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Does Zoom Work Without Wifi

Zoom has become an essential part of digital communication. Starting from taking online classes to organizing work meetings, Zoom has become the best platform. We all know that Zoom meetings can only be held when there is an internet connection. In fact, even when you have an internet connection but the signal is unstable, Zoom fails to work properly. In this scenario, a valid question arises if you can use Zoom without Wi-Fi connection. In this article, we will address your query and everything you need to know.

Can You Use Zoom Without Wi-Fi?

Zoom needs an internet connection to work because it is primarily used for establishing an online connection with remote participants. This internet connection can be from Wi-Fi network, Ethernet network, as well as Cellular network.

Therefore, the answer to the question if you can use Zoom without Wi-Fi is yes. Zoom needs an internet connection, and this connection can be Cellular as well as Ethernet. It does not necessarily have to be a Wi-Fi network connection only.

But most users prefer Wi-Fi network connection because Zoom needs a stable internet signal to work properly. In fact, if you have the Zoom app installed on your phone, you are most likely to use the mobile data plan. You can tether the connection to your computer so that you can use Zoom on your computer without any issue.

As a matter of fact, Zoom works the best when you get an internet connection through Ethernet cable instead of using a router. This is because signals from routers in Wi-Fi networks can get weak with distance as well as due to obstacles in the path of transmission.

The bottom line is you can use Zoom without Wi-Fi provided there is any other way available for internet connection. Zoom cannot function without a stable internet connection.

What Is The Ideal Internet Speed Required For Zoom?

Even though Zoom is a video conferencing application, it does not need super high internet speed. That is why Zoom has become so popular and the most preferred app for video conferencing. Even with slow internet speed, you can have Zoom meetings without any issue. However, the signal has to be stable even though internet speed is not high.

Zoom mentions on its official website that Zoom requires a minimum of 1mbps download speed and a minimum of 600 kbps upload speed. It should not be an issue with users living in urban areas where internet speed is extremely high. So, if you have 1 mbps speed, you may not get the best quality video on Zoom but it can get the job done. Hence, they have mentioned the word “minimum” because the higher the internet speed, the better will be the video quality.

If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, it is better to use Zoom where fewer people are using the internet connection simultaneously. You will want to have as much bandwidth as possible when you use a Wi-Fi connection. You will not experience slow connection and hence, there is not going to be any lag or latency. If there is any option, you should consider upgrading plan to get higher internet speed if you use Zoom regularly.

What To Do When Internet Is Not Stable?

If you are living in rural areas, it is usual to have unstable internet connect and speed. We have already stated that Zoom does not work well and properly when the connection is not stable. You have to take all the measures that you can to get your internet connection in stable mode.

If you are using Zoom from your phone, it is better to use cellular mobile data instead of Wi-Fi network. This is because stability in Wi-Fi connection depends on several factors such as distance, obstacle, bandwidth and much more. On the contrary, if you have full signal on your cellular network and you use 4G or 5G internet connection, Zoom will run smoothly.

If you are using Zoom from your computer, instead of using Wireless internet service provider, you can opt for cable or fiber internet connections. When you use cable internet connection, it stays stable because it does not get affected by any outside conditions such as weather, bandwidth and likewise.

If Wi-Fi connection is the only option you have, make sure your device is close to the router and away from any obstacle. If you are generally away from the router, you should use a repeated to strengthen the signal and speed. Always monitor internet speed online and find the best spot where signals are always stable.


If you are wondering whether you can use Zoom without Wi-Fi network, there is nothing to worry about. You can use Zoom without Wi-Fi network and instead use Ethernet or Cellular network for internet connection. Make sure your internet speed meets the minimum requirements and the connection stays stable while using Zoom for remote communication.

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