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How To Wear Neckband Headphones: Tips and Tricks

Hey music enthusiasts! Amidst multiple musical devices, neckband headphones have surged their popularity in recent times. Well, if you are new to neckband headphones, you might be wondering how to wear them. That’s the reason we have developed this article to help those people who are struggling to wear neckband headphones correctly. 

Now, let’s get into the article to know more about these headphones. Anyways, have a glance at the topics covered in this article. 

All About Neckband Headphones

Neckband headphonesNeckband headphones, also known as “Collar headphones,” are earphones that go around your neck. These days, neckband earphones have gained popularity because of their comfort, style, and unique design. The complete modern design of the neckband lies gently around the neck, relieving people from detangling the wires of wired earbuds. The unique position of neckband earphones makes sure that the earphones do not move when the wearer does. Moreover, they can be wirelessly connected to your devices such as your phone, laptop, tablet (or) smart TV, through Bluetooth. 

Types of Neckband Headphones

Neckband headphones are classified into two types namely: In-ear Neckband headphones and On-ear Neckband headphones. 

In-ear Neckband Headphones On-ear Neckband Headphones
In-ear neckband headphones are more secure and fit snugly into the ears On-ear neckband headphones don’t sit completely within the ears
They have significantly superior noise isolation capabilities They have fewer noise isolation capabilities
They provide an immersive and uninterrupted experience You will be able to hear external noises and caution

Key Features of Neckband Headphones

Getting back to the neckband headphones, here are some of the important features:

  • Usually, neckband headphones come with noise isolation technology and offer low noise isolation features. They don’t eliminate all ambient sounds.
  • They are housed with an inline mic, which helps in effortless communication and an immersive sound experience.
  • They are easy to handle, give a comfortable fit, and often come with customized ear tips.
  • They are water and sweat-resistant making them suitable for runners, athletes, commuters, etc.
  • Neckband headphones are equipped with in-built controls for adjusting volume, call management, and quick operation. 

Benefits of Neckband Headphones

Here are some of the most prominent advantages of neckband headphones.

  • Neckband headphones do not put pressure on your head, making them extremely easy and comfortable to use for extended periods.
  • These headphones keep your ears cool throughout use as they do not have heavy earcups.
  • They are very light in weight and can be carried easily while on the go. 
  • The majority of neckband headphones have Bluetooth connection, allowing you to leave your workstation without being linked to your computer.
  • They are easy to store than traditional earbud headphones because the wires do not become tangled.
  • They typically have a longer battery life than compared to wireless headphones.
  • The high-end models have smart technology that allows the headphones to be linked with various devices and deliver notifications of incoming calls (or) texts.

How to Wear Neckband Headphones

Most neckband headphones have a semi-flexible band with two earpieces on either side. Furthermore, these Bluetooth-enabled earbuds will make your life easier. So, let’s take a look at how to wear them behind your neck.

Step-1: Connect Your Neckband to Your Phone

Primarily, check whether your neckband headphones are connected to your phone before putting them behind your neck. This will help you avoid unnecessary neck movement to check the neckband’s buttons.

Step-2: Check the Alignment of Earcups

Each earbud should be labeled with either the letter “L” (left) or “R” (right). Hold your headphones so that the “R” earbud is on the right ear and the “L” earbud is on the left ear.

Step-3: Put on the Neckband Behind Your Neck

Once after establishing a solid Bluetooth connection and perfect alignment, wear the neckband around your neck and put on the earpieces into your ears, listen to music, make calls (or) watch movies.

Step-4: Check for Snug-Fit Ear Tips

Most neckband headphones are housed with earphone tips of varying sizes. A neckband earphone with medium tips is a standard pattern. The medium tip size has a universal fit design and may provide outstanding comfort wear regardless of ear size. so, always choose headphones with silicone build customized ear tips for maximum comfort. 

Step-5: Clean Neckband Headphones Regularly

Placing the ear tips deep within the ear canal forms a seal and results in the formation of wax within the ears. So, if you don’t clear the wax after each usage of the earphones, the wax will be pushed back into your ears. This increases the risk of earwax infection. Therefore, it is very important to wipe your earbuds with a dry, clean cloth after usage.

Just follow these simple instructions to put on your neckband headphones.

Tips to Wear Neckband Headphones Properly

Go along the below-mentioned tips to wear your neckband properly around the neck.

  • Firstly, hold the neckband and dangle it behind your neck. Make sure that the right earbud goes into the right ear and the left one into the left ear. 
  • Make sure that the cord sits perfectly behind your neck and head while the cables lie behind your ears.
  • Adjust the earphones to get a proper fit, then tighten the cables to obtain a snug fit.
  • Avoid bending the earbuds unnecessarily as it may lead to damage (or) breakdown.
  • Adjust the length of the neckband right at the beginning to prevent pulling it too tight.
  • Gently insert the earbud into your ear with minimum effort and let go of your earlobe. 
  • Don’t forcefully insert the ear tips while wearing your headphones.
  • Clean the earbuds and ear tips at regular intervals with a dry and clean cloth.

How to Choose the Right Neckband Headphones

Look for the below-mentioned features while choosing neckband headphones.

  • Sound Quality: The quality and richness of audio are essential whether for music or entertainment. Look for neckband headphones with an efficient speaker-driver and multiple audio settings to enjoy a genuine audio quality experience. Additionally, bass enthusiasts can choose headphones with a special bass boost mode to enhance the sound of every beat. 
  • Battery Life: High-capacity batteries can keep you charged up for nearly a whole day, and sometimes even longer. So, search for earphones that have a run duration of 6 hours (or) more. Moreover,  along with a steady battery, headphones with fast charging technology can further reduce your charging woes.   
  • Noise Cancelation Technology: A good pair of headphones should be able to block out undesired external sounds. Noise cancellation on earbuds keeps audio crisp and clear even at low volumes, making them ideal for on-the-go use. You can experience music without interruptions in traffic, at work (or) on a crowded street with noise cancelation headphones.
  • Comfort: Lack of comfort can be a deal breaker while watching shows, listening to music, working out, and working long hours on the phone. In-ear neckband headphones with silicone fin tips can give a tight and ergonomic fit, making them more suitable for prolonged usage.
  • Water Resistance: Pay attention to the IPX rating to keep your earbuds protected from dust, splashes, sweat (or) moisture. This value defines your product’s resistance to moisture and dirt. The higher the rating, the more easily your earphones can resist such elemental hindrances.

Along with these features, look for compatibility, brand, and reviews while selecting the neckband headphones. 

Make sure that the selected headphones are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices and support Bluetooth versions of your devices including smartphones, PC, laptops, etc. 

A brand does matter when picking the headphones. Reputed brands use high-quality materials to deliver the best products and services that last long when compared to non-branded ones. 

Before buying the product check for the feedback given by other users on various websites and online stores. Indeed their reviews will help you in finding durability, customer experience, efficiency, and performance. Anyways, you can get the user’s feedback from reputed online stores like Amazon, eBay, and so on.

Finally, choosing the headphones is completely your choice. List out the features you desire (or) look for in the product and try them before purchasing. 

Managing the Neckband Headphone Cables

Most people don’t think about headphone wires. However, the cable is one of the most vital components of a headphone, as well as one of the most easily damaged parts. Here are a few tips to keep your cables protected.

  • Though your headphones are more accessible, avoid carrying them around in your pocket. The cramped space compresses the cable and exerts strain on its internal wires, especially when you wear narrow pants.
  • Excessive twisting (or bending) of your headphone wires may cause them to break down faster. So, don’t dangle the wires, especially at the point where the wire bends 90 degrees while dangling at the edge of your desk since this might cause it to shatter.
  • Don’t tangle the headphone wire and don’t even roll them in too tight loops, as tangling may cause the small wires within it to bend and deteriorate. However, you’d have to pull the knots apart, which can lead the wires to snap while untangling them. 
  • Avoid placing the headphones in bags, backpacks (or) pockets where the cables can be crushed (or) twisted unusually when mixed with other items. Have a specific storage space that maintains them in good condition and shape. 

Risks of Wearing Neckband Headphones

Although headphones are great sources to access music, videos, podcasts, movies, and shows, they do come with a few drawbacks.

  • As the neckband rests on the neck, it creates pressure in that area and causes discomfort if worn for more time.
  • Since the headphones come with adjustable ear tips, they create a seal within the ear canal resulting in the formation of wax and sweat.
  • Listening to music for a prolonged time with high volumes may damage your ears leading to ear infections and hearing loss.
  • Yet times, some people may experience skin irritation, allergies (or) infections from the materials used in the neckband (or) earbuds. 

Neckband Headphones – FAQs

1. Are neckband headphones good?

Ans: Some neckband headphones are extremely good, however, it depends on the brand and model of the headphones. When it comes to battery life, wireless headphones, for instance, differ widely.

2. How long should you wear headphones?

Ans: It is always recommended to take regular breaks every 45mins when you are using headphones for the entire day. Whereas if you are wearing them for 2-3 hours, you may take breaks after every hour.

3. Can I use neckband headphones while exercising (or) engaging in physical activities?

Ans: Yes, of course, you can wear neckband headphones while doing any sort of physical activity. Look out for models that are sweat (or) water resistant and provide a snug fit for more durability.

4. Are neckband headphones suitable for all neck sizes?

Ans: Neckband headphones are often adjustable, allowing them to fit different neck sizes. However, we recommend you check the product specifications or try them on before purchase to assure a good fit.

5. What is the average battery life of neckband headphones and how long does it take to recharge them?

Ans: The battery life of neckband headphones varies according to model and usage patterns. Neckband headphones may often give many hours of listening time on a single charge. Additionally, the charging time may range from one to several hours depending on the battery capacity and the charging method utilized. 

6. Are neckband headphones compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices?

Ans: Generally, neckband headphones are compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. However,  check the product specifications (or) consult the manufacturer to ensure compatibility. 

7. Mention some of the cleaning and maintenance tips for neckband headphones.

Ans: Always use a soft and dry cloth to clean the neckband and earbuds.
*Use any mild soaps, water, and cleaning liquids to remove the dust and dirt from the earbuds.
*Avoid using any sort of sharp objects like pins (or) needles while cleaning the earbuds.
*Store the headphone in a dry and clean case (or) place when not in use.

8. Can I connect neckband headphones to multiple devices simultaneously?

Ans: Yes, certain editions allow multi-point Bluetooth connection for easy device switching. Check the product specifications to find out whether this feature is included.

The Bottom Line

Wrapping up all the things, this is all about neckband headphones. We hope this article acts as a complete guide on wearing neckband headphones, tips, and risks associated with them. Moreover, consider the above-mentioned features in the article to get the ideal neckband headphones that match your needs and demands. 

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