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What is a Runtime Error?

While using any program, if it produces a wrong output or the writing crashes, then it is called a runtime error. It has the ability to prevent you from using the application and your personal computer. To resolve the runtime error, you will have to refresh the program or the device. They are also called bugs, as they are found in the debugging process before releasing the software. However, at times you will not be able to fix the error. For this, you need to perform a specific action.

When runtime error develops, you will notice signs of slowing down. Your system will come up with a prompt regarding the specific type of error. There are many types of runtime errors that are caused by patch bugs in the used-up memory or the software build. A runtime error in a program occurs after you run the program from being successfully compiled. However, the best thing is that you will be able to fix the problem in different ways.

Common Types of Runtime Error

You will not be able to fix runtime errors unless a clear specific message comes up. The different types of runtime errors that occur include Logic error, Memory Leak error, Division by Zero error, Unidentified Object error, Input and Output error, and Encoding error. Here we shall describe each type of error.

1. Logic Error

When a logic error occurs, it can result in producing incorrect output. It is the source code of the product that leads to erroneous and unanticipated behavior. Logic errors can also make the program crash while running. It can happen when a developer makes the wrong statement entering into the source code of the application. However, logic errors are difficult to recognize. It can come in both compiled and interpreted languages and is also called Logical error. This type of error is valid when you consider it in the language, but does not come with any intended behavior.

2. Memory Leak

When the program drains the Random Access Memory (RAM) of the computer, it can lead to a memory leak error. This can happen due to many causes. An unpatched software like failing to update the operating system to the newest version can also lead to memory leak error. It happens when the computer program makes incorrect memory allocations that are no longer released. Sometimes it can also happen when the running code does not access the object stored in the memory.

3. Division by Zero Error

Division by zero error or DIV/0 is a logic software bug that causes a runtime error. It happens when you divide a number by zero and is associated with Microsoft Excel workbooks. This type of error occurs when the formula inputs are left blank in the spreadsheet. To make sure there will be the correct output, you will have to format the cell formulas in a precise manner.

4. Undefined Object Error

You will notice an unidentified object error when the program attempts to function a JavaScript or PHP object. It primarily happens when there is no assigned or defined value. Sometimes it can also happen due to deeply nested objects. An unidentified object ever happens when the code does not exist or cannot be read.

5. Input/Output Device Error

When the error arises due to the read/write function of the device, then it is called the Input/Output device error. It can primarily happen due to operating system, incompatibility, faulty USB ports, device malfunction, and outdated drivers. The Input/Output device error is very common and can also happen due to printers and other peripheral devices.

When it happens, there will be a prompt saying that the device is not accessible and you will not be able to encode or transfer files. It is important that you find out what the issue is as it can also lead to other problems. Input/Output device error makes your system unable to set up the software with the required configuration. The good thing is you will only have to restart the computer or the memory drive to resolve the problem.

6. Encoding Error

While rendering any file, or converting a file to an accessible or usable file, you may encounter an encoding error. It comes with the message “encoding failed” or “encoding overloaded”. The encoding process is resource-intensive in nature and can lead to an encoding error.

How to Fix a Runtime Error?

Runtime error can happen due to many reasons. Primarily it is due to the bugs. However, it can even happen due to a lack of memory or the inability to run the application successfully. You can follow the steps for fixing a runtime error.

1. Restart your Computer

Restarting your computer is very simple and it helps to fix different types of problems including runtime errors. If you feel like the computer is running slower, the best advice will be to restart your system. You must know that memory-related issues also lead to run time errors, and restarting the system will free up the resources for the program.

2. Close other Applications

When you close all the other applications, there will be no program conflict. You can run the program as it will not try to run over other programs. In simple words, we can say that when the application uses too many system resources, you will not be able to load different programs. It will be best to close the applications that you don’t require and open them when you need them.

3. Run the App in Safe Mode

A program will run bare minimum when you run it in safe mode. This allows the computer to function properly. For this, you will have to boot your system in safe mode and run the program.

4. Update the Application

You must always download the latest version of the program. If you don’t update the system, the bug that has not been patched will cause the runtime error. All you have to do is to look for updates or re-download the application from the official site.

5. Reinstall the Application

At times, the program may be corrupted. For this, it will be better to go for re-installation. However, make sure that you save all the important files and then uninstall it. You will have to fully delete the program and reinstall it. Keep in mind that when installation is not fully complete, it can lead to a run time error.

6. Consult Tech Experts

If in case you are unable to fix the problem, you will have to look for answers online. There are many sources like Reddit and others where you will find a support team for the program. You must follow the link carefully so that you can have deep knowledge regarding the error.


Even though runtime errors are easy to skip, you must not neglect them. It can affect the overall functioning of the application and the computer. There are many ways of fixing runtime errors like reinstalling Windows, installing the latest Microsoft Visual C + + redistributable package, and using SFC now. If nothing of these works for you, you need to reinstall your operating system.

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