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Best Waterproof Headphones For Swimming

Waterproof headphones let you listen to music or podcasts while you swim. It helps you stay focused and enjoy your workouts more, and boost your performance.

Here are the important things to consider when choosing waterproof headphones:

  • Waterproof Rating: Make sure to pick headphones with an IPX8 rating. They can be fully submerged for up to 1.5 meters and 30 minutes without any damage.
  • High-Fidelity Sound: Look for headphones that promise clear and deep sound quality, even underwater. This ensures your music stays enjoyable while you’re swimming laps.
  • Comfort & Connectivity: They should have comfortable designs and secure fits, like ear hooks or interchangeable ear tips. Bluetooth 5.0 above, more stable connection and less latency

Check out our comprehensive “Buyer Guide”  for the Best Waterproof Headphones for Swimming.. 

Roundup of the Top 5 Picks!

Best Waterproof Headphones For Swimming Table

Waterproof Headphones for SwimmingWaterproof (IPX) RatingBattery LifeBuy Now
SHOKZ  Waterproof HeadphonesIP688 hoursCheck On Amazon
Gogailen Waterproof HeadphonesIPX810 hoursCheck On Amazon
Hamuti Waterproof HeadphonesIP686 - 8 hoursCheck On Amazon
MOJAWA Waterproof HeadphonesIP688 hoursCheck On Amazon
H2O Audio Waterproof HeadphonesIPX87 hoursCheck On Amazon

Best Waterproof Headphones For Swimming Reviews

1. SHOKZ  Waterproof Headphones 

SHOKZ  Waterproof Headphones

SHOKZ headphones have an open-ear design, ensuring comfort and safety during swimming. lets you enjoy music while staying aware of your surroundings, enhancing situational awareness.

IP68 waterproof can be immersed in water up to two meters deep for two hours, keeping your music safe from water damage. With internal storage for up to 1,200 songs, these headphones offer easy control with commands like play, skip, pause, and back-a-track. Lightweight and secure, they stay in place under swim caps or helmets, even during long wear.


  • Bone Conduction Technology
  • IP68 Waterproof Rating
  • Easy Command Controls
  • Includes SHOKZ nose clip
  • Supports MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, and FLAC formats
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless


  • Lightweight design for extended wear.
  • Secure fit under swim caps.
  • 8 hours of battery life.


  • Limited music format compatibility.
  • Requires adjustment for optimal sound.

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2. Gogailen Waterproof Headphones

Gogailen Waterproof HeadphonesGogailen Headphones use bone conduction technology to transmit sound vibrations through bones instead of the ear canal. Their open design keeps you aware of your surroundings, ideal for swimming, jogging, biking, and more.

These headphones have a professional IPX8 waterproof rating for uninterrupted music underwater. They include a built-in 32GB MP3 player, it needed for extra devices, and support various music formats for a personalized playlist. Enjoy up to 10 hours of continuous playback, perfect for long aquatic workouts.


  • Bluetooth 5.3 Connectivity
  • Lightweight and Comfortable Design
  • Ideal for Swimming, Cycling, Running, and Fitness
  • Supports MP3, WAV, WMA, APE, and FLAC.


  • open-ear listening.
  • Up to 10 Hours of Continuous Play
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • Connectivity issues underwater.
  • Limited Bluetooth range underwater.

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3. Hamuti Waterproof Headphones 

Hamuti Waterproof Headphones

Hamuti Waterproof Headphones are designed for open-ear listening and bone conduction technology. It offers a titanium frame, durability, stability, and comfort for swimming, jogging, and workouts.

These headphones feature Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless connectivity and efficient music streaming. With 32GB of internal storage, you can enjoy your favorite music without extra devices. Plus, the IP68 waterproof build protects against moisture, sweat, and dust, making them perfect for aquatic use.


  • Wraparound Titanium Frame
  • Long Battery Life
  • 6-8 Hours of Battery Life
  • Easy-to-Control Features
  • Suitable for Various Indoor and Outdoor Activities


  • Advanced Bluetooth technology 
  • Durable wraparound titanium frame.
  • Extensive music storage.
  • Comfortable and lightweight design.


  • Lesser battery life compared to other models.
  • May not offer high-fidelity sound.

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4. MOJAWA Waterproof Headphones

MOJAWA Waterproof HeadphonesMOJAWA Waterproof Headphones have a unique open-ear design for comfortable listening during outdoor sports. Compact and lightweight at 3.9 x 3.1 x 1.2 inches and 0.07 pounds, they offer exceptional comfort.

It features a special Maglev-Bass actuator and Dual Suspension Anchor System for rich sound and audio quality. With an IP68 waterproof design, these headphones can be submerged in water up to two meters deep for two hours, perfect for adventures. Whether swimming, running, or cycling, it ensures reliable performance and durability during activities.


  • Revolutionary Open-Ear Design
  • IP68 Waterproof Construction
  • Maglev-Bass Actuator
  • Dual Suspension Anchor System
  • MP3 Storage Mode and Bluetooth 5.2 Mode
  • 8 Hours of Music at 75% Volume


  • Unparalleled audio quality with rich sound depth.
  • Quick charge feature 
  • Lightweight and Durable


  • Connectivity issues during calls.

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5. H2O Audio Waterproof Headphones 

H2O Audio Waterproof Headphones

These H2O Audio Waterproof Headphones offer bone conduction technology to deliver amazing sound without blocking outside noise. They have an integrated clip design that easily attaches to swim goggles for comfort during swimming sessions.

With the highest IPX8 waterproof rating, H2O Audio’s Sonar is highly resistant. It loads over 60 hours of playback time with the built-in MP3 player, providing a seamless experience. These headphones are compatible with both iOS and Android devices and offer a range of 3 feet for easy underwater music enjoyment.


  • Bone Conduction Technology
  • Highest IPX8 Waterproof Rating
  • Integrated Clip Design
  • 8GB of Memory
  • Bluetooth Compatibility
  • 7 Hours of Playback Time


  • Easy attachment to swim goggles.
  • Ample storage and playback time.


  • Slow write speeds for loading podcasts.
  • Limited control over volume underwater.

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Buying Guide For Swimming Headphones

You will end up purchasing the right pair of waterproof headphones for swimming whenever you know the key factors, which distinguish various options and help you make your purchase worthwhile. 

Here are the key factors to check while shopping for these swimmers’ headphones.

1. IPX Rating

The ingress protection (IP) rating will indicate the level of protection against dust and water/liquids of a particular object. The first X after IP determines the dust protection, whereas the second X indicates the waterproofing protection. So, it is essential to check the IPX rating of the headphones before making their selection to ensure that they can be used underwater while swimming.

Selecting headphones that offer a higher IPX rating like IPX7 or IPX8 that will sustain the prolonged submersion in water and works properly without damaging the product. However, water-resistant devices come within the IPX rating of IPX3 to IPX7, whereas waterproof devices have rated IPX7 to IPX9K, allowing for full immersion in water.

We recommend you read our IPX Rating article for more information on this waterproof rating.

2. High-Fidelity sound

Audio quality with high-fidelity sound, providing clear highs, rich mids, and deep bass. Whether swimming laps by the pool or your favorite tracks with clarity and detail. it gives you an immersive listening experience, letting you enjoy every detail of your music accurately. enhance your swimming sessions with headphones that offer exceptional sound quality.

3. Connectivity Technology 

Most people prefer Bluetooth connectivity for its effortless and tangle-free wireless headphones, yet have limited Bluetooth range (<10m). While on the other hand, some swimmers choose wired headphones to connect via its 3.5mm jack offering sound fidelity from a strong & stable connection, yet there are some slight compatibility issues.

Irrespective of choosing the proper connectivity type, it is essential to check the compatibility of the headphones with your device that offers a stable connection.

4. Build Quality

The build quality of any product is a crucial factor that must be considered, especially while shopping for waterproof headphones for swimming, as it determines durability, reliability, and longevity.

Since these are waterproof headphones and have to combat corrosion or mineral deposits due to their high alloy content, people prefer to use headphones with high-quality plastic housings or steel housing made for underwater pressure operation. Also, you can find wired models with thick wire insulation and gold-plated output jacks (as protection) for extended underwater usage.

So, choose the models offering reinforced cables, sturdy construction, and high-quality materials to withstand even rough usage.

5. Battery Life

The headphones with a long battery life will allow the swimmer to use them for extended periods in the water, especially those having integrated MP3 players that rely on the batteries. Look for headphones with a minimum of 8 hours battery life and invest in headphones offering a quick charging feature for easy and fast recharging.

Besides the runtime, it is essential to check the proprietary connectors, which should be unique and compatible with any conventional ones. So, choose waterproof headphones with universal connectors.

6. Integrated MP3 Players

Instead of having a separate, standalone waterproof MP3 player for wired headphones, you can go with headphones having integrated MP3 players. In general, the 8GB memory is enough to fit around 2000 tracks, whereas some MP3 players offer expandable storage space with memory card slots. Ensure to look for waterproof headphones that offer controls over playback, power, and volume control to make it easy to operate underwater. Its outstanding built-in MP3 player is another great feature for swimmers that won’t carry a phone or MP3 player during swimming.

7. Style

Waterproof swimmer headphones are available in different styles, which include over-ear, earbuds/in-ear, and bone-conduction headphones. We suggest you consider the style and pick that one whose style fits you comfortably and securely while swimming.

For instance, choose headphones with Eartips that are made of silicone, rubber, foam, or hybrid materials. Eartip styles have flanged designs, ranging from the standard single flange to the extreme triple flange. Some other styles include fin Eartips that contour your ears for a proper watertight seal, whereas some models enhance the comfort while wearing swim caps.

So, it’s all a matter of preferences where you must try out multiple types and sizes to find the right/perfectly fit ear tip styles.

8. Bone Conduction Headphones

If you are looking to listen to music without causing any blockage to the ear canals, then prefer to choose this Bone Conduction style of headphones. This type of headphone is used widely for swimming, as it transfers the sound using vibrations, and the sound gets transferred from the cheekbones to the ears. This style is quite beneficial for those who are hard to hear, as they won’t rely on the ear cavity to transfer the sound.

Verdict – By considering all these features, you can easily make an informed buying decision about the Best Waterproof headphones for swimming as per your preference.

Swimmers Headphones – FAQs

1. How to maintain these waterproof headphones?

Ans: Maintaining these waterproof headphones is a bit difficult compared to other types of headphones. For proper maintenance, rinse these headphones in fresh water after every use and dry them properly before storing them. Don’t expose these headphones to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. Ensure to store them properly in a dry or cool place. Also, it is advised to check the instructions mentioned by the manufacturer to know about its care and maintenance guidelines. 

2. Shall we use all types of waterproof headphones for swimming?

Ans: Usually, no, not all waterproof headphones are perfect for swimming. It depends completely on its IP rating, in which the higher the IPX rating of the headphone, the more resistance it offers to protect the headphone from water level. So, go with headphones with an IPX7 rating or above to ensure they can be submerged in water for their proper functioning. Sometimes Bluetooth headphones deliver a weak signal strength and might fall out if not properly fit.

3. Which type of headphones is better for swimming – Wired Vs Wireless?

Ans: Wireless headphones are the most preferred option due to their user convenience that comes without any cable tangles or limitation of cord length. While some swimmers prefer wired options offer better sound quality and secure fitting. So, both connectivity types have their pros and cons, which makes the final decision depends completely on one’s individual opinion, as per their requirement.

4. Shall we use waterproof headphones in saltwater?

Ans: Yes, they can be used even in saltwater. However, it is essential to rinse these headphones with fresh water after their usage to clear any salt residue buildup, or else it might damage the headphones over time. These waterproof headphones won’t work up a torrent of sweat, and Bluetooth won’t penetrate water too far, leading to frequent dropouts and failures.

5. How to confirm the headphones fit properly when swimming?

Ans: A simple technique to make your headphone fit comfortably, and stay securely during swimming is to select headphones with different sizes of ear tips and fins. Or simply prefer headphones with a neckband design or over-ear hook to avoid them from falling off while you are swimming. 


Waterproof headphones are for aquatic enthusiasts who want quality sound and durability. Each product has unique features for swimmers, runners, and outdoor adventurers. From bone conduction technology to high waterproof ratings, and music underwater.

Here are top Three Recommendations:

  • H2O Audio Waterproof Headphones: Highest IPX8 waterproof rating, and ample storage capacity. They offer crystal-clear sound and seamless attachment to swim goggles, making them a top choice for swimmers.
  • MOJAWA Waterproof Headphones: IP68 waterproof and provide exceptional audio quality and comfort. offer a balance of durability, functionality, and comfort, making them a strong contender.
  • SHOKZ Waterproof Headphones: a comfortable and secure fit for swimmers. With easy controls and long battery life, they provide a reliable audio experience during swim sessions.

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