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What is a Good Upload Speed

The Internet has become one of the major necessities that we can’t even think of a life without it, it’s that much important in the lives of all of us. So, it’s highly important that you should know most about it if you want to have a good experience of using it. Most people usually suffer from low internet speeds just because they don’t know how to pick up the right internet plan as per their requirements.

However, in this simple and short guide, we will explain to you what’s considered a good upload or download speed, and how you should be picking your next internet plan. So, in case you are interested to know such things and leveling up your game, this guide will provide you with good enough knowledge that will come in handy for the rest of your life. So, without wasting any time, let’s get right into it!

What Is a Good Download Speed?

Before you get concerned about what’s a good download speed, you should know how the internet speed is actually measured. Internet speeds are usually measured in terms of bits per second, and the actual speeds that most people are getting these days as provided by the ISPs are in Mbps, which is Megabits per second.

So, as you look for internet plans, your ISP will offer you plans like 10Mbps, 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 200Mbps, and so on. But, these are not the actual download speeds that you will be receiving from these plans. Because the downloads happen in Megabytes, not Megabits.

For instance, if you have a 10Mbps plan, the maximum download speed it will be able to provide you with is actually its 1/8th. It simply means that if you have subscribed to a 10Mbps plan and you download something from the internet, you will get download speeds somewhere around 1.2-1.5 MBps. That said, such 10Mbps internet plans are ideal for individual users who just have basic requirements such as web surfing, checking emails, streaming online music, etc.

On the other hand, if you want to do online gaming, want fast download speeds, and stream UHD videos on multiple devices at the same time, you should not settle for less than a 100 or 150Mbps plan. In fact, if you want to do all these tasks at the same time, it will require even more bandwidth, so better plans like 500Mbps or 1Gbps plans should be your go-to choice.

What Is a Good Upload Speed?

Just like the download speeds, the upload speed also equally matters and it’s almost as same as the download speed that any plan provides. So, what is considered to be a good upload speed then? Well, if you love video calling your friends or need to attend online meetings every day, you should have a plan that at least provides 1.2MBps speed.

This simply means that you will need to subscribe to a 10Mbps plan. However, if you are a streamer, or usually upload videos on YouTube or some other platform, the 10Mbps plan might not work out for you. In that case, you should go for better plans such as 50Mbps or 100Mbps if you want to comfortably upload files on the internet without waiting for too long.

What Is a Good Internet Speed?

Most people still have a doubt in their mind about what is a good internet speed. Well, if you ask this out to people, you will get mixed answers, simply because everyone has different usage patterns and requirements. Some people just don’t spend much time scrolling through social media and just use the internet for some casual web browsing and handling emails.

Whereas there are some people out there who extensively use the internet to stream UHD videos on multiple devices at the same time, playing online games, and even downloading large files at the same time. So, considering an internet speed as good totally depends on how much you use it. For some people, even the 10Mbps plans are more than enough, while some people are not even satisfied with the 1Gbps plans. So, it’s better to know what plan suits you the best and go for it..

How do I Know if I Need More Speed?

In case you don’t know how to judge if an internet plan is right for you, just go with a basic 100Mbps plan for the first month and see if that’s enough. In a 100Mbps plan, you will get actual download speeds around 12-15MBps which is more than enough for most tasks.

With such a plan, you will be able to comfortably stream HD videos on multiple devices at the same time, and it’s even suitable for downloading large files and playing online games as well. Use a 100Mbps plan for the first month, and see if that works out for you. If you feel like the internet is struggling, then you will at least know that 100Mbps is not enough and you should upgrade it. Try out other better plans and keep on upgrading until you find the one that suits your requirements.


Through this simple post, we have tried to explain how internet speeds work and how you can pick the right internet plan for your needs. When it comes to internet speeds, everyone has a different opinion about it since not everyone uses it the same way. While some people just get satisfied with 10-25Mbps plans, some people have more requirements and can’t settle for such speeds. With that said, you are free to choose your desired internet plans as most ISPs offer internet plans like 10Mbps, 25Mbps, 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 150Mbps, and so on.

You can try out different plans and ask your ISP for upgrades if any plan doesn’t fulfill your requirements. For most people out there, we believe that a 100Mbps plan should be good enough. Yet, it totally depends on person to person, so you will have to test it out yourself. In case of any further queries related to this topic, feel free to comment down below and let us know about them. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends in case you think any of them should know about this information that we have provided in the post.

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