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Screw Gun Vs Drill – Which One Should Buy?

It is very important to have the right tool for any job so that you can perform the job efficiently. There are certain tools with which you can perform multiple types of work, while others are specialized in a certain type of work only. When it comes to drilling and fitting components, you can use a drill as well as a screw gun. Most people think that both a drill and a screw gun serve the same purpose, but it is not at all true.

Both of them have different applications, and it is important to understand their differences before you purchase one. They differ in terms of applications, speed, precision, features, functions, and much more. We have discussed in detail the differences between a screw gun and a drill so that you can conclude which one to buy for your purpose.

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What is a Screw Gun?

A screw gun is a combination of a power drill and a screwdriver even though it cannot drill holes. Its primary job is to drive screws even though it may look like a drill. A screw gun comes with a nose and you can adjust the nose to fix the depth of drive you want on the surface. The nose securely holds the shank bit and prevents damaging the surface wall. You can get an accurate and consistent drive into the surface with every single screw using a screw gun.


  • You can set the desired depth.
  • Works accurately without any damage.
  • Particularly suitable for drywall.


  • Very limited uses.
  • Very expensive.

How Does a Screw Gun Work?

A screw gun is an electric screwdriver. It comes with a fixed bit, and you can adjust the depth as per your requirements. When you want to fix a screw into drywall, a screw gun will help you get the job done quickly and accurately without damaging the drywall.

The first step is to fix the screw in the nose and use the head section to adjust the depth. As per the depth, the screw will be inserted into the surface. Once the depth is set, the user needs to press the clutch so that the motor starts to rotate, and it will spin the screw into the drywall. Once the desired depth is reached as per settings, you can release the clutch so that the motor can stop.

What is a Drill?

A drill is a power tool that can make precise holes on surfaces, especially on hard surfaces. You can drill holes into walls, wood, and even metal casing. You can use a drill to fix fasteners in holes as well. The drilling bit makes the holes, and you can select a bit as per your requirements. A reciprocating hammer is also used to push the drilling bit on hard surfaces.


  • Changeable bits make it versatile
  • Control speed and torque as required


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Not very precise

How Does a Drill Work?

When you press the clutch or the trigger switch, the motor activates, and it turns the rotating chunk. The rotating chunk contains the drilling bit so that you can drill the hole onto the surface against which you are pressing the drilling bit. Some drills have varying speed levels that you can set and change during the operation. Depending on your speed, the motor delivers the power accordingly.

Comparison Between Screw Gun and Drill

Here are the differences between the two power tools that will help you understand which one to purchase.

1. Application 

A screw gun can fix screws on drywalls without any damage. Therefore, it does not have versatile application, rather a specific application. Hence, it is not a multi-tasking tool. On the contrary, a drill is a multi-tasking tool whereby you can drill a hole as well as fix fasteners. The versatile application is possible because you can change the drilling bit as per your requirements. That is why a drill is more popular than a screw gun.

2. Precision

When it comes to precision, a screw gun is the best tool you can use. You can set the exact depth you use to drive in screws. But you cannot choose such a depth in a drill that could have made it as precise as a screw gun. Instead, you can set different drilling bits where the precision cannot be very high.

3. Speed

When discussing power tools, you have to talk about speed. You are using a power tool to get a job done faster. In general, screw guns are faster than drills. In fact, a screw gun is twice as fast as a drill. This is because the rotational speed of a screw gun is around 6000 RPM while that of a drill is 3000 RPM on average.

4. Convenience

Apart from speed, convenience is a major factor why people use a power tool. From that perspective, both tools are convenient to use. But a screw gun is more convenient because of the automation and the speed factor. You can carry out large tasks in a shorter time, and there is less manual work as the screws can be fed automatically into the gun.

5. Automation

There is automation in a drill, except it is a power tool. You have to set the screws manually in a drill and change the drilling bits manually as well. On the contrary, the screw gun is popular for its automation feature. It can feed the screws automatically and insert the screws into the surface.

6. Features

You can control the speed and torque in a drill which is not possible in a screw gun. You can determine the width of the hole to drill by using different drill bits. The auxiliary handle offers better balance and control. However, you have to be very aware while using the tool because you have to stop the operation as per your requirements manually.

A screw gun is there to automate the job of driving the screws with full accuracy and precision. That is why it is more popular among amateurs than professionals. Due to automation, precision enhances, and the job gets done accurately as well quickly.

7. Price

Due to the automation feature, a screw gun is quite expensive to purchase. If you are on a tight budget, you should opt for a drill. This is because a drill is always priced lower than a screw gun. It is obvious that these prices are determined based on the specifications like motors, versatility, and likewise. Screw Gun vs Drill

Parameters Screw Gun Drill
Application Limited Multi-tasking
Precision High Low
Speed Faster Normal
Convenience Better Good
Automation Yes No
Versatility No Yes
Price High Low

Conclusion – Which to Buy Screw Gun or Drill?

Even though a screw gun and a drill are used synonymously, they have completely different applications. We have stated the pros and cons of both the power tools and explained their working. You should purchase a driver-drill when you are working on less hard surfaces, especially drill. On the contrary, you can purchase a hammer driver-drill when you are drilling into the hard surfaces. For drywall and wooden boards, the screw gun can do a better job.

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