 2000 rotations per minute
  • ⅜ inch drill size
  • 3-year long warranty
  • 20-volt electric motor
  • 4-inch back length for ease of use
  • Variable speed trigger for precision
  • Comfortable and ergonomic grip


  • Offers great performance with its 2000 RPM motor
  • Decent battery life out of the 20-volt battery system
  • Easy to change speeds with variable speed trigger


  • Does not come with any charger or battery
  • Slightly on the heavier side

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3. BOSCH PS11-102 12-Volt Right Angle Drill

BOSCH Right Angle DrillBosch is one of the major tool manufacturers that sells a wide range of power tools and hand tools for professionals and hobbyists. The brand’s products are known for their innovative designs and robust build quality that stand the test of time.

Bosch’s PS11-102 right angle drill is powered by a 12V motor that provides a maximum speed of 1300 RPM along with 115 lbs max torque. The right angle drill has a variable speed trigger for power optimization and perfect speed regulation. It is also equipped with a five position pivoting head that can articulate from 90 degrees to 180 degrees with ease. With this pivoting head, the drill makes it easy and convenient for working in tight areas.

This is a lightweight drill with just 2.75 lbs which makes it easy to handle and operate. For the purpose of precise serial screw driving, the tool comes with a motor brake by default. It is integrated with Bosch’s Electronic Cell Protection to ensure a longer battery life. The charger has a power rating of 110/120V and in order to use it with a 220/240V power outlet, you will need a power converter. The Drill Kit comes with a charger plus battery and carrying case

Best Features:

  • Motor speed rating of 1300 RPM
  • 115 lbs max torque
  • 3/8-inch drill size
  • ‎Variable-speed trigger for precision
  • 12V motor
  • Motor brake with Bosch’s Electronic Cell Protection


  • Offers reliable performance with its 1300 RPM motor.
  • Lightweight drill with 2.75 lbs.
  • Has a longer battery life


  • Does not have an adjustable torque.
  • No information on warranty

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4. Makita DA3010F Right Angle Drill

Makita DA3010F Right Angle DrillMakita is a global leader that develops power tools with a high performance and durable construction quality. The brand operates in over 40 countries to meet the needs of consumers.

Makita’s right angle drill runs on a 4.0 amp motor that is powerful enough to drill holes on a wide range of materials. It comes with the standard variable speed feature to adjust the speed between 0 and 2,400 RPM for controlled drilling depending on the thickness of the material. It is equipped with a built-in LED to provide visibility even when you are working in dark places.

This is one of the ideal right angle drills for beginners because of its compact design and easy to use features. The drill weighs 4.14 pounds and measures 10.63 x 2.4 x 3.11 inches for working between framing studs and other tight quarter applications. The paddle switch comes with a speed limiting dial for one-hand operation and to prevent over-tightening of fasteners. To ensure a long service life, the drill is equipped with a built-in shockproof and durable ball bearing construction. On top of this, the drill is backed by a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

Best Features

  • Runs on powerful 4.0 amp motor
  • Motor speed rating of 2,400 RPM
  • Variable speed feature
  • Built-in LED for visibility
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 1-year warranty


  • Ideal for beginners with easy to use features
  • Powerful option with a high performance
  • Durable and lasts longer


  • Difficult to drive screws

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5. Ryobi P241 Right Angle Drill

ryobi drill

Ryobi is known for affordable and value for money electric power tools. This is also true for its battery-powered right angle drill mentioned here.

This Ryobi P241 right angle drill is present in the 5th position in this article as it is the cheapest battery-powered power tool mentioned in this article. Even though this power tool has a highly affordable price tag, you get a wide range of features in it. As a result, it offers a high value for money to the user. Just like most other battery-powered right angle drills, this one also uses an 18-volt battery system. This results in a high torque rating of 130-inch pounds along with an 1100 RPM motor speed for peace of mind.

Moving on, you get a ⅜ inch chuck size or drill size with this right angle drill power tool. Since this is quite common among other models, you can find a wide range of drill bits for this drill. Its 18-volt battery offers decently long battery life for peace of mind. You also get LED lights in this drill for working in darker areas without any issues. While you get a great 3-year long warranty with this tool, its build quality is on the average side.

Best Features:

  • Motor speed rating of up to 1100 rotations per minute
  • ⅜ inch drill size
  • 3-year long warranty
  • 18-volt electric motor
  • Decent battery life
  • Inbuilt LED lights for ease of use
  • 130-inch pounds of torque


  • Affordable price tag for a high value for money
  • Decent performance for a battery-powered tool
  • Offers a decent battery life via 18-volt batteries.


  • Average build quality
  • Motor speed could have been higher

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6. Milwaukee M18 Right Angle Drill 

Milwaukee M18

Milwaukee is one of the more premium brands of power tools when compared with other options available out there that can be seen with its right angle drill.

Milwaukee’s right angle drill is present in the 6th position in this article as it is the most reliable and durable option mentioned here. This is due to the reason that you get an excellent build with it. Not only that, but it offers a 5-year long warranty that is much better than all other options out there. In other words, this power tool can easily last for a long tie. Its body even offers a great grip to the user for ease of use.

You get a drill size or a chuck size of ½ inch with this dedicated right angle drill. This allows you to easily use large-sized bits with it without having any issues. While this tool uses just 18-volt batteries, the performance offered them is quite good. Its brushless motor is quite reliable and efficient as it offers great performance to the user. You even get a variable speed trigger with it for easily changing its speed if needed.

Best Features:

  • ½ inch drill size
  • 5-year long warranty
  • 18-volt electric motor
  • Offers a grippy and ergonomic body design
  • All metal keyed chuck for extra strength


  • Highly reliable and durable right angle drill
  • Easy to use variable speed trigger
  • Efficient and powerful 18-volt brushless motor


  • No information on motor RPM speed
  • Expensive power tool

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7. Genesis Long  Right Angle Drills

Genesis right side drillGenesis is one of the newest brands out there when it comes to power tools and their related accessories. However, its right angle drill attachment can be a great option if you are on a budget.

Genesis GCQD38A 3.5 Amp 3/8″ Close-Quarter Drill – a powerful tool with a unique compact head for tight spots. The 3.5 Amp motor, variable speed (0-1600 RPM), and lock-on button enhance versatility. Enjoy extended use with the power-on indicator and a non-slip grip for precision control. Elevate your drilling experience with Genesis reliability.

Best Features:

  • Unique compact head for accessing tight spots
  • Powerful 3.5 Amp motor
  • Variable speed (0-1600 RPM) for versatility
  • Lock-on button for extended use
  • Power-on indicator for operational awareness
  • Non-slip grip for precision control


  •  Works well in small spaces!
  • Great for hard to reach screws.
  • Good right angle drill for the money
  • Good quality


  • Little heavy

Buy Now From Amazon

How to Choose the Best Right-Angle Drill:

The width of the drill head is a crucial factor, as it determines the space it can fit properly. Yet, there are several other factors to consider while shopping for the right angle drill. Here we are providing a list of some key factors to seek out when choosing the best right angle drill.

1. Corded Vs. Cordless:

Corded and cordless varieties are the two main variants available for right-angle drills in terms of power source. Knowing about them in detail will help you to pick the right model as needed.

Corded Drills – They work with a constant power supply of 120V from a standard electrical outlet. While these are powerful and less expensive yet not considered as a convenient option as cordless models. They may require an extension cord if there is no nearby electrical outlet. The motor is determined by the amps. They offer more power but can’t be used on various job sites without a power supply.

Cordless Drills – They operate by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can virtually use it anywhere. It offers flexibility and convenience to work without the need for a cord or electrical outlet. Its power is gauged by the voltage used by the motor. Though they are not as powerful as corded ones, they are easy to maneuver and used on a wide variety of jobsites.

Verdict: A corded model is an ideal option for DIYers or professionals having a dedicated workshop. While a cordless model is a perfect option for those who have to work on areas without a power supply or hard to reach.

2. Chuck Size:

The chuck will hold the drill bit in its position, and usually comes in 3/8-inches size, which is a standard size for 80% of almost all drills. Remember, a 3/8-inch chuck fasten a much larger bit based on the shank size. Generally, a 3/8-inch chuck can frequently hold a bit of up to a 3/4-inch.

A chuck size of up to 1/2-inch is needed for professional jobs. Similarly, to a 3/8-inch chuck, the 1/2-inch chuck is used to attach/secure a much larger bit than its evaluated size. However, more torque is needed by it to drive a larger classed bit.

Generally, larger bits need more torque than smaller ones, which means the battery drains quickly in cordless models, whereas consuming more power in the case of corded electric models.

3. Motor Speed:

The motor speed will let you know how quickly a tool can drill holes or drive in screws and thus indicates the maximum torque a drill can produce. However, speed is different from torque, in which a motor producing greater speed will be more powerful and can produce more torque. Thus, it aids in the quick completion of your work.

The speed is measured in terms of rotations per minute (RPM), which is mostly related to the power source (corded or cordless).

A cordless 18-volt right angle drill can produce a maximum speed of 1500 RPMs, whereas, a 20-volt drill produces around 2000 RPMs. Corded models are more powerful and have access to more power that makes them generate more RPMs. For instance, a corded 4-amps drill will boast 2400 RPMs.

4. Variable Speed and Torque:

The torque and speed have an inverse relationship with each other. Simply say, the more the speed (RPMs), the lower the torque of a tool. Most drills come with variable speed settings, which let you determine whether require more RPMs or torque according to your work situation.

Torque is essential to consider in situations where you expect resistance while using the drill. So, if you are using the drill for hard grades of wood and dense materials, such as concrete or stonework, then high torque is required rather than more speed.

Higher RPMs (speed) is required to quickly drill into softer materials or drive screws, which is not as dense or rocky. Simply, softwood such as pine will call for less speed (RPMs), while to drill a hardwood like balsa requires more speed.

Most modern drill models offer a switch, knob or lever that let you divert the power to speed or torque. Apart from these adjustments, the drill has a pressure-sensitive trigger – applies more speed based on how hard you hold it down and produce more torque if hold the trigger down less.

5. Battery Life:

The battery life is essential to consider while purchasing the cordless right-angle drills. While assessing the battery life, you need to seek out the charging time (how long it takes to charge), the runtime (how long it holds charge before recharging) and the lifetime of the battery (how long it works before replaced).

Most batteries for this drill type can last for 3 hours on a single charge upon intermittent use and also takes 3 hours to recharge. Lithium-ion batteries will last for about 300 – 500 charging cycles or 3 years, before losing their ability to hold their charge. Thus, they last for a shorter time, which means the battery came to its end of working life. A drill with a brushless motor will provide more power and are more efficient that is perfect for saving your battery life.

6. Size and Weight:

The ease of use and functionality of the right-angle drill is determined by its weight and size.

Size – It is vital to consider, as a right angle drill is designed to fit into tight spots. The width of most right-angle drill head will be 3 – 4 inches, which makes them able to fit into places where standard power drills are unable to reach.

Weight – This drill should be lightweight that has to be managed easily with a single hand. So, most drills come with a length of about 12-inches or less and weigh 3 – 5 pounds. Heavyweight drills are not at all easy to maneuver.

Verdict: Choose a lightweight and short drill while using it for a longer time. Even though a cordless model is portable and convenient to use without any cord, yet they are heavier to carry around as it includes the battery’s weight.

7. Comfort and Grip:

While working in tight spaces, the user should have a proper grip on the right-angle drill to secure it with a single hand. However, its ergonomically shaped handles with rubberized grips will enable the user to have a solid holding when drilling.

Some models offer detachable side handles for applying more leverage on the drill with the other hand. Few manufacturers even equipped paddle-style triggers on their drills that run the handle’s length. They provide the user with better control over the drill speed by regulating the pressure on the trigger.

8. Clutch:

It is like an adjustable dial or knob with numbers located at the end of the drill (before the chuck). These settings will let you how much resistance a drill can bear/accept before disengaging. It keeps the motor in good working condition and prevents stripping the screws if adjusted properly.

So, this component is designed to assist the user to drill to the point where you need it and not further. If you’re a skilled user or professional, then you know how to gauge the proper depth and pressure of the drill.

9. Chuck Type:

Generally, chucks are available in 4 main types – SDS, hex, keyed and keyless, in which keyless is the quite common type of chuck for most modern drills.

  • Hex Drills – Since they hold only screwdriver bits, which makes it less common among other types. Thus, hex chuck won’t drill holes with a drill bit.
  • SDS Chucks – They are meant to use for hammer drills, and are rarely noticed in traditional drill types that include right-angle drills.
  • Keyed and Keyless Chucks – They both let you drill holes or drive screws. Here the keyed chuck needs you to tighten the chuck by using a key. Changing the bits with keyed chuck will take a bit longer, yet they fasten tighter and more durable options.
  • Keyless Chucks – They are a more convenient option that let a rapid change of different bits types and sizes. However, you hold the housing of the chuck – the part that won’t move and use the trigger to loosen or tighten the chuck and change the bit. This chuck type won’t offer a firm grip and may quickly wear out over time.

10. Profile:

The compact right-angle drill will make it easy to work in small spaces. Simply, picking for a smaller drill means you have to compromise on the power options. Choosing the absolute smallest right angle drill won’t be the better option at all times, why because they lack the durability and power to sustain rigorous work in any industrial setting.

11. Convenience Features:

You should not wind up with either heavy and uncomfortable tools or cheaply built materials. So, we recommend the buyer take some time and look for their perfect right-angle drills. Here are some suggestions that help you in picking the best one.

  • LED Lights – It is a perfect feature for electricians working in dark and tight spaces, where light is a must for proper working.
  • Lightweight Materials – Ensure that the drill is lighter, that your hands and arms do not end up cramping after using this drill for a couple of hours.
  • Easy to Use Chucks – The easy-to-use chucks is the best way to save time and confirms bit stability while using the drill.
  • Vibration Reducing Handles – It ensures electricians use the drill comfortably at any time, even while drilling on tough or confined surfaces.

12. Attachments and its Additional Features:

Just like standard drills, right-angle drills can use various types of attachments and bits. They are proficient at drilling holes with standard bits or driving in screws with various styles of screw driving bits. Also, they use socket attachments to drive bolts.

Right angle drills use various accessories that include screwdriver bits, drill bits, chuck keys, and others. For this, most drills come with a storage bag holding tools, batteries, accessories, and chargers all in one place for easy storage and transport.

13. Compatibility:

One has to check the compatibility while using right-angle attachments with other components of the drill before purchasing. It ensures that you won’t purchase any unnecessary tool that is not compatible or ineffective.

14. Depth Gauge and Levels:

If you are a novice, then depth gauges are useful. After using any kind of drill for a longer time, you should know how deep you drive or drill. So, it is an extra feature that is useful irrespective of the level.

The level should be a small, fluid-filled cavity placed on the drill with the bubble in it. While the drill is level, the bubble fall between two marked lines on a transparent lens. When developing the skill to level for most drill types over time with the nature of drill’s positioning and use. This feature is still plenty useful to old veteran professionals.

15. Extra Features:

It is a must to have some extra features to enhance the convenience and ease of use of right-angle drills. While some premium models which are expensive can include the LED lights for those who work occasionally where lighting conditions are low than ideal rating, clutch for more precise and controlled drilling, and ergonomic design for ease of use.

16. Price:

There are various right-angle drills available at an affordable price range. One has to choose the decent quality drill at the best price to offer the best value for money. Yet, the premium tools need extra bucks than cheaper ones. They offer extra features that increase speed, ease of use and generate more power. So, based on your budget range, you have to choose the best one according to your needs.

17. Reliability and Warranty:

The build quality and reliability are essential to consider irrespective of the tool type (dedicated power tool or a tool attachment to use a right-angle drill). Any tool or attachment offering a great build quality will last for a longer time. Similarly, the warranty of the product is a must to check. Most options come with a 1-year long warranty, other better options come with a 3 year or 5-year long warranty.

Benefits of Right-Angle Drill:

One should know the benefits of using a right-angle drill. Here we have mentioned some of its benefits, have a look at them before investing.

Fits into Tight Spaces – They are mainly designed to access compact spaces where regular drills are unable to reach. The perfect option for plumbing, electric, carpentry, and other professional jobs. It aids in easy installation of pipes, runs wiring and drills through studs, even having odd angles as a hurdle.

Versatility – Right angle drills allow you to remove the drive head to add several attachments, instead of getting stuck with classic, standard chuck in conventional drills. Thus, this option offers versatility where you can use the drill for many different types of applications.

Torque – Most models offer 3-speed motors that let you adjust the rotational motion of the drill with its multiple torque options as needed. Thus, it provides complete control over the tool and on your working project. Also, this 3-speed motor will increase the lifespan of the tool, as the motor is less prone to regular wearing and burning out.

Comfort and Convenience – They offer comfort, control and convenience to their users with their well-built design. However, the handle design provides the ability of the drill to fit into confined spaces and thereby offers better grip and improved support.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How does a right-angle drill work differently from a standard drill?

Ans: The right-angle drills work similarly to standard drills and also use the same drill bits. However, the only difference among them is their head re-engineered in a 90-degree position. Thus, it makes the right angle drill a perfect option to drill in tight spots or hard to reach places.

2. Shall we use right-angle drills to drill a tile?

Ans: Mostly, the right-angle drills are perfect for projects requiring woodwork and metalwork. Yet, we can use them to drill tiles with the correct drill bits as well.

3. Which tool type is better – attachment or standalone drill?

Ans: However, purchasing an attachment or standalone drill will depend completely on your needs and personal preferences.
* Standalone Drills – Suits perfectly for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and other similar works. These power tools won’t be much versatile, and most DIYers can be benefitted from this standalone drill machine.
* Attachment Drills – They let you adjust the power tool as per your need and help you to overcome the challenges while dealing with complex drilling projects. Yet the job can be done with the right equipment matching its requirements and can address the actual task at hand.

4. What is a right-angle drill used for?

Ans: It is a versatile tool that helps a lot in doing a wide range of projects. A right-angle drill is ideal to drill between wall studs, floor joists, or tight and narrow spaces where a standard drill can’t reach.

5. How to use a right-angle drill?

Ans: If you ever used a conventional drill before, then you can easily know how to use this right-angle grill. A right-angle drill’s head is designed to work at 90-degrees that can either pressed with a single or both hands based on the drill type. Just like a normal drill, this right-angle drill takes a drill bit when triggered. Some models are cordless, and some are corded, and their usage will depend on the type.

6. What is considered as the right-angle drill attachment?

Ans: A standard drill turns into a right-angle drill with a right-angle drill attachment. However, the drill attachment should have a standard 3/8-inch shank to fit perfectly into the drill’s chuck. Also, the attachment will extend about 8 inches with a head extending 3 – 4 inches from that shaft at a right angle. The head comes with a chuck that holds a screwdriver or drill bit.

7. What is the difference between 1/2-inch and 3/8-inch drills?

Ans: The power and the bit size are the two main differences between these drills. A 3/8-inch drill only uses a drill bit having a shank of up to 3/8-inch in diameter. However, this is smaller than 1/2-inch drills and produce less torque and speed. While a 1/2-inch drill use drill bits with shanks up to 1/2-inch in diameter. These are larger and make it difficult to fit them into small spaces, yet produce more power.

8. How and where is this right-angle drill used?

Ans: This is a versatile tool that can be used across in most workshops, warehouses, or garages. Most of them are used on mechanics, doors, carpenters, joists, and other professionals who are looking to drill or drive in hard to reach and tight spaces.


If you are familiar with using drills, then you might know that reaching into tight corners can be an issue. This is where right-angle drills come into play as you can easily reach tight corners with the help of their angled tool head. We have mentioned some of the best right angle drills in this article, along with their major features and options. You can even find a detailed buying guide in this article that will take you through the vast aspects and factors offered by these right-angle drills. If that is not enough for you, you can simply consider one of the following recommendations before buying such a right angle drill:

  • You can go with the Milwaukee right angle drill if you want the most reliable right angle drill. This power tool offers an excellent build along with a 5-year long warranty with the help of its highly reliable and efficient 18-volt electric motor.
  • The Makita DA3010F Right Angle Drill is the cheapest power tool present in this article that makes it a great option for those who are on a budget. Its corded design offers you a motor speed of up to 2400 RPM along with a ⅜ inch chuck.
  • If you just want a tool attachment for your existing drill, then you can go with the Dewalt DWARA120 as it is one of the best performing attachments out there. It offers a great build quality along with a 1.5-inch front to back design.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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