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Best SAT Prep Courses

Want to get admission to the top colleges and universities in the US? SAT is a standardized entrance exam for the college and university admission process in the United States. Colleges and universities assess students based on SAT scores. The higher the SAT score, the higher the chance of a student getting into a top college or university in the US. In fact, SAT scores can help students get merit-based scholarships to study abroad.

In order to get a high SAT score, the most common way that every student follows is to enrol in SAT prep course. You will come across loads of SAT prep courses online and it is going to be really difficult to shortlist and choose a particular SAT prep course that can meet your expectations. That is why we have handpicked the best SAT Prep Courses that clearly stand out and meet all your requirements.

What is SAT?

SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test. It is an entrance exam that is organized by College Board and recognized by top colleges and universities in the United States. It is a completely multiple choice question-based exam and the exam aims to assess the skills of the students who are aspiring to seek admission to top colleges and universities abroad in the undergraduate courses. The exam assesses the student’s mathematical skills, reading skills, and writing skills primarily to find out if the student is ready for college admission.

Best SAT Prep Courses

Here is the list of the best SAT Prep Courses you can enrol into depending on your budget, requirements, and expectations.

1. Kaplan

Kalpan is a well-balanced platform for SAT preparation. There is a wide range of courses available for students to prepare for SAT. There are options for online classes as well as classes in person. There are unlimited SAT prep courses available for students who have ample time in hand. For busy students, there are on-demand courses.

A group of teachers conducts real-time online classes and classes are interactive for students to clarify doubts for better clarification. Students get access to lesson videos, study materials, test papers, and much more. You get one week of free trial. There are mainly three types of courses available on Kalpan.

On-Demand Course – Price starting from $199 for those who have limited time.

Live Online Course – Price starting from $699 for those who want to have regular classes.

Unlimited Prep Course – Price starting from $1699 for those who have unlimited time for extensive preparation.

2. PrepScholar


PrepScholar is a popular online platform for SAT prep courses. The courses are kept at an affordable price and the platform has over 100 hours of videos along with 7000 practice questions. The platform also conducts over 10 mock tests for students preparing for SAT. The classes are conducted in real-time as well as on-demand.

The lessons offer in-depth knowledge of concepts and sections in SAT. Weekly progress reports are provided to the parents starting from time spent to lessons completed. There is also an option for one-to-one tutoring if students prefer learning alone and get more attention from the teacher. The price of the courses starts from $399 to $999. You get 5 days of free trial and there is no option for in-person learning.

3. The Princeton Review

The Princeton ReviewThe Princeton Review is one of the most reputed online platforms for students to prepare for SAT. The platform has been there for over 35 years helping students. There are different categories of SAT prep courses and the platform guarantees 1400-1500 SAT score for dedicated and hardworking students. The courses are flexible as per the requirements and availability of the students.

Starting from online courses to in-person courses as well as 24/7 on-demand courses, the platform has everything under one roof. Additionally, there are practice tests and sectional tests available for focused assessments. You can opt for one-to-one tutoring as well as group sessions from an elite team of teachers. There are mainly three types of courses offered.

SAT Essentials – Price starting from $949 for 18 hours of course time.

SAT 1400+ Course – Price starting from $1749 for 36 hours of course time.

SAT 1500+ Course – Price starting from $278 per hour for on-demand classes.

The platform offers full refund if the score does not come as expected in the score guarantee courses.

4. PrepExpert

PrepExpertPrepExpert is the most comprehensive online platform for SAT preparation. Starting from weeks of courses with 200 point improvement guarantee, the platform offers full refund if the score does not come as expected. The courses teach the students different strategies for being successful in the test.

Students can access courses from the app and the tutors are vastly experienced and qualified. Students can interact with teachers in real-time and students can purchase courses to learn at their own pace. There is also an option for private tutoring and the courses start from $399 to $1499.

5. Khan Academy

Khan AcademyIf you are looking for an online study platform for SAT Prep without paying any fee, Khan Academy is for you. It is a non-profitable organization that focuses on helping students achieve their dreams by preparing for competitive exams. SAT prep course from Khan Academy is a self-guided course and students can learn concepts from a wide range of study materials.

You can apply the concept learned through questions and quizzes available. There are free SAT mock tests with answers and explanations. Besides, you can go through the strategies and tips for outsmarting others in the test. There is also an online community available to clarify doubts.

Honorable Mentions 

1. Magoosh 

Magoosh If you prefer self-study, this is the platform for you. The pricing is affordable and there is unlimited study resources available. They also have a mobile app for easy learning. You get a week of free trial. The pricing starts from $129 and the premium guided live course is priced at $399.

2. Testive 

Testive Testive offers personalized support for students preparing for SAT. There are free practice tests available that feel like actual tests. The platform offers a detailed test analysis for students to improve upon every time. There is a consultation option available for preparing an action plan and study plan. The courses start from $99 per month and students can opt for courses as per their requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Can Take the SAT?

Ans: A person who is planning to take admission to top colleges and universities in the US and Canada can take SAT. A student can take SAT in the junior as well as senior year of high school and even freshman year of high school.

2. What Topic Is Covered On SAT?

Ans: SAT tests the student’s basic knowledge that they have learnt throughout elementary, middle, and high school. There are mainly three sections – mathematics, reading, and writing. There is an optional section called essay writing.

3. What Is the Cut-Off To Pass SAT?

Ans: The cut-off in SAT is 400. However, depending on the colleges and universities you are looking to take admission, the cut-off can vary. The maximum mark on SAT is 1600. On average, you should score above 1200 to get admission in US colleges and universities. The average SAT score for Harvard University is 1520 and Stanford University is 1465.

4. Is Online SAT Prep Courses Right for You?

Ans: If you want to avail the best teachers and the best coaching institutes to crack SAT and get a high score, you have to opt for online SAT Prep courses. This is because local institutes do not have a proven record as well as enough experience. Besides, you have the flexibility of timing to attend classes and you can save a lot of time by not travelling but attending online classes.


If you want to crack SAT and get into your dream university, you have to start early and invest your time in studying. The best way is to attend SAT prep courses available online through various reputed platforms. We have handpicked the best ones and you should go through them and opt for the one that you find the most convincing. You can attend free classes before purchasing the courses.

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