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How To Reset ADT Doorbell Camera?

Resetting your ADT doorbell camera is a simple procedure that guarantees peak performance and fixes any possible problems. Find the camera’s tiny reset button and press it for approximately 15 seconds, or until the LED indicators change, to start a reset.

This will remove all customised configurations, and the camera will be returned to its original settings. For detailed instructions, refer to the manual that came with your device before beginning the process. Resetting the ADT doorbell camera can improve performance, fix connectivity issues, and give your home’s monitoring and security a new lease on life.

Overview of ADT Doorbell Camera

The advanced home security gadget known as the ADT Doorbell Camera is made to improve your home’s surveillance capabilities. This camera easily connects with ADT’s extensive security systems by fusing state-of-the-art technology with intuitive features.

With its two-way audio communication and real-time video monitoring, it enables homeowners to engage with guests from a distance. The doorbell camera’s motion detection and night vision features guarantee thorough coverage all day and all night. In addition, the device makes it easier to store recorded video on the cloud, making it easier to look back on events. Enhancing home security with the ADT Doorbell Camera’s sophisticated features and elegant design is essential.

When and Why Should you Reset an ADT Doorbell Camera?

1. ADT Doorbell Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

When an ADT doorbell camera has connectivity problems—most notably, when it cannot establish a Wi-Fi connection—it must be reset. Resetting your ADT doorbell to factory defaults will allow you to set it up again in the event that it is having trouble connecting or staying connected. To ensure continuous monitoring and dependable operation, this procedure is crucial when switching Wi-Fi networks, experiencing network disruptions, or resolving any anomalies impeding the camera’s smooth integration into your home security system.

2. ADT Doorbell Not Recording Videos

When an ADT doorbell camera stops recording videos, it becomes necessary to reset it. This problem typically occurs as a result of firmware issues, connectivity issues, or system bugs. Resetting the doorbell can fix software conflicts and ensure optimal performance if it is not recording important footage. By removing potential bugs and returning to default settings, this action frequently fixes recording problems. When troubleshooting methods such as verifying power sources or Wi-Fi connections are not working, it is recommended to reset. Resetting the camera is a valuable way to restore its video recording capabilities in these kinds of situations.

3. ADT Doorbell Not Sending Notifications

When an ADT doorbell camera stops sending notifications, it becomes necessary to reset it. Changes in network configuration, connectivity problems, or software bugs could all be the cause of this problem. By resetting the camera, possible bugs are removed, default configurations are restored, and appropriate communication protocols are re-established. When notifications stop, it is a recommended troubleshooting step to make sure the doorbell camera continues to notify users of visitors or possible security events. Frequent resets can also be considered preventive maintenance, preventing performance hiccups before they become serious issues.

4. ADT Doorbell Blinking Red

ADT Doorbell Cameras that blink red may be a sign of a problem with settings, performance, or connectivity. When the camera’s red lights are blinking continuously, it is advised to reset it. This will fix any technical issues, return it to its factory settings, and maximise its functionality. It’s especially advisable to reset the camera if it has trouble connecting, doesn’t react to commands, or behaves strangely. This easy reset procedure guarantees that the camera functions properly, protects the integrity of your home security system, and guarantees continuous monitoring.

How to Reset ADT Doorbell Camera?

1. ADT Doorbell Camera(Wired)

Find the reset button, which is typically located close to the device’s wiring, to reset your wired ADT doorbell camera. Hold down the button for about 15 seconds or until the LED indicators start to change. This will start a reset that will return the camera to its original configuration. Make sure you refer to the handbook that came with your device for detailed instructions before starting. Resetting the wired ADT Doorbell Camera can help with performance optimisation and connectivity problems, offering a dependable and efficient home security system.

2. ADT Doorbell Camera(Wireless)

Find the tiny reset button on your ADT Wireless Doorbell Camera to reset it. To successfully reset the device, press and hold the button for about 15 seconds or until the LED indicators change. This procedure will remove any custom configurations and return the camera to its factory settings. Make sure you refer to the device handbook for detailed instructions and think about wiping the camera down if you experience problems with connectivity, strange behaviour, or need to troubleshoot the camera to get the best performance.

Reset ADT Doorbell Camera – FAQs

1. Where is the reset button on an ADT camera located?

Ans: The reset button on an ADT camera is typically located on the device itself. It might be a tiny, inset button that needs to be pressed with a pointed tool, like a paperclip. Please consult the camera’s manual for exact location information. Usually, to reset the camera and return it to its original settings, press and hold this button for approximately 15 seconds.

2. How do I change the Wi-Fi connection for my ADT doorbell camera?

Ans: Go into the camera settings using the related app to adjust the Wi-Fi connection for your ADT Doorbell Camera. Navigate to the Wi-Fi or Network section, select “Change Wi-Fi,” and follow the on-screen prompts. When prompted, enter the new Wi-Fi login information. During the procedure, make sure the connection is steady. Following a successful setup, your ADT Doorbell Camera will be linked to the most recent Wi-Fi network.

3. Why is the red light blinking on my ADT motion sensor?

Ans: Your ADT motion sensor’s blinking red light usually indicates a low battery. The red light alerts you when the sensor senses low battery power. Change the sensor’s battery with a new one to fix this problem. Maintaining the efficacy of your home security system and ensuring the ADT motion sensor operates dependably are achieved through routine battery replacement and inspection.

4. How do I reconnect my ADT camera after updating my Wi-Fi password?

Ans: After changing your Wi-Fi password, go to the camera’s settings via the ADT app or web portal to reconnect your ADT camera. Find the network or Wi-Fi settings, then enter the new password there. To save changes, adhere to the on-screen instructions. Make sure the updated Wi-Fi signal can reach the camera. By following this easy procedure, the connection is restored, and your ADT camera can continue to monitor without interruption.

5. How can I tell when my ADT doorbell camera is fully charged?

Ans: Examine the LED indicators on your ADT doorbell camera to find out when it’s fully charged. Usually, the LED will display a particular colour (usually red or orange) while it is charging. The LED should turn a different colour—typically blue or green—once it is fully charged. For exact information, consult the handbook that came with your device. Different ADT doorbell camera models may have different charging indicators.


To sum up, the ADT Doorbell Camera is a dependable and cutting-edge addition to enhance home security. It offers a complete solution for home security with features like two-way audio communication, real-time video monitoring, and night vision capabilities. Frequent upkeep, such as the odd reset, guarantees peak performance and takes care of any possible problems. One factor that makes the device more user-friendly is how easy it is to reset; it usually only requires holding down a button for a predetermined amount of time. Resetting the ADT Doorbell Camera can help troubleshoot connectivity issues, restore default settings, or improve performance. It’s a valuable step in keeping a reliable and seamless home security system for peace of mind.

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