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How To Wear Headphones With Long Hair?

In today’s tech-savvy world, headphones have become an important accessory for most people, including gamers, music lovers, and podcast listeners. Amidst many barriers having long hair has also been added to the list. So, if you are the one struggling to create harmony between headphones and your long hair, you are at the right place.

In this article, we will take you over the tips and tricks that will allow you to wear headphones regardless of your hairstyle. So, let’s dive into the article to explore more.

Set a Balance Between Headphones and Long Locks

Step-1: Choose the Right Headphone Style

When it comes to wearing headphones with long hair, choosing the right style and fit type can make a huge difference. Over-ear headphones are more comfortable since they lay on the ears rather than resting against the head. so, prefer the headphones that come with adjustable headbands to ensure a comfortable fit and that won’t tangle (or) mess up your hair.

Step-2: Maintain Your Hair

It’s always a good idea to prepare your hair before putting on your headphones. Maintain your hair by using the right hair accessories and products to avoid any dryness (or) tangles (or) freezies. Brush or comb your hair to eliminate any knots or tangles, and tie it up in a loose bun or ponytail. This will help in giving a smoother surface for the headphones to rest on and will keep hair out of the ear cups.

Step-3: Place the Headphones Correctly

Place the headphones correctly for maximum comfort and audio quality.  Put the headband right on the top of your head, slightly forward to avoid flattening your hair. Once after setting the headband, adjust the ear cups to fit your ears for a secure and gentle fit.

Step-4: Adjust Your Hair for a Secure Fit

Adjust your hair as needed after placing on the headphones to ensure a good fit. Tuck all the loose strands behind the ears gently. Alternatively, you can use bobby pins to prevent them from interfering with the precise position of your headphones. If you have more dense locks, you can use hair clips (or) long coil ties to secure it and reduce friction.

Step-5: Follow a Good Hair Regime

Putting on headphones for an extended time can sometimes irritate (or) pain. That’s why, take breaks at regular intervals to allow your hair and ears to breathe. Besides, follow proper hair care practices such as regular washing and conditioning to preserve the beauty and health of your hair.

How to Wear Headphones With Long Hair and Look Great?

These simple tricks and techniques can let you use your headset comfortably at any time, anywhere, and feel confident with long hair.

1. Wear Your Hair in a Bun

Putting all of your hair back in a well-positioned place (or) even a messy bun can maintain the entire hair under the headphone band firmly. Use a dryer to dry your hair properly before styling so that the cuticles are kept as smooth as possible to avoid any mess  (or) tangles. Spray your hair with hairspray after making the bun, but wait for it to dry before putting on the headset.

2. Wear a Cap (or) Knit Hat

Wear a snug cap that covers your hair and allows you to wear the headphones comfortably over the cap. You can also put on a ball cap (or) a knit cap that wraps around your hair and looks amazing even when the headphones are worn.

3. Wear Your Headphones at the Back of Your Head

Rest the band of your headphones against the back of your neck. This could be a good alternative for people with lengthy hair, but those with short hair may find it uncomfortable (or) inconvenient.

4. Keep Some Hair Products Handy

A small brush or comb, as well as some hair product or a spray bottle or water, can be a game changer. A spray of water and a brush are usually enough to remove headphone hair. If you’re near a restroom (or) other water sources, you can wet your palm and smooth it over the damaged hair.

5. Try Loosing Headphone’s Band

Wearing your headset band on a looser setting can help avoid dents in your hair or tugging it out of its style. However, don’t make it too loose as the headphones may fall off easily. This option probably won’t work well during intense workouts, but for the commute (or) at work, a loose headband can be a game changer.

6. Pick Lightweight Headphones

Lightweight headphones are far less prone to cause headphone hair. In general, they are also more comfortable since they impose less strain on your ears and head.

7. Try French Braid

French braid is an excellent way for keeping your hair in place while wearing headphones. It’s also known for being the best hairstyle for working out since it keeps your hair tidy. If you don’t know how to French braid, check out some of the amazing internet instructions.

8. Try a Low Ponytail

Make a low-side ponytail with your hairdryer as long as the elastic region does not interfere with your headphones. Using bobby pins helps to secure your hair and enables it to stay comfortably in place even when the headphones are removed.

9. Maintain Your Hair Sleek and Smooth

Use an ionic hair dryer and hair products that help to maintain your hair’s cuticle smooth rather than harsh. Hair with a smooth cuticle is more difficult to tangle than ordinary, air-dried hair. When you remove your headphones, gently smooth down the areas that have been slightly elevated with your fingertips and a brush.

10. If you are a Guy Embrace the “Man Bun”

Man buns are pretty trendy and quite easy to do. Just make sure you position the bun in a place where it won’t get in the way of your headset. Use some products like gels (or) sprays in your hair too, to help keep it in place.

11. Keep a Brush and Long Coil Hair Ties Handy

Large coil hair ties have a very hard grip than regular hair bands. Occasionally they create strain to pull out dents. If you see a dent in your hair, just wet it with a water misting bottle. Brush (or) comb it smoothly, and then pull your hair into a low ponytail in the back.

Final Thoughts

Summing up, we hope this article is quite informative and purposeful. Just follow the above-mentioned simple tips and tricks to look confident and pretty even while wearing headphones on your long locks. Simply enjoy your favorite tunes by balancing your headphones and long hair.

Headphones With Long Hair FAQs

1. Does wearing headphones with long hair cause discomfort?

Ans: Yes, using headphones with long hair is troublesome. This might be due to the headphones being positioned incorrectly. Therefore, positioning the headphones exactly in the middle of your head, slightly forward, causes no pressure (or) stress on your head.

2. Can I wear over-ear headphones with long hair?

Ans: Of course, it’s an excellent choice. Over-ear headphones are ideal for people with long hair. They fit gently on the ears and do not put any pressure on your hair.

3. How can I prevent my hair from getting tangled in the headphones?

Ans: Follow proper hair care routine for sleek and smooth hair.
Comb your hair before putting on the headphones.
Put on a bun (or) ponytail while using headphones.

4. Are there any specific hair accessories I can use to secure my hair while wearing headphones?

Ans: Yes, try using hair accessories like long coil hair ties, bobby pins, and hair clips to secure your hair while wearing headphones.

5. How often should I take breaks from wearing headphones with long hair?

Ans: It’s always recommended to take breaks at regular intervals. We advise taking breaks every 45-60 minutes to allow your hair and ears to breathe.

6. Suggest some tips to avoid hair loss (or) hair fall.

Ans: Although headphones won’t damage your hair directly, it still tends to play a role in hair loss.
Tight headphones should be avoided since they stick to your hair and cause a dent.
Don’t move your headphones around too much as they might tangle your hair.
Always go with headphones that have an adjustable headband.
Silicone headband headphones tug your hair, causing strands to fall out and damaging your hair.
Moreover, maintain your hair properly by using the right accessories and products.

7. How can I maintain the health of my hair while wearing headphones?

Ans: Hair health can be maintained by practicing proper hair care practices.
Wash your hair regularly and condition it.
Use ionic dryers for drying your hair.
And choose the products like hair oils, gels, etc for sleek and silky hair.

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