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What Does CF Mean on Instagram?

Instagram has become a well-known platform for connecting, sharing, and interacting with others.

Like any well-known social media platform, Instagram has its own terminology that some users could find confusing. An example of an abbreviation widely used on Instagram is “CF.”

If you’ve ever seen this acronym while browsing your feed or interacting with others, you might think, “What does CF mean on Instagram?”

Today in this article, we will find out what ‘CF’ means and how people use this feature to share posts and photos with others. So, if you even thought about ‘What CF means on Instagram’, read this article.

What is “CF” on Instagram?

Close friendsWithout wasting time, we will tell you what CF means on Instagram. CF on Instagram means ‘Close Friends’.

It’s a fairly new feature on Instagram that lets you make a private follower list and share particular posts and stories. Only those in the close friend list can see your post and stories.

We all need to share private content with our close friends; this feature allows us to spend time exclusively with our close acquaintances.

This feature has been created to give control over who can see personal posts or any type of sensitive posts.  Influencers, famous people, and businesses often use this feature to share content like special promos, behind the scene views, and glimpses of upcoming events and products.

How to Use “CF” on Instagram?

Share Personal/Exclusive Content: Share pictures of special moments with a selected group of people using this feature. For instance, you might want to give your close friends a glimpse of behind-the-scenes footage or share a picture of a new item you will introduce.

Share Memes or Inside Jokes with Close Friends: We can’t share every joke or meme with everyone. So the “CF” feature on Instagram allows you to create a group of close friends with whom you can share inside jokes or memes that only they can appreciate.

Event Planning: When planning a special event, you can notify your close group or share updates using this feature. It keeps your close circle updated without disclosing any information to the world.

Collaborate with Others: You can use the close friend feature to share updates or progress with a selected group while working on a project or collaborating with others.

What are the Different Types of Instagram Accounts

If you are unaware, there are three types of Instagram accounts: Personal, business, and Creator.

Personal Account: Personal Instagram accounts are for normal people. People whom you approve can only see what you post on your account.

Business Account: Business Instagram accounts are for businesses of every size. Here businesses can share photos and videos of their goods and services. They can also use their business accounts to communicate with their followers and clients.

Creator Account: The crater accounts on Instagram are used by content creators. These accounts include influencers, bloggers, vloggers, writers, musicians, and other digital creators. This is where the craters create their content and connect with their fans and followers.

Adding “Close Friends” on Instagram?

Here’s how you can add.

  1. Open Instagram and navigate to your own profileInstagram Logo
  2. From there, click the 3 horizontal lines located at the top right cornerClick on 3 Horizontal Lines
  3. Then choose from the drop-down menu: “Close Friends”Close friends
  4. Search for the names you want to add.Searching names
  5. Select the names you want to addSelect the names
  6. After selection, simply click Done at the bottom to save changesClick on Done
  7. You will now see a close friend list on the close friend’s section.

After you are done creating your close friend list, you will see a green close friend icon before posting a post or story. You can tap on the green close friend icon to share the post or story only with those selected friends. Now, only the friends selected on the list can see that post.

What is Meant by “CF” in Chat?

The definition of CF on Facebook and Instagram depends on the user’s intent, particularly regarding private discussions.

Since private discussion is typically only between the parties concerned, it is impossible to know what “CF” means in chat.

How to Find Your Close Friends on Instagram?

To find your Close Friends on Instagram, look for “Close Friend” icon (green color) on your friend’s profile. You can add a close friend to the list by going to the 3 three horizontal lines in the top right corner of your profile. Then tap on “close friend” and add new friends.

CF mean on Instagram FAQs-

1. How do I switch from a personal Instagram account to a business Instagram account?

Ans: To switch from your personal Instagram account to a business Instagram account, you need to link your Facebook account to your Instagram account.

2. Can Instagram select Your CF List?

Ans: Instagram doesn’t determine your “Close Friend” List of CF list. You can add as many people as you want Instagram won’t interfere with your list. Only you have that control. You can add or remove friends from your list whenever you want.

3. How to Add Music to Your Instagram Stories?

Ans: Here’s how you can add music to your Instagram Story
*Open your Instagram account.
*then click the plus sign (+) next to your profile photo.
*Once your Story is open, include the image or video you want to highlight.
*To add music from Instagram, tap the Music Sticker.
*Search and find the song you wish to use in your story.


If your question was what “CF” means on Instagram, you already have your answer. It’s a feature that is fully customizable and allows users to create a special list of people with whom they want to share a specific post.

With the help of the CF feature, you can share more exclusive content with your selected group of people, such as family members, friends, and co-workers, without others knowing about the post. Instagram users can have more privacy and control thanks to the CF function.

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