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How to Fix Epson Printer Roller Not Pulling Paper?

As technology advances, printers continue to play a pivotal role in turning digital visions into tangible creations. Amidst their convenience and efficiency, printers occasionally encounter roadblocks that can leave users scratching their heads. One such challenge that can disrupt the smooth printing experience is the issue of an Epson printer roller failing to pull paper. It can be frustrating to see the paper stagnantly remain in the tray when you want to finish the print job quickly.

However, this roadblock need not be a permanent detour. Understanding the mechanics behind the Epson printer roller malfunction and troubleshooting it can save users from unnecessary headaches and delays. This comprehensive guide is dedicated to illuminating the underlying causes that lead to the ‘Epson Printer Roller Not Pulling Paper’ issue and providing practical solutions to overcome it.

Causes of Paper Feed Issues

Some common causes of a paper feed issue due to which the Epson printer may not be pulling paper are explained below.

1. Paper Jam

A paper jam might occur when the paper gets stuck in the path leading to the printer. This generally happens when you try to print a fairly large document on a low-quality printer. This can also happen when you do not place the paper in the printer properly or when you use a paper size that is either too large or small. If the issue of paper jam occurs, you need to resolve it by manually removing the paper.

2. Paper Feed Error

Paper feed error is a very common cause of paper feed issues in a printer. It usually occurs when the printer fails to handle the paper properly or when the user does not feed the paper properly into the printer. To resolve this problem, change the paper size or type.

3. Paper Feed Failure

Another common cause of a paper feed issue is the paper feed error. This generally happens when the paper is not stored in the printer due to storage issues. This happens even when a very large paper is used which cannot be handled by the printer. This problem can be fixed easily by reducing the paper’s size.

How to Find and Fix Printing Errors in an Epson Printer?

If your Epson printer roller is not pulling paper or you are experiencing other paper-feeding problems,  you can use several ways to fix the issue. Follow the guided steps below to troubleshoot printing errors in Epson printers.

1. Switch the Printer Off

This is one of the first things you should do in such a situation. Turn your printer off and unplug it from the power source. When you do this, carrying out the next steps will be safer.

2. Clean the Printer Rollers

When your printer rollers are dusty or dirty, it can lead to paper feed problems. You will have to clean your printer rollers in the following way if you suspect they cause the problem.

  1. Take a damp, lint-free cloth or a wet paper towel.
  2. Access the printer rollers by opening the paper tray in your printer.
  3. Use a damp cloth or wet paper towel to remove the dirt on the rollers.

3. Check For Obstructions

Inspect the path once to see whether any debris build-up, torn paper pieces, or any other foreign object might be causing the issue. If there is any obstruction, gently and carefully remove it.

4. Check Paper Type and Size

When you use a paper size and type incompatible with your printer, even that can lead to paper feed issues. Check your printer’s manual and ensure you use the right size and type of printer paper.

5. Check Paper Alignment

Ensure the paper you place in the tray is appropriately aligned and not overloaded. You also need to ensure that the paper guides are adjusted per the printer’s paper placement.

6. Replace Worn-Out Printer Rollers

Check your printer’s rollers; if they seem damaged or worn out, you must replace them. You can refer to the printer’s manual to know how to replace the damaged printer rollers.

7. Check Separation Pad

A few Epson printers come with separation pads that help in uniform paper feeding and prevent multiple papers from being fed at once. If this separation pad is worn out or damaged, it can cause issues. If the separation pad is damaged, you will need to replace it.

8. Update Driver and Firmware

The printer manufacturers keep updating new fixes for a few common printer issues. Always ensure that you install these updates.

9. Restart Your Printer

Once you have performed all the necessary cleans and checks, plug your printer back to the power source and switch it on. Sometimes, such a simple restart can even fix a few minor technical glitches in your printer.

10. Carry Out a Test Print

Once you have done everything listed above, place a few papers in the tray and carry out a test print. If the paper gets fed properly, the above issue may have been resolved.

11. Contact Epson Customer Support

If nothing seems to work, it is best that you contact Epson printer’s customer support for further assistance. They will provide a solution to your problem or appoint a technician to help you resolve it.

Printer Roller – FAQs

1. Can I use any paper for my Epson printer?

Ans: For your Epson printer, it is highly recommended that you use good-quality paper in accordance with the printer specifications mentioned in the printer manual.

2. Why does the paper get stuck halfway through printing?

Ans: If your paper gets stuck halfway through printing, you must ensure there are no obstructions and that the papers are aligned properly.

3. Do I need professional assistance to replace worn-out rollers?

Ans: While you can easily replace the worn-out rollers of your Epson printers, it is recommended that you seek professional advice and help while doing so to achieve the best results.

4. What if the paper is not being fed correctly from the paper tray?

Ans: If the paper is not being fed correctly from the paper tray of your Epson printer, you will need to adjust the paper guides to match the paper size. You can also remove the paper, smooth it out, and place it back. If the paper continues to be misfed, discard the paper which is causing the issue. This can also sometimes happen when the paper is moist. Even in that case you will need to discard the moist paper and replace it with a dry one instead. Adjust the paper guides of the tray so that they match the size of the paper. Remove the paper, smooth it out, then reload it. If the paper misfeeds, do not use that paper. Remove the moist paper, then replace it with new, dry paper.

5. Should I apply any lubricant to the rollers to improve paper feeding?

Ans: No, you should never apply any lubricant to improve paper feeding. This will attract dirt and debris and make the existing problem worse. It is recommended that you clean the rollers with a damp cloth instead.


Although Epson printers are widely favored, they still exhibit some issues occasionally. This guide will help you resolve the problem of an Epson printer roller not pulling paper. Whether you are a seasoned professional seeking flawless prints for important presentations or a home user aspiring to bring digital art to life, mastering this issue will ensure your Epson printer remains a reliable ally in your creative journey.

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