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What Does Restrict Mean On Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most commonly used social media platforms in the world today. With a massive amount of active users on this platform, it makes you face both harsh and good at the same time. However, Instagram has taken care of its users’ Privacy by introducing the Restrict feature on its platform. The feature gives the user a lot of power over how they want to handle their Instagram profile.

This new tool, “Restrict,” was introduced back in 2019. This particular feature allows you to easily restrict any aggressive user you feel is harmful or hurtful to you. You can also take this step against the user who generally makes some aggressive comments when you post any Instagram photos. This feature can easily restrict anything you don’t like about another user.

But as we all know, blocking is a prominent feature already included in the platform; how is it different from blocking? While we will find out the difference between blocking and restricting a user on Instagram, we will also find out the different ways that you can choose to restrict another user on Instagram. So let us find out more about this handy feature.

What Does Restrict Mean on Instagram?

Being exposed to millions of people in the world, you will always face many humans with undesirable behavioral traits. The prime reason for the Restrict feature in Instagram is to keep abusive people and bullies away from bothering you. Whether they are offensive in comments or messages, Instagram provides you with different ways to restrict them but not block them. This helps to stay away from undesirable conflicts.

Whether you do not like the embarrassing comments made by the users or certain insults made to your family members, the Restrict feature on Instagram can be extremely helpful. Additionally, it will help you to keep strangers away from your profile and not interfere without your permission. This is an ideal approach for every user to stay away from an aggressive scenario.

Even when the Restrict feature sounds similar to blocking, it is far more courteous. Restricts only mean that you’re restricting the user from making specific comments or messages as you find them embarrassing or unwanted. It is a subtle way to minimize interaction with strangers without blocking their access to your profile. Not every time do people understand that you have restricted them, which helps to keep things normal.

One of the best things about the restrict feature is that if the individual you have restricted has commented on the picture or tried to text you individually, no one will be able to see their activity, or you will get an alert. This feature can be extremely helpful if you wish to remove someone from your list of followers. However, Instagram has ensured that you check everything users have sent you.

If you want to check the comments made by the individual on posts that you have updated recently, you might not receive an alert, but you can still see the comment in the section called See Comments.” After checking the comment, you will be provided with three options that you have to choose.

Ignoreif you don’t want to check the comments provided by the particular user.

Deleteif you don’t want to keep it in your profile.

Approveif you think that the comment is humble and won’t harm you.

If you wish to check the messages provided by the restricted user, you need to visit the Message Request page. Whether you’re using an Android or iPhone app, Instagram provides you the ability to restrict accounts from your phone.

You need to perform the following steps to restrict that particular user.

  • Open the user’s profile you want to restrict.
  • On the top right corner, tap the 3 dots .
  • Look for Restrict from its drop-down menu.
  • The function will be explained in a pop-up if this is the first time restricting any user. Then you have to select Restrict account.”
  • After you have successfully restricted, you will find a note on the screen that confirms the restriction. You can selectDismiss.”

What Does Restrict Mean on an Instagram Story?

No wonder the Restrict feature on Instagram can be a valuable choice for you to stop the other person from creating a disruptive scenario. However, you must know that this Restrict feature has very less effect on the content and your profile. Even when you restrict the person from commenting or sending your personal messages, both you and the user will be able to check the stories and feeds.

However, if you really don’t want your story to become visible to that particular person, you can choose to hide them. It is available on Instagram to provide utmost Privacy to its users.

Following are the steps that you need to follow to hide stories.

  • You need to visit the profile page by selectingProfile” in the bottom right.
  • Now you need to look for More Choices” present in the upper right corner.
  • After you select more choices, you have to tap on Settings.”
  • Then selectPrivacy” and followed by it “Story.”
  • After that, you need to select the individual from whom you want to hide the story.
  • If you are an iPhone user, double tapDone”, and Android users can just tap on the back button (←) present in the upper left corner.

Once you have pressed done, you can simply stay assured that your story won’t be visible to that person. However, in the future, if you want to make it visible to that user, you can simply deselect the names, and it will help them to view your stories on Instagram.

What Does Restrict Mean on an Instagram Group Chat

Now that Instagram also allows you to participate in group chat, it also has mentioned its privacy settings. As we have mentioned, when a restricted user sends a message, it will be available in the message request section. However, if you are part of any group chat, Instagram will notify you every time when their particular account wants to send a message.

Instagram will want to know whether you would like to quit or remain when anyone asks you to join a conversation. In case you decide to remain in the group conversation, there will be no limitation of messages on Instagram. However, the restricted account, on the other hand, will remain restricted from sending personal texts.

Restrict vs. Block

Despite a lot of restriction options provided by Instagram, there are times when blocking becomes the only solution. However, if you want to know how restricting and blocking limit users, you need to find out in detail.

1. Account Accessibility

This is the prime difference between restricting and blocking. When you have restricted users, that particular profile will still be able to follow your profile and check out everything you share without making any intervention by their comments or messages.

On the other hand, blocking totally means that you prohibit that user from seeing anything on your profile, like your post, stories, or reels. That particular user will not be able to even find your profile when they search by your name.

2. Profile Interaction

As mentioned earlier, restricted users will be able to comment on the post, but it will be restricted just between you and the user. No other people will be able to find the comments made by that particular user.

However, when you have blocked a user, there is no chance of making interactions. They will not be able to like, comment, respond or find anything on your profile to start an interaction.

3. Content Visibility

When you restrict a user, they cannot comment or send personal messages to you, but they can check the content like your posts, stories, and reels on your profile.

On the other hand, if you have blocked a user, they will not be able to see anything, not even your profile. You will simply become non-existent for that user.

Remember that restricting and blocking on Instagram are two completely different things. When it comes to displaying information, tags, mentions, and notifications, blocked users, and restricted users will experience different things. If you don’t want a user to check anything about you, you can simply block that user. However, if you want the user to keep checking your profile and activities but not hit you personally or on your comment section, you can choose to restrict that user.

Have Control of Your Instagram Account

Instagram provides you with all the opportunities that you need to maintain Privacy. The platform understands that being a social genre, there will be chances of getting abused or bullied by people. So by providing users with multiple controls on their accounts, Instagram ensures creating a secure and accessible platform.

For now, restrict is the unique feature available on Instagram that many users can find handy. Hoping to see more search privacy features getting introduced on this platform.


Even when it is entirely your decision whether you want to block a person or restrict them from texting and commenting on you, the feature is genuinely exceptional for every user regarding privacy.

Remember that restricting a user is a subtle way of blocking them from interfering in your life, as blocking the user is a total hit on the face. So avoid people, get rid of unnecessary discussions, and enjoy your time on this social platform.

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