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The 6 Best Magnetic Drill Presses Reviews and Buying Guide

“Get accurate and smooth drilling into metal, especially in hard-to-reach locations.”

A magnetic drill press (or mag drill or industrial drill press) is a perfect option for all sorts of heavy-duty drilling applications into the metal. Its strong magnetic base will ensure accurate and stable drilling by sitting directly on the metal, which you want to cut through.

Professionals require a powerful magnetic drill press for heavy-duty projects, while intermittent users require less powerful, smaller models for light-duty projects (work with thin sheet metal). Picking the correct option is essential to get the best results.

Here is a quick outlook of key factors to consider before investing in the magnetic drill press.

  • Drill Size – 

Select the drill size based on your maximum cutting size and the type of material you are dealing with. Some drill press (light or medium duty) models offer a drill size of 1 ½ inch, while heavy-duty models offer a drill size of 2-inch. The latter option is perfect for heavy-duty applications to drill larger holes quickly and easily.

  • Motor Speed – 

It is the measurement of maximum speed a drill bit is rotated by the drill, which is represented by RPM (rotations per minute). The motor speed rating of this mag drill bit will range from 450 – 750 RPM. Some models offer variable speed settings that let you determine the speed output based on the cutting material and your project requirement.

  • Power Source –

It is measured in terms of amperes (amps), which let you know how much power does your drill press will use to run perfectly. The power rating of these magnetic drill presses will range from 6 – 12 amps. A model with higher RPM and higher amps will effectively cut through tough material. Choose them as per your work requirement.

Apart from these three key factors, there are several things to consider which we have explained in our detailed “Buying Guide”. Also, we compiled a list of Best Magnetic Drill Presses with a detailed description along with their best features, pros, and cons. Read on to know how to select your best option, as per your requirements.

Best Magnetic Drill Presses

Magnetic Drill PressDrill SizeMotor SpeedWarrantyBuy Now
Dewalt Dwe Speed Magnetic Drill Press2 inch450 RPM3 yearCheck On Amazon
Hougen Hmd Volt Magnetic Drill1 ½ inch450 RPM1 yearCheck On Amazon
VEVOR Magnetic Drill-700 RPM3 yearCheck On Amazon
Mophorn Magnetic Drill Press 1 ½ inch550 RPM1 yearCheck On Amazon
Black Bluerock Typhoon Magnetic Drill1 ½ inch595 RPM90 dayCheck On Amazon
Champion Cutting RotoBrute Magnetic Drill Press1 ⅜ inch650 RPM1 yearCheck On Amazon

6 Best Magnetic Drill Presses Reviews

1. Dewalt Dwe Speed Magnetic Drill Pressmagnetic drill

Dewalt is one of the oldest and most popular brands out there that make both electric as well as pneumatic power tools. Its electric power tools can be a great option for heavy-duty applications, just like its magnetic drill press.

The Dewalt DWE1622K magnetic drill press is present in the 1st position in this article as it offers the largest drill size. While most options out there have a drill size of 1 inch or something around that, this Dewalt drill press can go up to 2 inch in terms of the diameter of the holes that you drill using it. Apart from having a large-sized drill bit diameter, the motor speed of this drill press is also quite decent for the given size. It can go up to 450 RPM depending on the speed setting that you are using with this drill press.

Its variable speed trigger offers two different motor speeds that include 300 RPM and 450 RPM. All of this is possible because of its highly efficient and silent 10 amp electric motor. It allows you to easily use this drill while having a drill travel of 4 ⅜ inches. If you are drilling a ½ inch steel plate, it exerts a pressure of up to 741 pounds that is quite high. Another great thing about buying a magnetic drill press from Dewalt is that you get a decent build quality along with a 3-year long warranty with it that is always great to have.

Best Features:

  • Motor speed rating of up to 450 rotations per minute
  • 2-inch drill size
  • 3-year long warranty
  • 10 amp electric motor
  • 2-speed settings via variable speed trigger
  • Offers 4 ⅜ inch of travel with the drill bit
  • Great build quality for longevity


  • Quite a reliable and well built magnetic drill press
  • Offers the largest drill bit size when compared with other options
  • Decent motor speed of 450 RPM due to 10 amp rating


  • A bit on the larger side
  • Slightly expensive

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 2. Hougen Hmd Volt Magnetic DrillHougen

When compared with various other options available out there, Hougen is a smaller brand of drill presses. However, its model offers various kinds of things to the user that make it a great pick for some.

Hougen’s HMD904 magnetic drill press is present in the 2nd position in this article as it offers various kinds of features to the user. It offers a 1 ½ inch drill size to the user that is quite similar to most other options out there. As a result, you can find a wide range of drill bit options for this given drill press. Just like the previous Dewalt magnetic drill press, this drill is powered by a decent 450 RPM motor. However, the performance is not the same due to the smaller drill size.

As you would expect from any other smaller brand of drill press, you only get a 1-year long warranty with this drill press. This is also true for its build quality as it could have been certainly better. Thankfully, the power consumption of this drill press is on the lower side due to its 9 amp electric motor that consumes just 1035 watts. You can use this efficient motor to drill holes of either 1 inch or 2-inch depth.

Best Features:

  • Motor speed rating of up to 450 rotations per minute
  • 1 ½ inch drill size
  • 1-year long warranty
  • 9 amp electric motor
  • Drilling depth of 2 inches
  • Low power consumption
  • Capacity of 1 ½ inch x 2 inch
  • Inbuilt LED lights for ease of use


  • Offers various handy features and options to the user
  • Decently powerful 1 ½ inch drill press
  • Comes with easy to use and straight forward controls


  • Build quality could have been better
  • Slightly lower motor speed

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3. VEVOR Magnetic Drill


Vevor Magnetic drillYou can find a wide range of affordable and value for money power tool offerings from Vevor Power Tools that are also quite reliable and durable, just like its magnetic drill press.

VEEVOR Magnetic Drill, a powerful and versatile tool designed to meet your drilling requirements. Equipped with a robust 1300W copper motor and a premium magnet, this electric mag drill press boasts exceptional power, allowing it to effortlessly drill into the toughest materials at a speed of 700 RPM.

The optimized internal structure ensures quick and efficient drilling, supported by 2922lbf/13000N of robust force generated by the electromagnetic base. This ensures the drill press remains solidly locked in place, preventing any movement during the drilling process.

Best Features:

  • Powerful 1300W copper motor
  • Premium magnet for exceptional power
  • 700 RPM drilling speed
  • Max. Boring Diameter: 40mm; Max. Coring Depth: 50mm
  • Quick and efficient drilling with adjustable 10-speed gears
  • 2922lbf/13000N robust force with electromagnetic base
  • Solidly locked in place to prevent movement during drilling


  • Worked great drill 24 3/4 holes right out of box.
  •  VERY strong magnet
  • Good grip 


  • Drill size could have been better

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4. Mophorn Magnetic Drill Press Mophorn

Mophorn is another smaller brand of electric power tools like a magnetic drill press that we have mentioned here in this article.

The Mophonr MD40 magnetic drill press is the cheapest drill press option present in this article. Despite its budget price tag, you get decent performance along with various features and options in this drill press. As a result, you get a high value for money preposition while using this drill press. Just like most other options out there, this drill press also comes with a drill size of 1 ½ inch for using it with most drill bits available out there. Not only that, but it offers a high motor speed of 550 RPM.

Apart from offering a high performance because of its fast electric motor, this budget drill press also comes with a 1-year long warranty. While this is great to have at the given price tag, the build quality of this drill press could have been certainly better. The controls of this drill press are quite easy to use. Even if you are new to such magnetic drill presses, you can easily use it without any issues. A great thing about this drill press is that it comes included with various drill bits.

Best Features:

  • Motor speed rating of up to 550 rotations per minute
  • 1 ½ inch drill size
  • 1-year long warranty
  • 10 amp electric motor
  • Comes with 6 piece high-speed steel bits
  • High drilling depth of up to 5 inches
  • Easy to use controls


  • Highly affordable and value for money drill press
  • Decent performance with high-speed motor
  • Includes accessories for a better value


  • Controls could have been more advanced
  • Build quality is just average

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5. Black Bluerock Typhoon Magnetic Drill bluerock

Black Bluerock is another great pick if you are looking for drill press brands that offer budget offerings for a high value for money proposition, just like the model mentioned down below.

Black Bluerock’s BRM-35A is among the cheapest drill press models out there. And yet, you get decent performance out of this drill press. This is possible due to its highly powerful electric motor that can go up to 595 RPM quite easily. It is responsible for powering a 1 ½ inch drill size that is quite similar to most other options out there. As for its drilling depth, you can drill up to 2 inch deep holes using this drill press in your workshop.

Unfortunately, this drill press only offers a 90-day long warranty as it is a budget option. Not only that, but the build quality of this drill press is also not the best out there. This might be an issue for a lot of users out there. However, this drill press comes with various accessories, including a free chuck, adapter, oil bottle, safety chain, and a case. All these things make it a great value for money option for a lot of users out there, especially when you consider its lower price tag.

Best Features:

  • Motor speed rating of up to 590 rotations per minute
  • 1 ½ inch drill size
  • 90-day long warranty
  • Drill depth of up to 2 inches
  • Comes with various included accessories for ease of use
  • Good performance for the given price


  • High-speed electric motor with a rating of 590 RPM
  • Decent performance from its 1 ½ inch drill size with a 2-inch drilling depth
  • Easy to use controls


  • Only a 90-day long warranty
  • Not the best build quality

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6. Champion Cutting RotoBrute Magnetic Drill Press

Coming to the last option present in this article, we have Champion Cutting Tool that is mainly known for making cutting tools. Although, you can also find a few drill model offerings from this brand that offer various things to the user.

This Champion Cutting Tool AC35 magnetic drill press offered the highest motor speed when compared with the different options present in this article. It can go up to 650 RPM that is much higher than most other options out there. Not only that, but you can also easily adjust this speed as per your needs using the variable speed trigger offered by this magnetic drill press. Its motor is also quite efficient as it uses just 1200 watts of power that is low for the given motor speed.

However, the drill size of this magnetic drill press could have been certainly better as it is rated at just 1 ⅜ inch. Thankfully, the drilling depth of this drill press is similar to most other options out there as it is rated at 2 inch. It offers a total of 6 ½ inches of travel to the user for easily aligning the drill holes in a given object or surface. Moving on to the build quality of this drill press, it is quite reliable and durable. Apart from offering a great build quality, you also get a 1-year long warranty with it that is always great to have.

Best Features:

  • Motor speed rating of up to 650 rotations per minute
  • 1 ⅜ inch drill size
  • 1-year long warranty
  • Drill depth of up to 2 inches
  • Decent build quality
  • 1200 watt power consumption


  • Powerful yet efficient electric motor
  • Highest motor speed rating at 650 RPM
  • Offers a lot of handy features to the user.


  • Slightly expensive drill press
  • Not the largest drill size at 1 ⅜ inch

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How to Choose the Best Magnetic Drill Press:

It is essential to choose the right option based on your requirement and drill’s functionality. To ease your selection process, we are providing a buying guide with all essential information related to magnetic drill presses. We recommend you read the guide to make an efficient and perfect decision on the purchase of this drill press.

Let’s get into the details of what factors to consider while shopping for this magnetic drill press.

1. Application/Purpose:

Usually, a magnetic drill press is meant to use for a specific purpose like drilling holes in metals or wood, instead of normal just-like tools in the workshop. Moreover, the price of this drill press will significantly raise from DIY-grade to professional-grade. Hence, it is a must to know the purpose of using this tool and which grade model is required for your work before making its purchase. Without knowing this, buying either a too powerful or too weak magnetic drill press is a waste of money on this tool.

Based on the project/work and your drill usage, you have to select a tool that fits perfectly as per your purposes. So, pick a magnetic drill press with the correct drilling depth, cutting diameters, maximum RPM speed, and special features that are essential to complete the project/work.

2. Motor Speed:

The magnetic drill presses use an electric motor for turning the drill bit for effective drilling into a given surface or object. It is the measure of the maximum speed a drill can rotate a drill bit, which is measured as rotations per minute (RPM).

It is essential to determine your required type of magnetic drill press, why because the spinning speed or RPM will affect the drilling capacity or performance of the drill. As you would expect, a drill with higher rpm will quickly and efficiently cut through any material.

The motor speed of a magnetic drill press will range from 450 RPM – 750 RPM. While high motor speed drill presses offer higher performance as a higher rotation speed, which helps to drill into hardened materials easily.

Moreover, the magnetic drill press offering variable speed settings will let you determine the speed/rpm output based on your project requirement or work material you want to cut.

3. Power:

The power consumption of the magnetic drill press is measured in terms of amperes (amps). It refers to the amount of power your drill consumes to work efficiently. The power rating of these drills will range from 6 – 12 amps. Generally, a drill press with a higher power rating will make it more effective to cut through tough material.

If you want to regularly use a drill for cutting through thick metal pieces, then you require a heavy-duty drill with 10 or more amps. Whereas, a small drill won’t have sufficient power output to cut through the material and thereby partially do the job and quickly wear out. However, a magnetic drill press with 6 – 9 amps is the best option for less tough/difficult projects or materials.

4. Drill Size:

It is another essential feature to check before buying a magnetic drill press for the workshop. Based on the type of your work (including the maximum cut size and working material), you have to decide the overall required drill size. For example, a large drill size is required for industrial or heavy-duty applications, while a smaller drill size is enough to serve for other applications.

Apart from the power of a large model, always remember that a bigger drill size is not a better option every time. Yet, some small models might be an excellent option for lightweight work. While a heavy, durable drill is the best option for those daily working with thick steel.

Usually, few drill press models offer a drill size of 1 ½ inches, while heavy-duty models come at a drill size of 2 inches. Out of these two options, the latter one is the perfect option for heavy-duty applications, as it allows you quickly and easily drill through larger holes.

Also, you can change the present drill size of the drill press by simply changing the bit size, yet remember that this bit size has to be compatible.

5. Cutting Depth:

It is referred to as the maximum depth a drill bit lowers into the material you are working with. Check the cut depth of a particular drill press to know whether it can drill as deep as required for your project or not, before making its purchase. Otherwise, the result will be unable to finish the project (or) in case if finished, it won’t match up with the original plans.

Mostly, the cut depth of these presses will be from 1 – 3 inches, in which the common cutting depth is 2 inches. The reason is that it offers the utmost flexibility to cut a shallow hole that won’t fully penetrate into the material.

6. Compatibility:

Do you have any idea about drilling and drill presses? Then you know that they offer support for various types of drill bits, which in turn, makes the drill press handy to use for performing different kinds of applications.

Yet ensure that the drill bit you are using has to be compatible with the drill press before you attempt to use them. Hence the drill bits size should perfectly match with the range of drill size offered by your magnetic drill press. For instance, a drill size of 1 ½ – 2 inches will only fit with this size of drill bits in them. So, check the compatibility to know whether it fits perfectly in your drill press or not.

7. Magnet:

A unique strength of the magnet is required for the magnetic drill press to perform different tasks. For instance, if using a drill for overhead or vertical operations, then you have to choose the model offering a high magnetic rating.

Also, the magnet’s strength is essential to consider while working in any unstable work location, why because a powerful magnet will ensure a precise drill, irrespective of the working situation (favorable or unfavorable).

Few magnets work only if your start operating your drill machine. So, as a user, you should have a clear idea of the working of the drill’s magnet to purchase them according to your requirements.

8. Portability:

The dimensions of a particular magnetic drill press will determine its portability. You have to purchase a compact size portable machine when working in a limited workspace (or) to transport the drill to various worksites.

9. Low Profile:

A small (or) low-profile magnetic drill press is an ideal option for those who perform drilling in confined/restricted spaces. Usually, larger mag drills come with three-feed handles to do various operations, whereas these smaller drills are equipped with a single feed handle (or single quill feed) to operate effectively within a confined workspace. They are lightweight and beneficial to drill metals at a vertical location, yet they are only limited by the metal’s size you want to drill.

10. Table Size:

Does the table matters in this magnetic drill press? Yes, the table will let you easy to drill various materials, especially in various angles. So, a table swiveling 360° will create more distance under the chuck that lets you drill thicker materials easily and efficiently. You have to know the actual size of the table. The bigger table is better for the magnetic drill press, why because the larger table will allow you to drill large materials and easily secure the material whenever required.

11. Adjustments:

Mostly, we prefer easy-to-use tools rather than those that are a bit complicated. This is especially useful when you want to easily and quickly move on from one project to another with few necessary adjustments.

For instance, if drilling the same material with the same bit regularly, then will simple and minor adjustments, you can easily drill a variety of materials at different sizes and depths. So, a drill machine with convenient and easy adjustments will be your top priority on the list.

Here are a few things to consider while choosing a model with adjusting the drill press.

  • Shall you tilt, raise, and lower the table accurately?
  • Can your depth stop be configured easily?
  • Is the chuck key required to loosen or tighten the chuck? Or is it keyless?
  • How do you square the table to the item being drilled?
  • Is the drill capable to adjust the speed? How it is done?

 12. Stroke:

The distance of moving up and down from chuck and drill bit when you turn the feed handle is referred to as the stroke. It is essential while considering the thickness of a particular material (or) you like the versatility of drilling a variety of thicknesses.

However, this stroke distance varies greatly from one drill press model to another. Generally, the smaller the stroke distance the lesser you have versatility, while a drill with a longer stroke distance will allow you to work efficiently with thicker materials and longer bits. So, most experts recommend choosing a drill with a stroke distance of 3 – 4 inches.

13. Safety Features:

One has to pay special attention to the grinding wheels, cutting blades, and other hazardous parts while using a tool to safely complete your project. This magnetic drill press will also come under this category. So, manufacturers have included several in-built safety features for the safe and effective operating of this drill press.

Here are a few mentioned…

Hidden power cord – An exposed cord that runs from the drill to the magnetic base is somewhat risky and dangerous. So, a few manufacturers have included the cord as a part of the machine’s design.

Safety Guard & Anti-Slip Rubber Sleeves – Some models have a safety guard around the drill bit to make the metal piece not to fly off while operating. Similarly, anti-slip rubber sleeves on the levers of this mag drill press will control its usage when drilling.

Flicker Switch – It acts as a lock that prevents the machine from engaging/working accidentally while not using. Also, this switch allows you to start on and off this machine with ease.

Quick-Changing Chunk – It helps the operator to change the drill bits quickly and easily, even though the drill is running at high speeds without any issues. Similarly, a safety strap or chain will embed the system together.

Note: Always remember that all these safety options won’t feature in any single drill press, yet you have to choose a drill with the required 2 – 3 features that make you convenient to use and quickly complete the project.

14. Controls:

For precise and accurate drilling of holes in a given workpiece, you have to rely on the controls offered by the magnetic drill press. This mainly includes the motion control and the speed control offered by your drill. The movement controls will allow you to perfectly align the holes, while speed control (especially a variable speed trigger) is handy to change the motor sped of the drill press.

Some magnetic drill press models come with fully analog controls, whereas other models have digital screens and buttons for even precise controls. All such controls should be easy to use and offer high precision control to the operator for the best and effective results.

15. Ease of Use:

Though this magnetic drill press is not at all a complicated tool to use, yet you have to consider several products to determine which one will be your best option.

Some drill models are meant to use for lightweight drilling through thin metals (such as sheet metal), while others are designed to work for heavy drilling through thick metals. So, based on your definite purpose, you have to pick smaller ones for lighter drilling and larger ones for heavy-duty drills.

Simple logic is that heavier drills are an excellent option to perform heavy-duty tasks (that not done by the lightweight drill), yet a bit harder to carry or move around. In this case, you can choose a product with an ergonomic grip for easy to hold, set up, and operate the drill without any worry of slipping from the hands while using.

16. Price:

Choosing the best magnetic drill press that balances your budget and requirement is a bit painstaking task. Usually, its price range will be from $150 – $1500 (or more) based on the drill’s features, built quality, and safety and comfortability. So, compare several products and decide which model offers great features (mostly required for you) and quality at a low price.

17. Build Quality and Warranty:

The build quality and the warranty offered by the manufacturer on their product are essential to consider before making its purchase. It ensures that you can use a drill for heavy-duty applications for a long time without facing any issues due to wear and tear. Due to this, any drill press that uses steel or cast iron for its construction can last easily for a long time.

As for the warranty, most of the magnetic drill press models out there come with a 1-year long warranty. However, some better and more reliable models might even come with a 3-year long warranty for peace of mind.

Usage Tips for a Magnetic Drill Press:

Here are a few simple tips you have to follow while operating a magnetic drill press to make it use safely and effectively.

  • It is a must to wear safety gear whenever you use this drill press.
  • You should use flat and clean steel for drilling, otherwise, its magnet will not perfectly hold the surface.
  • Ensure to maintain the drill’s bottom free from scraps and debris.
  • Electromagnetic power will work effectively in a ferrous material base.
  • Secure the drill press with a safety chain to prevent loosening off the metal when once the machine starts working and might drop.


In general, there are three types of magnetic drill presses available in the market. They are Electric, Pneumatic, and Hydraulic magnetic drill press. Knowing about them in detail will help you to pick your perfect option, as per your requirements.

Electric Magnetic Drill Press – 

It is an ideal option for the dry workplace, where you can use the electricity as a power source of the tool.

Hydraulic Magnetic Drill Press – 

They are mostly used in drilling projects related to industrial, marine, and construction settings.

Pneumatic Magnetic Drill Press – 

It is most suitable to use for a hazardous or wet work environment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How does a magnetic drill press work?

Ans: A magnetic drill press comes with a powerful magnetic base to sit easily on any metal surface, especially the cutting material), and thereby holds the tool in its place without shifting or moving throughout the use.

Here is the simple process that lets you know how this drill press works.
* To remain the metal piece firmly in its place, you have to attach it to the magnet while operating the drill press.
* Connect the magnetic base to the correct spot to drill properly for a precise outcome.
* The rotating drill bit can be lowered down into the metal with the help of a lever. Thus, it can completely cut through the material (or) simply cut a hole to a specified depth.
* Also, you can incline the drill to any position to get an accurate and comfortable drill.
* It depends on the magnet’s strength that lets you position the drill in either horizontal or vertical.
* Other than this mechanism, several metal workers use special machines, which are lightweight and carried or move around easily from one site to another.

2. Do I have to wear gloves while using a magnetic drill press?

Ans: Don’t wear gloves when you are using a magnetic drill press. The reason is that the fabric might be caught and pulled into the machine. Yet you have to wear gloves while removing chips from the magnet and cutter, especially when the drill press is not operating to get rid of cuts (accidentally).

3. How to Operate a Magnetic Drill Press?

Ans: Though here we have explained the basic steps that let you know how to use the magnetic drill press. Yet as a user, you have to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific model (as a few steps differ for different materials).
* The magnetic drill press bit has to be inserted into the machine arbor.
* Keep the drill press in a position over the area you are drilling.
* After that, turn on the magnet switch to activate the magnet and keep it in place.
* In case the drill has a coolant tank, then fill this tank with the lubricant.
* Set the speed level (RPM) as per your requirement.
* Turn on the drill’s coolant tank (if it has). If not, simply apply the lubricant to the drill bit to maintain them cool while cutting.
* Then turn on the motor to start the drill, yet lower the rotating drill bit to the material.
* Use an even force to let the bit cut through the material instead of forcing it to do quickly.
* When once it cuts the hole, stop the drill, and turn off the motor & coolant tank.
* After it is set properly then turn off the magnet to put away the drill machine or move it to a different place.

 4. Who uses the magnetic drill press?

Ans: Generally, people working in automobile manufacturing, construction, welding, metal fabrication, or marine are the best and top-most users of this magnetic drill press. Their lightweight and extreme portability will simplify your job process and allow you to easily take it to the workpiece.

If you regularly work on metals (or) need machine’s service throughout the duration, then you have to grab this magnetic drill press. Since it is a bit expensive, you have to check the benefits of the model to make your purchase worthwhile.


While there are a lot of drill presses out there, a magnetic drill press is perfect for heavy-duty applications that require drilling into magnetic materials like steel. These even offer various features that can be handy during drilling, as you can see in the best magnetic drill presses mentioned in this article. We have mentioned all of their major differences and specifications so that you can buy the perfect one. However, if you are still confused, then you can buy one of the following recommendations and save a lot of time:

  • The Dewalt DWE1622K can be a great option if you want a large drill size since it offers the highest 2-inch size. While the motor is not the most powerful at 450 RPM, it is a highly reliable one since it comes with a 3-year long warranty.
  • You can consider the VEVOR Magnetic drill press if you want a highly reliable one. Apart from offering a 3-year long warranty, you get an excellent build quality with this magnetic drill press that is always great to have.
  • If your application requires a high-speed electric motor, you can go with the Champion Cutting Tool AC35 drill press. It offers the highest 650 RPM motor speed that powers its 1 ⅜ inch drill size. While you only get a 1-year long warranty, the build quality is good.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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