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Alexa App Not Working – How To Fix It ?

Alexa App is an artificial intelligence machine that responds to your voice immediately and can manage small tasks for you, like setting alarms and reminders for daily activities. But sometimes it encounters issues with its working mostly due to poor internet connection. This problem is faced by most of the people where their Alexa app is not working as it should. It can be a fault or a bug that is causing the problem.

If the app is not responding and not working properly it can be because a bug has faulted the whole app. There are a lot of ways by which a user can determine what is basically the problem, whether it is an app glitch or a bug that is causing it. We will see further how it will be solved.

How To Rectify Your Amazon Alexa App When It’s Not Working

There are a lot of ways by which you can determine how to make your Alexa back to a working position.

1. Restart Your Amazon Alexa App

The easiest and most authentic way for some apps to get back to work is to restart them. You can restart your application if it is not working as it should. When you close your app make sure to remove it from the backdrop. By doing this, the issue can straighten out any possible glitches that your app may be facing. Mostly it happens when a lot of apps are working in the background at the same time. This method only takes a few seconds, and the app is ready to be used again.

2. Check Your Wi-Fi Connectivity

Network connectivity can be a problem among all others. If the device is facing any issue while connecting to WI-FI, it can also cause a problem with alexa. Your device should be connected to the internet in order to work. Sometimes, password change can be a reason for your device not to pick any signals, which results in app malfunction or troubleshooting.

If you change your internet password, be sure to add it to your device too. Another reason can be if your phone and the device are not connected to the same network. Make sure that your phone and device are connected to the same Wi-Fi. One’s mobile phone firewall can also be a reason for the connectivity. A firewall can stop a device connection from directly a WI-FI device.

3. Restart The Device & Phone

Those devices which are facing issues in operating can be restarted. It can help you with the glitches and faults an app is facing. It helps the RAM to clean itself out so that it can close any previous background running apps. This means that you can start your phone fresh. Restarting the phone will help you start fresh and without any glitches.

4. Sign Out Of Alexa App

Every app has solutions to be avoided bugs or glitches, and signing out is one of them. You can simply sign out of your current device to give it a fresh start. This may give your application for booting. Still, if the app is not answering as it should, you should try to power shut it primarily. The way of doing this is to go to the menu option and, after that, click on the settings. Click on your name and then log out from the app.

5. Uninstall Alexa App

Amazon help centre also advises the customer to uninstall the app and to re-install it in case it is not working. When you go to customer service or help enter a corner, you will find an option to uninstallation the app if it is not working as it should. This is supposed to take care of any in anticipation of updates. Any update that the customer left would be taken care of itself when they will install the app again. The new versions of the apps are easily available on Google Play Store or Apple store.

6. Check For Updates In The Alexa App

Due updates can also play a part in the problems of the apps. You can log into your play store or app store to see if there are any updates left. Updating the apps usually takes care of bug issues and other issues that a user faces. Bugs can affect the app’s functionality badly, so this ensures that there will be no problems in the future. Updating the app can remove the glitches if there is no bigger issue to address.

7. Factory Reset Echo

Another possible way to make your app work again can be factory data resetting it. This will remove all the data on the app that may be a burden on the app. But even if the app has no issues, you should know the steps to factory reset your app if you move out of the house or give the device away. The guideline for resetting the device is way too easy.

  1. 4 buttons are on the device, two buttons are for volume, and the other two are for mute and action.
  2. For restarting, you must press and hold the action button for 30 seconds or more or hold it pending the LED light on the piece of equipment turning yellow.
  3. When the light becomes yellow, this is an indication that the device has been successfully restarted.

At this time, you can wait until it turns blue again, and the structure notifies you to start the setup.

8. Call Amazon Service

After trying out these programmed solutions on your own and the problem persists, you can try out calling a customer care representative to help you out of this issue. It’s probably for the best to take their advice as well on what the issue can be. At the end of the Amazon page, there will be given a ‘help’ heading. You can click it, search for the number and explain your issue.


In light of these issues, it can be concluded that there are many ways in which the Alexa app can be settled down. There are a lot of glitches and bugs that can cause the app to work appropriately. To figure out the issues, one can follow the steps mentioned above to make it back to work again.

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