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Why Can’t Alexa Reach Amazon Music ?

Among all voice assistants, there is no doubt that Amazon Alexa is the most popular. Most people use Alexa to come up with a playlist as per the activity they are doing. Starting from morning workout and meditation to cooking in the kitchen, Alexa conjures up the best playlist for every occasion directly from Amazon Music.

Alexa connects to Amazon Music through which users can stream songs of any artist, genre, and album. All you need is to give a voice command, and Alexa plays your command from Amazon Music. However, when Alexa cannot reach Amazon Music, Alexa stops functioning as far as playing music. We will illustrate why Alexa cannot reach Amazon Music and how to solve the respective problems.

How To Connect Alexa To Amazon Music To Play Music?

All you have to do is to sign into your Amazon account via Alexa. Alexa is a product from Amazon, and therefore, Amazon Music is the default music service for Alexa. However, you will need a subscription fee. The subscription fee is $5 per month for one device and $9 per month for unlimited devices.

If you already have Prime membership, you can access around 2 million songs from Amazon Music for free. But when you subscribe to Amazon Music membership, you get access to 75 million songs and tunes. Besides, this membership supports Dolby Atmos 360 reality audio and much more.

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Why Does Amazon Music Not Play On My Alexa?

There are several reasons why Alexa cannot reach Amazon Music and why Amazon Music not playing on Alexa. We have explained all the possible reasons along with the steps to correct them so that Alexa can play Amazon Music.

1. Alexa May Be Outdated

If you are using an earlier version of Alexa and you have not updated Alexa app, Alexa can malfunction, and it cannot reach Amazon Music. Therefore, you need to check if any latest version of the app is available so that you can update it.

If you have the latest Alexa app version, you need to perform a basic reboot. You need to unplug the device and wait a few minutes. Thereafter, you can plug the device back in and see if the problem is solved. If the problem is still there, you should follow the below-mentioned solutions.

2. Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue

When you place your Alexa far away from your Wi-Fi router, the connection may not be stable. If there are issues with the router itself such as technical error, freezing and hanging issue, or even no internet connection, Alexa cannot reach Amazon Music.

Similarly, if you have installed a new router, the settings or the firewall could be preventing Alexa from connecting well. You can disable the router firewall temporarily to find out if Alexa not connecting to Amazon Music is solved.

3. Amazon Music May Be Down

Outrage in Amazon web service is not a rare occurrence. There are times when Amazon Music could be done, and hence, Alexa cannot reach it. If you hear Alexa tell you, “Sorry, I cannot connect right now”, it is probably an issue with your internet or with Amazon Music. Instead of the entire Amazon Music, only a part of the entire service may be down. You can check if Amazon Music is down or not at Downdetector.

4. Account Mismatch

Unless you have Amazon Prime membership or Amazon Music membership, you cannot connect Alexa with Amazon Music and stream songs. The Amazon account with which you have signed into Alexa and the Amazon account with which you have Amazon Prime membership or Amazon Music membership may not be the same. Therefore, you have to ensure that you are signed into Alexa from the one that has the membership.

5. Another Person Could Be Using Amazon Music

If you have Amazon Music plan for an individual only and two persons are logging into the same Amazon Music account, if the other person is using Amazon Music, you cannot avail its service. It is quite an obvious thing to happen when you share your Amazon Music account details with your family members or friends. If that is the case, you should check on the person with whom you have shared your Amazon account and take a decision accordingly. If multiple persons are going to use it, it is better to shift to a family plan.

6. Default Service Changed

By default, Alexa connects to Amazon Music to play songs. But you can change the default music service to Apple Music, Spotify, and likewise. Therefore, you should check if someone has changed the settings to another music service.

You can go to Alexa’s Settings and check Music & Podcasts section to find it out. You can even give voice commands like “play this song on Amazon Music” instead of changing the default music service.

7. Profanity Filter May Be Enabled

Profanity filter on Alexa blocks anything and everything that has explicit language. Therefore, if the song you are requesting to play has any explicit words in its lyrics, the song won’t play even when it is available. On the Alexa app, you can check Music & Podcast section and find out if the filter is turned on.

8. Song Not Available

Last but not least, the song you are trying to play may not be available on Amazon Music. Besides, if you have Prime membership, you have access to 2 million songs instead of 75 million songs from Amazon Music. In that case, the song you want to play, may not be available within that 2 million songs. Moreover, your membership may be over, and hence, Alexa is unable to play the requested song or any song for that matter.


Alexa cannot reach Amazon Music is a common issue. Most of the time, the reason behind the issue is very basic, and you can solve it instantly after some basic inspection. We have listed all the possible reasons along with their solutions so that you can fix the problem all by yourself without any technical assistance.

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