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35+ Best School Project Ideas for Kids [Electronics]

If you are searching for simple electronic projects for your school projects, here is the list.Now a days children are very curious  to learn creative and technical projects.Schools are assigning interesting  projects to the students to increase their knowledge technically. List of  projects shown here are a great way to demonstrate important concepts in electronics. Please feel free to comment your experiences.

Mini Electronics Projects for Kids

  1. Remote Control Light Circuit Diagram Using 555 Timer:This DIY article shows how to turn on and off a lamp using remote control. This circuit uses a 555 timer IC for controlling.
  2. Home security alarm system circuit diagram:Here a simple home security system is developed using laser was developed in this system.A laser and 3 mirrors were used in this system.A path is provided for the laser light and when this path breaks an alarm starts ringing.
  3. Motorized Coloring Machine Kids Can Make:A diy Project shown here is a simple and a fun project for kids. This is a motorised colouring machine. This machine automatically starts colouring.
  4. Homemade Wobble botWooble bot shown here is technically not a robot as it does not have any decision making capability.This is simple fun project for kids.It requires a simple DC motor as main component.
  5. Cyborg Light Painting Gloves! (an Easy LED Switch):Here is a light painting glove that is designed using Leds , gloves and a button switch. This is a DIY article showing each and every step .
  6. Paper Circuits:This article shows designing of paper circuits.Paper circuit is build using copper tape,coin battery and leds . This is very helpful to learn about electricity dot beginners.
  7. Build a Simple Electric Motor:Here a basic electric motor is shown. The simple motor shown here uses battery ,copper wire and magnets.
  8. No Magnet Motor:Here is the motor designed without using any magnet. This uses simple battery and copper wires.
  9. The keyboard helper:The keyboard helper shown here helps the disabled people control the things .Here a joystick is interfaced with Arduino to use it as a keyboard.
  10. mBotThe mBot shown here is a simple and easy robot. This uses simple graphical programming .It uses Arduino for controlling.Go through the article for complete information.
  11. Simple Over Voltage Protection Circuit High Voltage Cut Off :Voltage fluctuations are very common in house .This project shows simple circuit that helps to protect the devices from over voltage. That is it automatically cuts off the voltage ,when it exceeds the value.
  12. Oersted’s Experiment:This experiment shows relation between electricity and magnetism which was discovered by the Oersted.
    Bat Symbol Flashlight:Here is the flash light showing bat symbol.
  13. Homemade Electroscope:This DIY article shows a homemade electroscope that can be used to detect static electricity.
  14. Pocket Flashlight (LED): Here is a simple Pocket flash light using using LED.A high bright LED is used for making this pocket light.
  15. How to Make a Toy Rowing Boat:A simple rowing boat is made here. It requires a mechanical structure and DC batteries for making it. This toy rowing boat can float and run on water.
  16. Twitch bots:Twitch bots are fun boats that blinks their eye when their antenna was flicked. This is made out of laser module from CD/DVD drive, LED and button cell.
  17. Sound-Operated Timer:The sound operated timer is shown here. It is designed using LM234 and NE555 timer. Time delay can be set from few seconds to 30 minutes using this circuit.
  18. Rain Alarm Project:This project shows a rain alarm circuit. In this rain detecting sensor was used for detecting the rain and alarm is ring. A NE555 timer is also used in astable mode for producing certain frequency to the speaker.
  19. Touch Switch Circuits:A touch switch circuit helps us to control the circuit by simply touching it. Here 7 ways if building a touch switch circuit was shown.
  20. Bike Guard Alarm Circuit:A simple bike guard alarm was shown here. This alarm starts when ever any intruder starts your bike. This circuit can be enabled or disabled when ever required.
  21. PIR Sensor based Security Alarm System:Here a PIR sensor based security system was designed.It uses simple PIR sensor for detecting the intruder.It is of low cost and consumes low power.
  22. Electronic Eye Controlled Security System:Electronic eye also called as magic eye provides security to the home. This system is based on LDR. A light is placed in front of the LDR .When any one stands in between them alarm starts ringing.
  23. Humidity Detector Circuit:A humidity detector circuit is designed here. The humidity sensor used here consists of two copper wires separated by a small distance. Moisture connects these two copper wires electrically.
  24. Gas Leakage Alarm:A gas leakage alarm circuit was built here. A MQ6 gas sensor is used to detect leaking gas.555 timer is used to detect this and produce an alarm.
  25. How To Make a Simple Arduino Alarm System:Simple Arduino security alarm that produces a high pitched sound and switches on the Leds was proposed here. It uses ultrasonic sensor to detect the intruder, Leds and a buzzer.
  26. Traffic Light Controller:The traffic light controller is shown here. It uses Arduino to control these lights.
  27. How to Build a Companion Cube Mood Lamp:A mood lamp that beautifies your house was shown here. It is made using Arduino board, Leds. This lamp is in the shape of a cube.
  28. Creating an Electronic Die:Electronic dice can be used in many game shows. This article shows an electronic dice using Arduino and LEDs. Code that is required for the Arduino is also given in this article.
  29. Controlling Traffic:Here traffic lights are controlled using Arduino board.
  30. Building and Controlling a Tank Robot:The tank robot shown here can climb over small obstacles in its path. It can also rotate to one side and can avoid crashing with obstacles in its path. The speed and direction of the robot can be controlled here.
  31. Creating an Arduino Tweeter:This project shows Arduino sending tweets through twitter.It requires Arduino uno and Ethernet shield.
  32. Ergonomic Pen With USB Flash Drive:This article shows the designing of an ergonomic pen with USB flash drive.
  33. Push Button LED :Snap circuits makes electronics fun.These circuits are easy to built.Here is a simple snap circuit that switches on the leds when button is pressed.
  34. Button controlled Launcher:This article shows a snap circuit that launches a fan when a button is pressed.
  35. Electronic Wind DIY Pin Wheel:Here a pinwheel is controlled using Arduino. When a button is pressed pinwheel starts rotating.This entertains your children.
  36. Transformer’s Baby – Arduino Avoiding Obstacle Robot:Here an obstacle avoidance robot is shown using Arduino. A distance sensor is used to avoid obstacles in its path.
  37. Drawdio!:Drawdio is a pencil that lets you draw with music. This uses a musical synthesizer that uses conductive properties of graphite to create different sounds.