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6 Best Solar Generators for Refrigerators Reviews

Solar generators are convenient and eco-friendly options for charging your devices, whether you’re camping or preparing for emergencies. They come in various types, including those powered by fuel, battery, or solar energy. Among these, solar generators are popular for outdoor activities. If you’re considering buying one for a weekend getaway, here are some key factors to consider.

  • Wattage: Look for a generator with a high wattage to ensure it can handle your power needs, especially for high-demand appliances like refrigerators. Choosing a model with the highest wattage within your budget is wise to guarantee it can power multiple devices at once.
  • Voltage: Consider the types of devices you’ll need to power. Generators offer various outlets with specific voltage ratings, so it’s crucial to select one that accommodates your devices. For appliances requiring high voltage, ensure the generator has appropriate ports available.

To pick the best solar generator and see our top picks, make sure to read our “Buying Guide” and reviews. This will help you choose the right one that matches your needs and preferences.

Best Solar Generators for Refrigerators List

Solar Generator for RefrigeratorVoltageWattageWarrantyBuy Now
Jackery Solar Generator For Refrigerator110 Volts1000 Watts2 yearsCheck On Amazon
BLUETTI Solar Generator For Refrigerator120 Volts600 Watts---Check On Amazon
EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator For Refrigerator 100 - 120 Volts3300 Watts2 yearsCheck On Amazon
ALLWEI Solar Generator For Refrigerator110 Volts600 Watts5 years Check On Amazon
GRECELL Solar Generator For Refrigerator110 Volts600 Watts---Check On Amazon
OUKITEL Solar Generator For Refrigerator110 Volts2000 Watts5 years Check On Amazon

Best Solar Generators for Refrigerators Reviews

1. Jackery Solar Generator For Refrigerator

Jackery Portable Solar Generator

Starting off our picks, we have one of the most popular brands in the market known for their power stations and solar panels. The following portable power station from Jackery is also the highest-selling option right now.

Topping our picks for the best solar generator, we have the Jackery Portable Power Station. This is quite a powerful option that comes at a similarly premium price point. It has a 1002 watt-hour capacity with a wattage rating of 1000 watts. You will be able to use the power output via 3 dedicated pure sine wave AC outlets.

Apart from that, the unit also features 2 standard USB Type-C ports and a USB 3.0 quick charge port. To check the status of the battery, you get a mini display on the side of the device. On this display, you can check the battery percentage as well as input and output wattage ratings. Even though the Jackery Portable Power Station is such a powerful device, it is completely noiseless and features a durable build quality on the outside. You also get 2 years of warranty from Jackery on this generator.

Best Features

  • 3 pure sine wave 110 volts AC ports
  • 1000 watts wattage rating
  • 1002 watt-hour solar generator
  • Features 2 Type-C ports and 1 quick charge USB 3.0 port
  • 2 years warranty


  • Pure sine wave AC ports for the safety of connected devices
  • Power capacity is very impressive
  • Dependable build quality


  • Considerably expensive than other options

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2. BLUETTI Solar Generator For Refrigerator

BLUETTI Solar Generator For Refrigerator

A lot of users need a solar generator for basic applications. For that, we are including the following option from BLUETTI as it is the cheapest one you can find in the market.

the BLUETTI EB3A Portable Power Station is a compact powerhouse for all your power needs. With a 600W AC inverter, 268Wh LiFePO4 battery pack, and 9 outlets, it keeps your essential devices running during outages or on the go. Experience the ultra-fast charging with a single cable, reaching 80% state of charge in just 30 minutes.

Tap into solar energy with the built-in MPPT controller, supporting up to 200W of solar input. This reliable UPS safeguards sensitive devices, while 6 recharge options offer flexibility. Control it effortlessly through the BLUETTI App. Enjoy its compact size, fast charging, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Package includes power station, cables, manual, 24-month warranty, and friendly service.

Best Features

  • Powerful performance with 600W AC inverter and 268Wh LiFePO4 battery pack.
  • Ultra-fast charging, reaching 80% in 30 minutes.
  • Solar power compatibility with up to 200W input.
  • Versatile recharging options, including AC, solar, car, and more.
  • Multiple device charging with nine outlets.


  • Compact and portable design.
  • Reliable UPS functionality.
  • User-friendly control through the BLUETTI App.


  • Limited battery capacity for prolonged usage.

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3. EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator For Refrigerator

EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station

ECOFLOW is known for their heavy-duty options for a variety of electronic gadgets. You will find many different choices from ECOFLOW for a power station, each offering high performance as well as reliability.

Coming to the premium range of solar generators, we have the ECOFLOW Portable Power Station DELTA. This is a UPS power supply which can be the only thing you need to power all your electronic devices. There is barely any competition to this generator in terms of power capacity as it has a wattage rating of 1800 watts. On top of that, the surge capacity of the unit is 3300 watts, making it the most powerful solar generator.

Even the battery capacity of the ECOFLOW Portable Power Station DELTA surpasses most of the options in the market with a 1270 Wh rating. It includes 6 AC ports, each offering 1800 watts of power outlet. Even the design of the ECOFLOW Portable Power Station DELTA is suitable for its specifications. It comes with a durable metal casing with 2 fans on the side for cooling. There is also a digital display in the front that will tell you the status of the device. It is backed with 2 years of warranty from Ecoflow which is a bit short for the given specifications.

Best Features

  • 6 pure sine wave AC ports
  • 1800 watts wattage rating
  • 1260 watt-hour battery pack
  • Features 2 USB Type-C ports, 2 standard USB ports and 2 fast-charging ports
  • 2 years warranty


  • Features a handful of AC ports
  • A total of 6 USB ports provided
  • Wattage rating and surge capacity is very high


  • Warranty period should have been longer

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4. ALLWEI Solar Generator For Refrigerator

ALLWEI Solar Generator For Refrigerator

Now that you know some of the premium solar generators in the market, let’s check out another set of budget-focused options. Out of which, the following choice from ALLWEI can be a great selection.

This is the ALLWEI Portable Power Station, the ultimate outdoor power solution. With a massive 280Wh/78000mAh capacity and a peak output of 600W, this power station is your reliable companion for any adventure. It features 2 AC outlets, a car cigarette lighter socket, and multiple DC and USB ports, enabling you to charge up to 9 devices simultaneously, including laptops, smartphones, cameras, and more. It have four convenient ways to recharge this power station.

So ,you can use a 100W solar panel for a quick recharge in 3-4 hours of full sunlight, or simply plug it into an AC wall outlet or a 12V/24V car socket for a recharge time of approximately 5.5-6.5 hours. Safety is paramount with ETL certification and a comprehensive protection system. Stay powered up during emergencies, outdoor adventures, and more!

Best Features

  • High capacity of 280Wh/78000mAh
  • Versatile charging options
  • Multiple power outlets for charging up to 9 devices
  • ETL certified with comprehensive protection system
  • Compact and lightweight design


  • Suitable for outdoor activities and emergencies
  • LCD screen for easy monitoring
  • Built-in LED light with SOS mode
  • Premium lithium-ion batteries


  • Requires separate purchase for optimal solar charging experience

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5. GRECELL Solar Generator For Refrigerator

GRECELL Solar Generator For Refrigerator

Next, we have a portable solar generator from the house of GRECELL, which is a well-known brand of solar power storage products for household usage or off-grid lives that offers reliability and high performance.

the GRECELL 330W/288Wh Portable Power Station is your ultimate power companion for any adventure! With a generous 288Wh capacity and powerful 330W output, this compact device is perfect for camping, emergencies, and outdoor activities. It can effortlessly charge laptops, tablets, phones, lights, fans, and projectors.

Safety is a top priority with the upgraded Battery Management System, offering overload, overcharge, and short-circuit protection. With 8 versatile outputs and rapid charging capabilities, you can simultaneously power up to 8 devices. The built-in MPPT controller ensures efficient solar charging, while the informative LCD display provides real-time power status. Embrace convenience and reliability with the GRECELL 330W/288Wh Portable Power Station!

Best Features

  • High capacity (288Wh) and output (330W) for powering various devices.
  • Upgraded Battery Management System for safety and longevity.
  • Multiple charging options: AC outlet, solar panel, car outlet.
  • Fast charging with USB-C PD 60W and USB-A QC 18W.
  • Versatile outputs for powering up to 8 devices simultaneously.


  • Compact and portable design.
  • Pure sine wave power for sensitive electronics.
  • Informative LCD display for easy monitoring.


  • Limited AC output (one port).

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6. OUKITEL Solar Generator For Refrigerator

OUKITEL Solar Generator For Refrigerator

In the end, we are featuring yet another cheaper alternative for a solar generator from BALDR. The following option offers decent specifications along with a reliable warranty period.

Power your household needs with the OUKITEL P2001 Power Station. It offers a high power output of 2000 Watts and a large capacity of 2000Wh, allowing you to run appliances like air conditioners and washing machines during unexpected power outages. The P2001 features a long-lasting lifespan with a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, providing a 5-year warranty and 3500 life cycles to 70% capacity. It doubles as a UPS, safeguarding your computers and devices during power fluctuations.

With a swift 1.8-hour charging time using its 2000W bi-directional inverter, it keeps you powered up. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with solar panels, enabling eco-friendly energy utilization. Trust the P2001 for robust, long-lasting performance.

Best Features

  • High power output (2000 Watts)
  • Large capacity (2000Wh)
  • Long lifespan with LiFePO4 battery
  • UPS function for device protection
  • Fast charging (1.8 hours)
  • Solar panel compatibility
  • Portable and versatile


  • Ample power for appliances
  • Long-lasting battery with warranty
  • Eco-friendly solar panel integration
  • Reliable backup power source


  • High power output may not be necessary for everyone

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Buying Guide For The Best Solar Generator for Refrigerator

Buying a generator is definitely not an easy task since it is not a general-purpose device, nor is it available at a cheap price tag. Thus, a lot of thought should be put into making your selection if you are investing in a decent solar generator for your refrigerator. On our list today, you will find the best and most popular solar generators in the market that offer the best value for the money.

If you wish to know more about how we selected this particular set of generators, make sure you check out our buying guide for the best solar generators. In this guide, we will talk about the most important features of the solar generators that you need to check before you place your order. You can also find answers to some of the most common doubts about solar generators in our FAQ section.

1. Wattage

When considering the best solar generators for refrigerators, wattage plays a crucial role. Refrigerators typically have varying power requirements, and it’s essential to ensure that the solar generator you choose can meet these demands. Assess the wattage requirements of your refrigerator, typically found on the appliance’s label or manual.  

2. Voltage Rating

Voltage compatibility is another critical factor to consider when selecting a solar generator for your refrigerator. Most refrigerators operate on standard household voltages, typically 120V in the United States. Ensure that the solar generator you choose provides the required voltage output to power your refrigerator safely and efficiently. Additionally, some generators offer multiple voltage options, providing versatility for powering other appliances or devices simultaneously.

3. Battery Capacity

The battery capacity of a solar generator directly influences its ability to power your refrigerator when sunlight is unavailable. Opt for a solar generator with ample battery capacity to sustain your refrigerator’s operation through periods of low sunlight or during the night. Consider factors such as the size of your refrigerator, its energy efficiency, and the duration you intend to rely on solar power alone. A higher battery capacity ensures extended runtime and enhances the overall reliability of your solar generator system.

4. Number of Ports

The number of ports on a solar generator determines its versatility and compatibility with other devices or appliances. Beyond powering your refrigerator, you may have additional electronics or gadgets that require charging or power during emergencies or outdoor activities. Evaluate the number and types of ports available on the solar generator to accommodate your various needs effectively. Look for a balance between AC outlets, DC ports, USB ports, and other connectivity options based on your requirements.

5. Reliability

Reliability is paramount when selecting a solar generator, especially for powering essential appliances like refrigerators. Assess the build quality, durability, and performance reputation of different models before making a decision. Look for solar generators constructed from high-quality materials and equipped with robust internal components to withstand challenging conditions and prolonged use.

6. Warranty

A comprehensive warranty provides added assurance and protection for your investment in a solar generator. Prioritize models that come with extended warranty coverage, covering both the generator unit and its components. A warranty not only safeguards against manufacturing defects but also offers peace of mind regarding potential malfunctions or breakdowns during regular use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a solar generator require adapter cables?

Ans: Solar generators can be used to power a lot of electronic devices. In fact, you can power almost everything that requires a standard AC wall outlet. As there are already dedicated AC as well as DC outlet ports so that you can power almost all of your electronic gadgets without needing any adapters.
With that being said, you might need an adapter to charge the generator itself, especially if you are charging it from a 12 volts wall outlet. In a lot of cases, the generator comes with the adapter needed to charge it, making it ready to use right after unboxing.

2. Is fuel generator better than solar?

Ans: You may already know the working of a solar panel if you own any solar-based gadgets, or have used a solar panel before. And with that, you might also know that solar panels are quite slow in terms of power output, especially when compared to the standard wall outlet supply. But, they still offer you clean energy and you can charge your generator almost anywhere, given that there is ample amount of sunlight.
On the other hand, fuel generators rely on external fuel to generate energy. Thus, you will always have to travel with a few extra gallons when you are planning to use the generator on long trips. While the fuel generator will definitely offer you an instant power supply, it also emits residue gases that are certainly harmful to the environment as well as for your health.

3. What can I power with the solar generator?

Ans: A solar generator is an excellent choice for outdoor trips and camping sessions. Almost all types of electrical camping equipment as well as RV accessories can be powered by a solar generator. Our selection of the best solar generators includes the best candidates that can be used to power a portable refrigerator which is essential for outdoor journeys. However, you still need to check the power requirement of the devices that you are going to power with the solar generator and ensure their compatibility before you buy a unit for yourself.


We hope our list of the best solar generators for refrigerators has helped you find the right product. If you want us to simplify, the below are our top three picks you can consider:

  • The EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator stands out for its impressive power capacity of 1260 watt hours and 1800 watts output, with a peak capacity of 3300 watts. Its durable build and large digital display enhance its appeal.
  • For a more budget-friendly option, consider the BLUETTI Solar Generator. Despite its lower price, it offers a respectable battery capacity of 268Wh and 600 watts output, with a peak capacity of 350 watts.

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  1. I bought Jackery as a backup just in case of an influence outage. If this power failure is within the winter, I attempt to use that to power my caravan. The trailer contains a propane stove. The oven was turned on about 3 times an hour, running for about 5 minutes whenever. I also ran the trailer radio, a WIFI repeater, and a 110v 32″ TV. After 4 hours of using the ability Station, it absolutely was a touch but 50% charged. I’m content with the actual fact that the ability plant and trailer battery should get me through the night, provided the skin temperature doesn’t rise above 10 or 15 degrees below zero.

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