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The 5 Best Solar Gate Openers 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are looking for an economical option to automate your gates, then solar gate openers are the right investment. Once installed, you don’t have to get down of the car every time to open and close the gate, especially on cold winters and rainy days.

These solar-powered automatic gate openers are easy to install, affordable, versatile, safer, eco-friendly, less fuss, last longer, have more control over motion and timing, and are easy to operate that making your life easier. They consist of various components like solar panels, solar inverters, batteries or generators, and proper wiring to make them operate effectively. Unlike electric-powered automatic gate openers, the solar gate openers can work to open/close the gate at any time, irrespective of a power outage or blackout, or power connection distance.

They are available with different weight capacities, types, and control options, which makes choosing the correct option a bit difficult task. We suggest you check the following key factors before investing in the solar gate opener to grab the best option.

  • Load Capacity or Weight Rating: They come with different weight/load capacities, which measure the weight and length an opener can handle. A low load capacity opener is enough for lighter or medium weight gates, while a high load-capacity gate opener is perfect for heavyweight gates. Choose them wisely to enjoy a high level of convenience offered by the solar gate openers.
  • Solar Panel Wattage: It determines the power generated from the solar panels by grasping the sunlight. Usually, the openers use either a 10W solar panel or a 20W panel. In case, if you live in colder countries, then prefer to use a model offering multiple panels with higher wattage due to less sunlight exposure.
  • Remote Control Range: It is the most convenient way to operate or control the solar gate openers. Yet you have to check the range to open/close the gate before buying them. The standard range will be 50m, while some models offer a remote control range of around 305m. Choose them as per your convenient operation. To ease you in the selection process, we have done a lot of research and shortlisted some top-notch Solar Gate Openers in the market followed by a detailed Buying Guide. Read on to get an idea of finding the correct option that meets your budget and requirements.

Best Solar Gate Openers List

Solar Gate OpenerCapacity (lbs)WattageRemote Controller RangeWarrantyBuy Now
Ghost Controls Solar Gate Opener90010W304.8 metresLifetimeCheck On Amazon
Mighty Mule Solar Gate Opener55010W--12 monthsCheck On Amazon
TOPENS Solar Gate Opener55050W16 metres1 YearCheck On Amazon
CO-Z  Solar Gate Opener550--40 metres1 yearCheck On Amazon
Topens Solar Gate Opener55020W20 metres12 monthsCheck On Amazon

Best Solar Gate Openers Reviews

1. Ghost Controls  Solar Gate Opener

Ghost Controls TSS1XP Solar Gate Opener Ghost Controls is one of the prominent U.S. brands that offer innovative and efficient solar gate openers that can open/close heavy-weight gates. The TSS1XP solar gate opener retains most of the typical features of the brand such as DIY installation, SafeForce feature, and lifetime warranty. The solar gate opener is powerful enough to open a gate that is up to 20 inches wide and weighing up to 900 pounds. It comes with a remote that has 3 buttons. Using this remote, you can control 3 gates. You can control them within a range of 1,000 feet. It comes with the brand’s patent-pending SafeForce and GhostCode technology. The SalesForce technology limits the force at which the gate will open to protect the gate from damage. The GhostCode technology allows only authorized remote transmitters and sensor systems to control your gate. It protects your automatic system from hacks and breaches. The controller runs on a 12-volt battery. You do not need any professional expertise to install this system. You can install it yourself with the help of tube gate brackets that come with the kit. You have to clamp the tube brackets to your gate and fit the controller to the bracket. One of the best things about this product is that it comes with a lifetime assurance. In fact, the brand provides lifetime assurance to most of its products. However, the lifetime assurance is only applicable for motor and gearbox.

Best Features:

  • 1 x 10-watt solar panel
  • 1 x 3 Button remote
  • 1 x Tube gate brackets set
  • 1 x Control box


  • Can control gates with weights of up to 900 pounds
  • Good range of 1000 feet
  • SafeForce feature to control gate force
  • GhostCode feature to protect the system from hacks and breaches
  • Remote is simple to use and can control up to 3 gates
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Lifetime warranty on motor and gearbox


  • No waterproof or dust resistant feature

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2. Mighty Mule Solar Gate Opener 

Mighty Mule Solar Gate OpenerMighty Mule MM371W Automatic Gate Opener is a strong and versatile solution that works well with different types of gates, like chain link and wood. It can handle gates up to 16 feet long, excluding solid surface gates. The easy-to-use design makes installing it simple. It can use solar power, making it eco-friendly. You need to add the FM123 solar panel for charging the battery.

This gate opener works well in all kinds of weather, from cold (-5ºF) to very hot (160ºF), ensuring it stays reliable throughout the year. This gate opener is designed in California and crafted with quality in North America. It comes with gate opener, remote, control box, hardware and access to helpful tech support. The gate opener is compatible with a 12V marine or automotive gate opener battery (FM150, sold separately). It comes with 1 year warranty.

Best Features:

  • Includes swing gate opener, hinges, remote, and control box for hassle-free installation.
  • Functions smoothly in temperatures from -5ºF to 160ºF.
  • Suitable for chain link and wood gates.
  • Voltage of 12 Volts
  • Upgrade options for wireless connectivity and solar power.
  • UL325 certification and beep warnings for obstacle detection.


  • Easy installation with BILT App guidance.
  • Remote-controlled smart features.
  • Solar capability for eco-friendly operation.
  • Versatile compatibility with different gate types.
  • Reliable operation in diverse weather conditions.


  • Battery (FM150) and additional kits sold separately.

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3. TOPENS Solar Gate Opener 

TOPENS Solar Gate OpenerTOPENS PW502 is a Dual Swing Gate Opener that is easy to use and reliable, giving you convenience. This opener works with gates up to 16ft long. It runs with its 24VDC 50W motor, making 50 dB of noise for a peaceful atmosphere. It has 0.07 horsepower. The battery in this device is a type called “Lithium Metal.”

It also has a gentle start and stop feature for added safety. It works with different types of gates like steel, wood, vinyl, panel, tube and chain-link. It can be plugged in (AC powered), use the sun (solar compatible with a 20W solar panel you can add), or rely on a backup battery (24V 12Ah) when needed. The package includes two M12 remote controls for added convenience. It comes with 1 year warranty.   

Best Features:

  • Handles gates up to 16ft, 550lbs each.
  • Ultra-quiet motor (50dB) for a peaceful experience.
  • It runs with its 24VDC 50W motor.
  • Multiple safety features, including automatic reverse and soft start/stop.
  • DIY-friendly installation with a straightforward user manual.
  • Works with various dual swing gate materials.


  • Versatile gate compatibility.
  • Options for pull-to-open and push-to-open.
  • AC, solar compatible, and battery backup.
  • Comes with two M12 remote controls.
  • Excellent customer support and warranty.


  • Not holding up well

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4. CO-Z  Solar Gate Opener 

CO-Z  Solar Gate OpenerCO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Opener is a modern solution that handles gates weighing up to 40 ft. long. This opener has built strong with good-quality steel and has a tough ABS cover, bringing together durability and advanced technology for excellent performance. It has a strong 550W electric motor that makes the gate move quickly and smoothly at a speed of 42 ft. per minute, ensuring fast and efficient operation.

This gate opener is all about making things easy and secure. The infrared sensor ensures automatic closing and obstacle detection, enhancing safety and reliability. It also has extra features, like working with solar panels and driveway alarms. This makes it a complete solution for all your gate automation needs. It also comes with 1 year warranty.

Best Features:

  • Handles gates up to 40 ft. long.
  • High-quality steel construction with ABS cover.
  • It Has strong 550W electric motor
  • Comes with two remote controls (supports up to 25).
  • It works from up to 100 feet away
  • Infrared sensor for automatic closing and obstacle detection.
  • Frequency encryption technology for secure access.
  • Solar panel kit and driveway alarm compatibility.


  • Swift and efficient gate movement at 42 ft. per minute.
  • 100 feet remote control range.
  • Additional features for customization and enhanced security.
  • Compact design and reasonable weight for practical use.


  • Some users may find the initial setup challenging.

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5. Topens  Solar Gate Opener

Topens AD5S Dual Swing Solar Gate Opener Topens leverages technology to develop reliable and high-quality automatic gate openers. Topens has developed this solar gate opener to control medium duty gates. By installing this gate opener, you can open or close gates that are 16 feet long and weigh up to 550 pounds. You can use this for all types of dual swing gates and driveway gates. The controller has two 24V DC motors that consume less power. The AD5S solar gate opener runs on a 24V battery. Its components are made of durable materials. Its arms are made of die-casting aluminum to have a long operating life. Besides, the control box has waterproof features. Topens has equipped this automatic gate opener with some advanced features. While closing the gate, the gate opener automatically senses if there is any obstruction. It stops the motion of the gate and opens it again. The solar gate opener also has an adjustable auto-close time feature. You can set a time between 3 to 120 seconds and it will close the gate based on the pre-set time. Besides, it has some other features such as microchip rolling code for the remote controller, adjustable stall force, and maximum motor running time of 40 seconds. The solar gate opener has multiple control options. It comes with an M12 remote control, ET24 gate lock, and a TKP3 wireless keypad. You can use any of the devices to operate your gate. Furthermore, it has a manual release key to operate the gate in case of a power outage. While installing the system, you can either opt for a pull-to-open or push-to-open mechanism. The kit comes with enough accessories and tools to install the gate opener yourself. You do not have to use welding or high-voltage electricity to install the system. The solar gate opener comes with a 12-month warranty. Additionally, you can return for a full refund or exchange it within 30 days. The brand provides reliable and friendly customer service to help you out.

Best Features:

  • 2 x 20W monocrystalline solar panel
  • 1 x Waterproof control box
  • 1 x Control board
  • 2 x Die-casting aluminum arms
  • 1 x TS24-U adapter
  • 2 x M12 remote control
  • 1 x 25ft extension conductor cable
  • 1 x Manual release key
  • 1 x Post pivot bracket
  • 1 x PSO part bracket
  • 1 x Rust-proof mounting hardware


  • Suitable for dual swing gates and driveway gates
  • Adjustable auto-close time and stall force
  • Soft start and soft stop feature
  • Three gate control options
  • Manual release key
  • Two installation options – pull-to-open and push-to-open
  • IP44 Waterproof feature
  • Simple installation – comes with installation manual and necessary hardware


  • Warranty of only 12 months
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty gates

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Buying Guide For The Best Solar Gate Openers

Eliminate the need to open or close the gates manually at any time with these solar-powered gate openers. This guide includes all the information about these gate openers like their types, things to consider, how it works, how to install them, pros and cons, and some FAQs. Go through this guide to get a clear idea of how to choose the best option according to your needs.

Types of Gate Openers

There are different variants available for the solar gate openers and you should know about these basic types for selecting the right option as per your requirement.

  • Single Swing Gate Openers: This type of opener is used to operate a single gate requiring more swing distance. They need less hardware to perform a single automatic opener.
  • Dual Swing Gate Openers: If looking for double gates to have a wider driveway opening, then this type of opener is ideal. A separate motor is required to handle every gate leaf.
  • Single Slide Gate Openers:  With its linear motion, the opener can control the slide gates and follow a fixed path. This is an ideal option to arrange in places with less space (best space saver).
  • Dual Slide Gate Openers: They have two leaves that slide freely along the fixed tracks. With its distinct elements, a dual slide gate opener will control both leaves at once. You have to choose a suitable gate opener based on the driveway width and space.

Things To Consider When Purchasing a Solar Gate Opener

The above product reviews would have given you a good idea of some of the best solar gate openers. Below are some of the features that improve your convenience and increase product longevity. Let’s take a look at the some must to consider key factors while shopping for a solar gate opener.

1. Load Capacity (or) Weight Rating

The load capacity is an essential feature to consider while assessing the solar gate opener. Manufacturers design boundaries for a proper and safe operation of linear actuators primarily related to weight and length. Here, the linear actuator comes with an integrated DC motor having a maximum torque capacity. The motor’s mechanical torque offers limited configuration and exceeds the capacity to open the gate won’t let proper operation. Based on the handling capacity of weight and lengths, these solar gate openers are divided into light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty. Compare these specifications of the gate and ensure that the gate opener you choose should have the capacity to handle the weight or length of the gate. The capacity is related to either maximum weight or maximum length, yet not the combination of them (why because the gate won’t have the maximum length and maximum weight at a time). Check online to get a clear idea of variations between weights and lengths.

2. Power Sources

Solar gate openers run with the power of solar energy. Yet it is advisable to check various models and select an option that runs on different power sources. So, you can use the solar gate opener irrespective of weather conditions like during evenings, cloudy days, winters, or rainy days. Here you can find models that are either powered with battery back-ups or electricity apart from solar power.

3. Solar Panel Efficiency

The panel capacity and power production rate will determine the efficiency of the solar panel. This means it should produce more power within less time. In general, solar gate openers use either a 10W solar panel or a 20W solar panel. Some models use multiple solar panels to enhance their efficiency. This is especially useful for people living in areas where the sunlight exposure is less (colder countries). Hence, multiple high-wattage solar panels will help in observing much more sunlight and help these solar-powered gate openers to work efficiently.

4. Control Options

The user can control this solar-powered gate with any of these three options – remote controller, code lock, and manual key.

  • Remote Controller: It is a most preferred and convenient option, in which some controllers let you control multiple gates. The remote control range is the vital thing to consider before buying the model working with this control option. Usually, the standard range of this controller will be 50m, whilst some models with Ghost Controls TSS1XP’s remote control offer a 305m range.
  • Code Lock: It is not a convenient control option, as you have to get down from the car and enter the code to open the gate. However, a handy option to use whenever you lost or misplaced the remote controller, and the best option to use for security purposes.
  • Manual Key: The least considered control option, where you need to press the key installed near the gate to open and close the gate. Even though it is not a technically savvy option, it comes in handy if there is no power in the system.

5. Battery

The battery will determine the frequency of using the gate. If you want to open the gate most frequently, then you need a battery for its proper operation. Also, it offers longer life to survive constant use. A deep cycle battery will perfectly operate this automatic solar-powered gate opener. Mostly, these run with a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. If these batteries are not available, then you can go with either RV, AGM, or Marine batteries. Always remember that your first choice will be a Li-ion battery only because it lasts for a longer time.

6. Quality Controller

Use a high-quality controller board for easy and efficient working of the solar gate opener. This will enhance the output of the solar panel. Furthermore, this good controller board influences the performance of the keypads and other components of the solar gate opener and makes it work efficiently.

7. Ease of Installation

An easy-to-install solar gate opener device with less or no maintenance is always the most preferred option. If you are interested in installing the device all by yourself, then go with a solar-powered automatic gate opener that offers DIY easy installation, especially having handy tools around. In case, if you are not good at installing these things, then you choose a model that is installed with professional assistance at an extra cost.

8. Energy Management

Energy management is a crucial feature that determines how well the gate opener manages the solar energy and operates efficiently. Ensure that your gate will deliver the correct amount of power, and has to consume less energy to extend the lifespan of the gate.

9. Water Resistance

Since these gate openers are mostly used outdoors, you have to seek out the model offering the best water resistance (waterproof). This will prevent any restrictions in its work, even if it is rainy or snowy. Moreover, they come with an IP66-rated design with water, corrosion, and dust-resistance features. While some models have IP44 resistance standards.

10. Temperature Range

Based on the climate or weather condition in the area you are living, you have to choose the model that works perfectly in any of those conditions. Most manufacturers designed their gate opener models in such a way to work outdoors perfectly in any type of weather. It is advisable to seek out the models that perform even better in severe weather conditions to maximize their lifespan.

11. Security and Safety Features

It is quite common that pets or kids unknowingly play with the gates. If you worry about them, then go with a model offering obstacle detection to keep them safe. Here, this type of opener comprises an infrared photo beam that easily detects any obstacles/objects and thereby won’t let them hit the gate. With its receiver and sender module, this feature is an overall safety perception. It is advisable to choose the model providing an additional mechanical lock system for extra security purposes, Along with this, ensure that your model has an emergency release key to close or open the gate, in case of any power failure. Furthermore, there are a lot of safety and security features available in the contemporary solar-powered gate openers, which adds an extra layer of protection and removes possible risks like hacking. So, choose this type of gate opener to enjoy safe and secure life in the long run.

12. Size

Check the overall dimensions, compactness, and the size of the solar gate opener before making its purchase, because it ensures that the opener won’t obstruct the gate design. This will help you to install and mount the well-suited opener easily on your gates for its proper functioning.

13. Loop Detectors

These function like metal detectors that are placed under the gate to sense the metals. Then it sends signals to the operating board to determine whether to open or close the gate. In general, there are different types of loop detectors available for this solar gate opener. Among them, exit and safety loops are the most crucial ones. Here the safety loops sense the objects hindering the driveway, whilst exit loops detect the vehicles leaving the home. Thus, it let you stay safe, protected, and secure inside the home.

14. Auto-Close

Choosing a solar gate opener with this auto-close inbuilt feature will make you free from closing the gate after entering the property without wasting your time. All you need is to set some time to close the gate automatically within this predetermined time period.

15. Quick Close

It is another excellent feature of solar gate openers, which lets you quickly close the gate to maximize the security of the place. The gate gets closed instantly after your vehicle enters the premises to save your home or property from burglars or outsiders.

16. Motion Arrest

This feature helps the gate to open and close slowly. If the gate opens or closes fast, there is a chance of damage to the gate. Some openers come with sensor systems to detect obstructions while closing the gate. If there is any obstruction, the gate will not close.

17. Extra Features

Some extra features you have to consider for making a better buying decision. Usually, the opener kits and accessories vary from one model to another. Some models include batteries, and 2 – 3 remote controls, while other models let you separately purchase the battery and might come with a single remote control. Also, some models offer cables and mounting brackets for easy installation. Even though you can purchase every component separately, yet it becomes easy when you have everything required in a single kit.

18. Solar Panel Power

A powerful motor with a powerful solar panel is always the perfect match to make your gate opener function properly. You have to choose the model whose panel power has to match the requirements of the motor. Most models are designed with this concept for the optimum working of the opener. In case, if the manufacturer won’t include it in the particular opener kit, then go with the manufacturer-recommended panel in the manual.

19. Durable Material

The solar gate openers should be made from durable materials to withstand any harsh climate like heavy rain, hot sun, hailstorm, or other tough weather conditions. We suggest you choose a solar gate opener model that is made from 202 stainless steel. This material is strong, durable, and offers a natural resistance against corrosion.

20. Price

To make a proper cost-effective buying option, we suggest you compare the required features and your budget range. Then select the right solar gate opener with those significant features. Though these are not at all expensive, you need to spend money that ranges from $250 – $1500, based on different features, and the warranty they offer.

21. Warranty

Since these are outdoor devices, the warranty is an important factor to consider before buying these gate openers. This will determine their durability, reliability, and longevity. Most manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty, whilst some others offer a lifetime warranty on their products. Also, we suggest you check the online reviews and ratings along with the customer service provided by the manufacturer. These solar gadgets require some technical support to clarify the user’s queries and solve their problem with their operation.

How Does This Solar-Powered Gate Opener Work?

You can operate (open/close) any type of gate automatically with this solar gate opener. This is often used for swinging and sliding gates with the help of solar power. In general, there are 4 components available in the solar gate openers – control box, actuator ram, solar panels, and solar battery. Here is a detailed explanation of how this opener works…

  • Control Box: A durable hard plastic that is installed on the gate, and works like the human brain. It consists of the battery, power pack, motherboard, and receiver. It receives the signals sent by the keypad, the sensor device, or the remote control. Then it sends the signals to appropriate devices within the system and thereby controls the operation properly.
  • Actuator Ram: Irrespective of opening or closing the gate, the ram is used to secure the gate in its place. It is made of durable stainless steel with excellent grit, water, and corrosion resistance. In some cases, the rubber seal is tied with a powder-coated metal component.
  • Solar Panels: With the photovoltaic cells integrated into the system, the solar panels are the main thing to collect and convert solar energy into electricity/power. You have to connect the panels to the control box via wires to power the system.
  • Solar Battery: A 12V standard DC battery is used by the solar-powered gate openers to store the excess power/electricity. The solar gate opener uses the battery to work in the winter, on cloudy days, or in the evenings.

How Do We Install This Solar Gate Opener?

Here is the list of the following equipment required for the proper installation of the solar gate opener. Take a look at them…

  • Wrenches
  • Solar panel
  • Gate opener kit
  • Mounting brackets
  • Power drill
  • Level
  • Tape
  • Pliers
  • Wiring tools

The solar gate opener offers full user manuals with detailed instructions on its proper installation. Here is the general installation procedure….

  • Gather all those tools and supplies like wrenches, screwdrivers, or other handy tools along with the safety equipment. Also, use protective work hand gloves and eyewear.
  • You should exactly know where to place this opener for easy access to the opener position. It has to be positioned inside the fence line, or near the gate’s center line.
  • Mount properly to assemble the post bracket and then go with the installation of opener arm.
  • Now it’s time to install the stop plates mounted at the closed position, and then its control box.
  • Connect the power cable, battery wires, and also connect all these to the solar panel.
  • Now, place the battery on the remote along with the solar-powered opener for its proper working.
  • Finally, do various tests to check and verify that all are properly allied and working to open/close the gate automatically.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Solar Gate Opener

As a buyer and user, you should know the benefits and drawbacks of the solar gate opener before making its purchase. This will let you know whether the particular product meets your requirements, and thereby helps you in making the right buying decision. Here is a detailed explanation of a set of pros and cons of solar gate openers.


  • Economical – Being run with solar power (free of cost), the solar gate openers are an affordable and cheaper option than electrical gate openers, which rely on electricity. Therefore, you can save your electrical bills and operational costs. Also, the openers let you free from going off the grid.
  • Eco-Friendly – Regular gate openers run on either electricity or burning fossil fuels, which create a negative effect on the environment. Yet the solar gate openers use solar energy, which is a clean, and renewable energy source. So, solar-powered gate openers have a positive impact on the environment. They reduce the ecological footprint in the world.
  • Security Purpose – There are various security features available in most premium solar gate opener models. The use of these models will maximize the overall security and protection of your property.
  • Convenient – The solar gate openers are a safe and convenient option for those who are lazy, disabled, elderly, or have joint problems.
  • Perfect for Remote or Big Properties – If having long driveways, large properties, or living in remote areas, then solar gate openers are an ideal option. Since they work with sunlight, the gate openers will prevent the installation of extra power lines or new wires to operate the gate opener. Also, you won’t have to worry about the blackout or power outage, as it will work at any time using solar heat.
  • Safer Option These solar gate openers are the best option to use in homes having children and pets. You don’t have to worry about the electrical hazards, which are commonly faced while using the electric gate openers.


  • Relies on the Sun – Usually, these openers are reliant on solar energy, which won’t perform well, especially during cloudy or winter seasons, when there is no adequate sunlight to charge the panel. So, it’s not suggested to use in colder climate areas.
  • Limited Use – The number of times the gate opens is based on the amount of solar energy the gate opener is charged with. Cloudy days will result in a limited number of opening and closing cycles.

Tips To Reduce Regular Wear and Damage on the Gate Opener

As a part of regular maintenance to the solar gate opener, we suggest you follow these tips that are quite useful to enhance its durability and longevity.

1. Keep the Gate Opener Clean 

The pull and push tubes of the opener have to be kept clean and lubricated to enhance its performance. Clean them once every two months with the help of silicon spray and a soft, clean cloth. Also, clear the accumulated snow close to the gates, as this snow will add extra torque demanding higher effort for the DC motor. So, maintain a clear path for an easy to open/close the gate during winter. Don’t forget to clean the solar panel to remove the snow, dust, or bird droppings on the module’s surface to reduce the performance. PV modules are small, and the effect of soiling over is more vital than regular size models. Check and clean them regularly with soft cloth and water.

2. Buy a Battery Box 

Use a 12V, automotive lead-acid battery model for your gate openers, yet the user has to be careful that lead acids and toxic gases might come out of the battery, and damage the wires or control boards that are close to the battery. So, some manufacturers design models like Ghost Controls ABBT2 battery box kits, separated from the control board. If the configuration won’t allow it, then periodic maintenance is a must to the terminals of the battery and replace them every 4 – 5 years.

3. Keep the Bugs Out 

Solar gates are located in wide opened areas like farm gates. Usually, slugs, snails, and spider webs produce a moist environment damaging the circuitry and other electrical components. For this, use insect repellents and purchase products that keep moisture out of the control box.

Solar Gate Openers – FAQs

1. What is the maximum lifespan of the gate openers?

Ans: It is a must to know how long the solar gate opener last before you plan to buy and use them. In general, a branded solar gate opener model can easily last for an average of 10 years. If taken proper care and regular maintenance, then you can extend its working life for another 2 years, which means a total of 12 years. So, it’s better to do proper maintenance and repairs for its prolonged lifespan.

2. What is the apt size of solar panel do I have to use for gate openers?

Ans: Your gate type (single or dual) will determine the capacity of the solar panel you need to use for the proper functioning of the gate opener. The panel’s sizes will vary according to the power capacity, which means the battery capacity of the gate opener and the wattage of the solar panel are interrelated. For instance, a solar panel of 5W to 10W is required to operate a single or one-swing gate. Whilst a solar panel with a charging power of 10W to 30W (based on the gate’s weight) is needed to operate dual swing gates.

3. Is it worthwhile to invest in a solar gate opener?

Ans: A solar gate opener is the best investment to secure your property and a convenient option for drivers who enter and exit without getting out of the car, especially in inclement weather. Some models offer to lock mechanisms to prevent the access or entry of unwanted visitors and buglers. Furthermore, a solar gate opener will add extra value that attracts potential buyers when you want to sell your property.

4. Shall we use a solar panel to operate a non-solar gate opener?

Ans: Usually, any gate opener is well-matched and works with solar power. Yet require various components for its installation and has to spend extra money for installing a standard gate opener that runs using solar power. So, if you can afford this extra investment then go with using a solar panel to operate the non-solar gate opener.

5. Do the solar gate openers work in the winter?

Ans: Yes, these openers work well even in the winter season. The sun-light receiving gate location is the main thing to consider. However, sunlight is limited in the winters, and thereby the openers use charged batteries to operate during this season.

6. Are solar gate openers any good?

Ans: Solar gate openers are ideal if you live in a remote area or if you experience frequent power cuts. They rely on solar power to control the gate. Besides, there is no maintenance and installation is also simple.

7. Can solar gate openers open all gates?

Ans: Yes and no. It depends on the specifications of the solar gate opener. A solar gate opener that has a high load-capacity or weight rating can operate most gates. Besides, some solar gate openers are best suited for dual swing gates.

8. How to install a solar gate opener?  

Ans: Installing a solar gate opener depends on one brand to another and also the specific model. But, it is simple and easy to install them. Each model will come with a detailed installation manual. Follow the instruction to install the solar gate openers.

9. Why does my automatic gate open by itself?

Ans: The primary reason for your automatic gate to open by itself is a defective controller. If you face this issue, never troubleshoot it by yourself. Contact the brand if the product is still in warranty. Or, seek other professional assistance.

10. Can you override automatic gates?

Ans: If you have lost your remote controller or there is no power in the system, you can override the system by using the manual key. The manual key will allow you to open or close the gate. It is usually located near the controller.


Considering the performance, features, and customer satisfaction, the top three recommended solar gate openers are as follows:

  • When you choose the right solar gate opener based on the weight and dimensions of your gate, it will definitely serve its purpose. If you want a heavy-duty solar gate opener with advanced features, purchase the Ghost Controls  solar gate opener. It can operate up to 900-pound gates and has a limited lifetime warranty. But it has no water and corrosion-resistant features.
  • If you reside in a place of harsh weather conditions and want a solar gate opener with water and corrosion-resistant features, go with our TOPENS Solar Gate Opener. It is made of 202 stainless steel and has IP44 water and corrosion-resistant features.

If you still face any difficulties in choosing the ideal solar gate opener to meet your needs, let us know using the comments section. My team will help you out. You can also share your thoughts and opinions in the comments box.

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