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Best Digital Notebook 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

The digital notepad is the new way of saving papers without compromising your creativity. And whether you’re an art enthusiast, a student or even a busy businessman, considering it is indeed a wise decision.  

A quality notepad doesn’t only save you a paper but will unleash your true writing and art potential. The reason behind this is many top-notch digital notebooks provide you with their app as well. 

But unfortunately, there’s a catch. Picking the best fit among so many “claiming to be best” notepads without any prior knowledge is next to impossible. This is why we’re here.

We’ve made a list of some of the  best digital notepads that’ll surely provide you a new healthy way of taking notes or making sketches. 

To distinguish a quality notepad from so many worthy competitors, the big picture you need to have is what’s your need? On top of that, do have a look at these factors for a better insight.

Screen Size

The screen size is always a priority for any electronic device. And here too, having a larger work area will provide you with an amazing experience with the digital notepad. However, the screen size only matters for artists and businessmen only.

If you’re considering a digital notepad for general purpose, the screen size becomes a secondary choice for you.

Stylus or Digital Pen

The stylus of a digital notepad mostly decides your experience with the notepad. This is why it’s important to have an ergonomic stylus. Mostly, a quality notepad will provide you with a stylus with a similar appearance to a pen for easy writing purposes. 

Another thing to note is how sensitive they are. This is an important factor to consider, as a digital pen with more pressure points will provide you with accurate and precise results.

If you’re confused by looking at these factors, don’t worry at all. A detailed buying guide is included later in this article. The guide comprises many factors (including these) to look for while making a purchase.

But now, let us hunt our best writing partner. 

Best Digital Notebook Table

Digital NotebookCompatiblePad forBuy Now
Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook IOS&AndroidPDF, & JPEG via the appCheck On Amazon
Rocketbook Panda Reusable Notebook------Check On Amazon
Amazon Reusable Notebook------Check On Amazon
Moleskine Smart Writing SetIOS, Android---Check On Amazon
Wacom Bamboo Set------Check On Amazon

Best Digital Notebook Reviews

1. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

The first product on our list is from Rocketbook, one of the best brands in this notepad industry. This notebook is an excellent option for those who want to use the notebook for years. Even though, it appears as a traditional notebook, yet designed for digital purposes.

This smart writing set comes with an Everlast dotted paper tablet notebook, Pilot Frixion Pen, and a microfiber towel. This eco-friendly 32 page dotted grid notebook will let you notice small dots everywhere on a page, as these dots sense the pen’s pressure and offer accurate results.

The pages of this Everlast book are made of synthetic materials (space-aged paper with special coating) that let you experience smooth writing with a pilot frixion pen. The working procedure of this book is to write, scan, share, and reuse the page.

You need to download the Rocketbook app and scan those pages. as the app has 7 destination symbols. Transfer your handwritten notes to any of these popular cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, box, OneNote, slack, iCloud, email, and others) using iOS and Android applications automatically. It offers you three ways to send the document – auto send, PDF, and, bundle notes.

Then you can erase the notes, big ideas, or to-do lists to make them reuse again by simply wiping them off with a damp cloth. Its sophisticated AI technology lets you use the smart search, titles, and email to have an easy search of the notes in the Rocketbook.


  • The app connects all cloud services easily (cloud-connected).
  • Aesthetic view
  • Endlessly reusable


  • Not ideal for drawing.

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Rocketbook Panda Reusable Notebook

Rocketbook Panda Reusable NotebookRocketbook Planner is an innovative, reusable planner saves paper and your valuable time and resources. It provides nine different page options, giving you the freedom to plan things your way.

It connects with digital devices and technology. But it is not about convenience; it is a story of taking good care of the environment. It is instead of regular paper planners is a bold move to help the environment. Many people, including students and professionals, use the Planner to stay organized and achieve their goals. It is a tool that is good for the environment, can be personalized, and connects with digital devices.


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Versatile Planning
  • Digital Convenience
  • Cost-effective


  • Initial Cost
  • Need for Mobile Device
  • Learning Curve for Digital Integration

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Amazon Reusable Notebook

Amazon Reusable NotebookKindle Scribe is a different e-reader technology that improves your reading experience. It has a big 10.2-inch screen, the largest on any Kindle, for a better reading experience. The Kindle Scribe is not only for reading; it is like a smart notebook and a good writing tool. It can combine reading and taking notes.

While you are reading your favorite books, you can write notes in the margins to remember your thoughts and ideas. Also, you can bring in and add notes to documents, which helps you work better and stay organized. It lets you read for months without needing to charge it, and if you are using it for writing, it will work for weeks before needing a charge. It’s a device made for people who read a lot and those who like to write. It’s good for both, and it combines reading and taking notes.


  • Ideal for immersive reading.
  • Convenient for readers who like to jot down notes.
  • Extended usage without frequent charging.


  • Might not be as portable as smaller e-readers.
  • Higher cost compared to basic e-readers.
  • Some users may need time to adapt to advanced note-taking features.

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Moleskine is a well-known brand in this industry and manufactures various products related to digital and analog writing.

This smart writing set is the best and latest way to write, draw and share to collaborate. This smart writing set includes Moleskine dotted paper tablet notebook, digital smart pen + Moleskine pen, USB charging cable for smartpen recharging, user manual, and pen tip ink refill.

The small dots on the page will sense the pressure of the pen and provide precise results. However, you can easily purchase another Moleskine notepad after being done with this first notepad at an extra cost.

The digital pen (Pen+) comes in various styles and its finished material is a shiny metal that makes the pen durable and look aesthetic. This whole thing is powered by a built-in battery (Lithium Polymer), where you can charge the pen easily with a Micro USB cable. You can find a LED indicator and power button at the end of the pen to know about its working status. This pen has NCoded technology to capture every stroke. Ensure to charge the pen before you start using it.

To get full access to its power, you have to install Moleskine Notes app on your tablet/smartphone via Google play store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS). This writing app transfers everything you write on the notebook page to the device. It not only does a lot of things from changing font colors, and organizing to editing different media files but also allows you to connect to all the cloud services to store and share your work. It works on both online and offline sync.

Moreover, it let you record audio to sync with the notes to explain and clarify every detail. Then you can save it in PDF and upload them to your Evernote or Google.


  • Aesthetic pen
  • Its app is compatible with both Android and Apple.
  • Record audio to sync the notes.


  • Expensive pricing
  • Compatible only with Moleskine smart notebooks.

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Wacom Digital Notebook

Wacom Bamboo

Are you willing to spend a bit more on a robust and feature-rich digital notepad? Then this Bamboo slate is one such expensive notepad from Wacom with excellent features.

You will get a bamboo slate, notepad, pen with an extra refill, quick start guide, and micro USB cable to charge the pen in the pack. Simply write on the paper with this pen and transform these notes or drawings into digital sharable files by pressing its single button before you turn to the other page. It let you save or organize the work on your Android or iOS devices with a cloud-based Wacom Inkspace app.

The app will help you quickly recover your lost data with a simple search. Since this app is compatible with Android and Apple devices, you can convert the files into PDF, JPG, PNG, or SVG for editing or sharing. Also, it comes with a 1-year warranty that let you use the notepad with peace of mind.


  • Can run Android and Apple apps as well
  • Aesthetic view
  • Long battery life and excellent build quality
  • Ideal to take notes and diagrams.
  • Various options to save files and convert handwritten into text.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Expensive pricing
  • Includes 1024 pressure points

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Digital Notebook

Feeling dizzy after looking at so many worthy competitors? Well, that’s why the buying guide is mentioned below to provide you with complete clearance on what you need to buy. Let’s dive in

1. Screen Size

The foremost thing to consider here would be the screen size of the digital notepad. And here it refers to the working area you’ll get. You can easily have accurate numbers by looking at the product description of a particular digital notepad.

The most ideal screen size for you depends a lot on your needs. In general, if you’re a professional sketch artist or a businessman, the A5 sheet size would be the best pick for you. On the other hand, for notes taking students or for general use, there shouldn’t be much issue. A digital notepad even with a smaller size will work just fine in that case.

2. The Stylus of the Digital Notepad

Your digital notepad might turn out to be a waste without its stylus. Thus, having a quality stylus or digital pen simply means hassle-free sketching or writing process. 

The bottom line for a stylus is, it should be ergonomic in design and look similar to a traditional pen. In this way, you’ll not have to spend time getting familiar with your digital pen. With that being said, this digital pen should also come with a decent amount of pressure sensitivity as well. Anything above 1024 pressure points will be good to go for.

One last thing you should look for is, can you easily replace the ink cartridge on it or not. A quality digital notepad offers you this feature for utmost convenience.

3. Size and Weight

There would be times when you’ll use the digital notepad in different places such as art classes, or office places. Thus, it should weigh less and come in a decent size to provide you with utmost carrying experience. 

In general, the size of the digital notepad can be similar to a small writing pad and can vary up to a drawing slate. Pick that does your work easily and doesn’t create issues while travelling. The same goes with the weight of the notepad as well.

4. Memory

The memory is kind of a superpower of your digital notepad. And you should look for a notepad with memory if you’re a frequent note-taker or love to sketch whenever you feel so. 

Having a decent amount of built-in memory will let you flow your creativity without any compromisation. You can completely rely on it. In general, the digital notepad with built-in memory provides you with several Megabytes of memory. Which is an adequate amount when it comes to saving pages. However, many notepads even offer you internal memory of several GB as well.

5. App

Many digital notepads offer you with their applications that give you access to the many writing features. Depending on the application you’re using, these features can include write and erase mode, setting different colours, and even different brush strokes. 

It might not excite you as a businessman or a student, but these feats are a goldmine to an artist. 


The above information will surely help you out to pick the best digital notepad according to your needs. As the list mentioned above contains something for every type of user- for professionals to small kids. By deciding the usage of notepad, you’ll reach the halfway point. 

And to finalize the things, this buying guide includes almost everything that you should look for. 

“But, I’m really confused!”. Well, this situation must’ve arisen because of your professional usage. If so, I will advise you to go with the Rocketbook notepad. It fits right in the budget and has everything in adequate amounts to get the work done.

If you’ve any doubts regarding the digital notepad, do let us know by commenting below. Our team will contact you in a short while.

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