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Eufy vs Ring – Which is Best Security Camera?

Due to the rapid development in technology, the need for a better home security system has increased in recent years. Your home is no longer safe with just a metal lock as thieves use innovative methods to break into properties. With a security camera, you can at least capture the culprits red-handed. Camera models from Eufy and Ring are popular in the home security market. They are used from doorbells to surveillance applications.

Even if both names are famous, users might confuse them as a part of the same brand. Besides this, while selecting a good security camera, users are usually puzzled between Eufy and Ring cameras. To solve this puzzle, this article will explain Eufy and Ring security cameras. It will also make you aware of the differences and similarities of certain factors, for both cameras. With this information, you can choose an ideal unit to keep an eye on your property.

Eufy Camera

Eufy is a sub-brand of the electronics giant, Anker. It is a well-known manufacturer of smart home security devices and home appliances. It was established to simplify the user’s experience with smart homes. All the products are thereby made with a user-friendly design and offer a long list of features. It has a range of home security devices, including smart locks, video doorbells, surveillance cameras, etc.

The Eufy camera range is a part of its home security products which can be used in different types of settings. To buy best Eufy Camera you can check the article. The camera can be used with the doorbell where a live feed of the door is shown at the user’s end. Similarly, the Eufy security cameras are placed at higher elevations to get a wide view of the surroundings. Eufy camera range also has portable units that can be placed indoors or outdoors.

Ring Camera

Ring is a sub-brand of the e-commerce giant Amazon. It is also one of the most popular brands that manufactures a range of home security products.  It has adopted the latest technologies to ensure home security products do not stay behind in offering protection. The products are built to last long in both indoor and outdoor conditions. To buy best Ring Camera you can check the article. Ring offers products like surveillance cameras, video doorbells, and other units.

The Ring camera range is designed in a way to offer better capture quality. These units use high-quality lenses to make sure each detail is captured. Almost all the camera range gets an IP rating to withstand attacks from moisture and water. The mounting of these cameras is designed to adapt to almost any type of surface. Ring also offers a portable camera range compatible with remote and wireless applications.

Difference Between Eufy And Ring Cameras

We will focus on their security cameras now that we know both the Eufy and Ring brands. The doorbell and surveillance cameras are the most popular models for both the brands. These are installed with the front door or any other door at a high level. Positioning the camera is important to get accurate information from the surroundings. We will review some differences between Eufy and Ring cameras based on technical and non-technical parameters.

1. Video Quality

Regarding surveillance, video quality is the most important promoter for any camera. A higher capturing quality helps in collecting more information in the video. Eufy camera offers better video quality since they can capture at a higher resolution of 2K. Ring cameras also offer high-definition video quality, going up to 1080p resolution. Eufy cameras thereby rule this section, compared to the Ring cameras. 

2. Range Of Products

Since both brands offer various products for home security, users should get a specific unit that suits their applications. In this case, Ring has a wide range of products, including smart video cameras, surveillance units, doorbell units, and portable cameras. Eufy does not stay behind since it also offers a diverse range of cameras for various applications. Even though both brands have a wide range of cameras, Ring stands out due to its mountings for different surfaces.

3. Field Of View

The security camera must offer a higher field of view. This ensures that the camera will capture more information from the surroundings. It acts like the human eye, which has a field of view between 135 to 180 degrees. The Eufy camera offers a maximum 140-degree field of view. On the other hand, Ring cameras can capture over 160 degrees of area in the same shot. Since Ring cameras have more field of view, they can capture more details with a wide perspective.

4. Monitoring Costs

Both Eufy and Ring cameras offer free monitoring to the users at the user level. The user gets the basic recording features that help self-monitor through the cameras. But if users want to avail of additional features, Eufy and Ring cars also support subscription-based monitoring. With the subscription, users get additional features like 24×7 monitoring, SOS function, dedicated technical support, emergency service dispatch, and many more. Eufy offers subscription plans ranging from 10 USD to 100 USD. The subscription plans range from 5 USD to 50 USD for Ring, making it an affordable choice.

5. Battery Backup And Power Options

Both cameras support wired or battery-assisted power supply. Battery life is not an issue for wired units but plays an important role for portable units. The cameras use a rechargeable battery which offers better battery backup, in case of power failure. Units like video doorbells are designed for these types of batteries. Eufy camera offers a battery backup of over 4 to 6 months, on a single charge. However, while charging, the whole camera unit has to be removed. Ring cameras have a battery backup of 1 month to 3 months, depending on the model. It offers ease of charging by using removable batteries. As a result, users can just replace batteries to get uninterrupted surveillance. 

6. Storage Options

Being a security camera, the captured feed has to be stored in a secure place. The footage helps in reviewing past events in case of any emergency. Since these cameras record at a higher resolution, they require a high memory storage capacity. Both Eufy and Ring cameras are connected to cloud storage facilities to combat the issues of memory. All the recorded data is directly stored on the cloud servers, removing the file size restriction. Eufy offers a cheaper cloud storage plan than Ring, for only 30 days of cloud storage. Ring offers over 180 days of cloud storage to the users. Users can also use memory cards with both cameras.

7. Smart Home Integrations

Since most users have a smart home environment, interconnected devices suit it. Security cameras should also offer compatibility with these smart home integrations. Both Ring and Eufy cameras can work with technologies like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Features like voice-activated controls help in adding ease of control for the user. Ring cameras step up their game by using IFTTT (If This Then That) software. This helps in adding multiple layers of automation at the user end, to control the camera functions and alerts.

8. Motion Detection And Notifications

Motion detection feature is one of the most sought-after features of security cameras. It activates the camera when the sensors detect motion within its range. The alert notifications are sent to the users via text or email. The camera offers customization in the notifications for several devices, including smartphones, computers, tabs, etc. The sensitivity of motion detection sensors can be changed to prevent any type of false trigger. This feature is almost similar for both Ring and Eufy camera but the alerts and customized varies with subscription plans.

9. Chime

Chime is an important feature for the doorbell cameras. They alert the user whenever someone presses the doorbell of the house. The chime is a tone, played as an alert to the user. Ti also acts as an emergency sound to notify users of theft attempts. Chime can be customized to create different sounds, as per the user’s choice. Ring cameras are not supplied with chime unless the chime is separately selected. For the Eufy camera, chime is included with the models as an indoor unit. It also acts as a unit for WiFi connection and memory card slot.

10. Preset Message

Units like doorbell cameras get a unique function called preset message. Whenever someone rings the doorbell, the unit plays a preset message for the visitors. The feature is useful to alert the user when users are not at home. The preset message also tells the visitor that the visitor acknowledges their presence and will open the door. The basic models of Eufy cameras offer 1 to 3 custom messages, recorded by the user. Only preset messages can be applied for the basic models of Ring cameras.

11. WiFi Connectivity

WiFi connectivity is an integral factor for the security camera, for uninterrupted transition of live video. It also offers wireless commands to the units from remote locations. Both Eufy and Ring cameras have built-in WiFi features. The speed of the WiFi depends on the generation and its band. Both cameras are compatible with WiFi 802.11b/g/n but support different bands. Eufy cameras can only work with 2.4GHz bands while Ring cameras can work with both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.

12. Customer Support

Customer support is crucial for users if they face camera problems. If manual-specified troubleshooting fails, users can contact the brand’s technical support. Similarly, warranties or replacements are also booked through customer support. Eufy and Ring offer consumer support via phone call or email. Ring gets the upper hand in this parameter as it also offers a live chat option for its users. As a result, Ring provides quicker resolutions to the user’s problems.

Similarities Between Eufy And Ring Cameras

Camera models from Ring and Eufy might offer some unique features but they also share some similarities. The similarities are found due to industrial standards, competition, or other reasons. With these similar features, users might find it difficult to choose between Ring and Eufy cameras. We advise you to go through these similarities, not to get confused but to get clarity related to both cameras.

1. Live View

Both the cameras offer a live view feature to the user. Simply put, this feature displays a live telecast of the camera on the user’s end (on any type of device). This feature comes in handy when the user gets an alert from the camera about intruders or visitors. This feature is included in the subscription plans of both Ring and Eufy cameras.

2. Two Way Communication

Communication via the doorbell camera is possible if the user is away from home and has visitors. Two-way communication features instantly connect the user with the visitors via a speaker. Instead of leaving a message, users can directly talk with visitors. Eufy and RIng cameras include these features in their basic and high-end models.

3. Night Vision

Low light conditions are worse for any camera and they struggle to capture details. The security camera can easily capture enough data in low light or night conditions with the night vision features. It uses infrared sensors and imagery to convert useful data into graphical data. As a result, users can monitor their surroundings even at night. Night vision is a standard feature for almost every security camera and is found in ring and Eufy cameras.

4. Reasonable Pricing

One of the major reasons most consumers choose Ring and Eufy cameras is their aggressive pricing. Some models of Eufy are cheaper than Ring cameras but come with higher subscription plans. Similarly, some of the Ring cameras have premium price tags, and their subscription plans are cheaper. In short, both cameras offer almost similar costs of buying and monitoring.

Which Is A Better Option For You, Between Eufy And Ring Cameras?

To be honest, both brands offer the best in segment performance regarding surveillance and home security. Depending on the user’s needs, the selection princess becomes different. If you want security cameras for different applications and locations, Ring has a wider list of products than Eufy. Eufy might seem the ideal choice for budget-oriented users since most models are priced lower than Ring cameras. To find out  mor information about Ring Camera. Eufy might lag in terms of features compared to the Ring cameras. However, the reliability of the Eufy camera will sometimes surprise you, when compared to the Ring. We would suggest you choose the units if they suit your purpose.


1. Is the Eufy camera easier to set up than the Ring camera?

Ans: Installation of both cameras is different due to a different design. Eufy cameras are designed in a way to offer simple installations. The mounting can be fixed by users with basic tools. As a result, Eufy cameras are easy to install and do not need professional help.

2. How is the consumer support experience for Ring and Eufy products?

Ans: Both Ring and Eufy brands offer customer support to their users. The experience at the user level might vary, depending on the community. Both brands have a team of specialists who guide users through different topics and issues related to the cameras.

3. Do Eufy and Ring products support 24/7 monitoring features?

Ans: The 24/7 monitoring feature is available only on Ring cameras. You can avail of this feature with various subscription plans from Ring. It helps in adding an extra layer of security as users can check their homes from anywhere, on any device. Unfortunately, Eufy does not offer this feature but might roll out soon.

4. Which brand offers a better battery backup for its wireless devices?

Ans: Battery backup is a major concern for the camera which is not connected to a power source. In this case, Eufy cameras are equipped with high-capacity batteries, which last longer than Ring cameras. However, Eufy models must be recharged with a power source as batteries are non-removable. Ring models use low-capacity batteries which can be replaced instantly.

5. How is local data and cloud storage handled on Eufy and Ring devices, for video recordings?

Ans: Since videos on these cameras are captured at higher resolution, the built-in storage might fill up quickly. Hence, both Ring and Eufy brands support high-capacity memory cards on their cameras. Apart from this, these units are also connected to a cloud storage server, to directly upload the videos to the database center.


It is always a clever choice to update your home security devices with the latest ones. Cameras are the major devices of home security and surveillance. Brands like Ring and Eufy offer popular camera models from their home security products. As a consumer, it is normal for you to get confused between these two brands. In this article, we have discussed Ring and Eufy cameras. We have also discussed the differences and similarities in cameras from these brands. With this information, you will easily select a suitable camera for your home security.

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