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Volume Not Working On Vizio TV – How To Fix It

What to do When There is no Volume on Vizio TV

One of the most common issues with modern Television is the volume issue. Suddenly the volume goes down, and the tv becomes silent even though the video is still on. Vizio TV models are also no exception. Many users have complained about the no volume issue for Vizio TV once in a while. While some said that the volume automatically returned after a few minutes, others were not so lucky.

Despite being one of the most popular smart TV brands, Vizio TV has not been able to counter this issue until now. But, you no longer need to watch silent videos on your TV! Here we are presenting a few troubleshooting ideas that you can try if the volume on your TV suddenly goes kaput!

Why is There no Sound on my Vizio TV?

The no sound phenomenon can be due to different issues. Let’s take a look-

  • First, check if the volume is set at level “0”. You may have wrongly set the volume at zero, and the tv audio is now muted. Probably the young member of your home was playing with the remote, and they decreased the volume level to zero, resulting in this problem.
  • The other issue can be the external speakers. If you use external speakers for your TV, check if these are turned on. If the speakers are turned off, the audio will not work. If your TV has speakers(in-built), always turn these speakers on to get the audio.
  • One Of the main causes behind the no audio phenomena is the corrupted audio settings. Probably the TV has developed a big problem that is causing the audio settings to malfunction. It is better to upgrade the OS of the TV to the latest every time you get an update notification.
  • In some cases, a faulty remote leads to no audio issue. If the remote is not connected to the Tv, it may conflict with the audio settings. You can try pairing the remote and then pairing it again to start afresh.
  • The TV will not produce the sound if it has an input issue. So, check the input settings and make necessary adjustments once in a while.
  • Poor quality HDMI cables also lead to a muted Vizio TV. So, check the cable condition and replace them from time to time.

How to Fix the Volume Problem on my Vizio TV?

1. Check Your Remote Control

If the remote control doesn’t work properly, the Vizio tv audio will also not work. Being a smart TV, it works with a smart remote that connects to the TV through Bluetooth. But sometimes, the connection gets disturbed.

Try pressing the volume button if the Vizio TV does not emit any audio. It is time to troubleshoot if the audio remains unchanged even after repeatedly pressing the audio button.

First, disconnect the remote from the TV. In the meantime, try to keep any Bluetooth-enabled device away from the TV. Often other Bluetooth-enabled devices may cause issues in connectivity.

Now, reconnect the remote with the Vizio TV again. Probably, there will be enough to solve the problem.

Have you checked the battery condition of the remote? The remote probably has an old battery that is not enough to power up the TV. Get a fresh pair of batteries and repeat the old batteries with these.

If nothing works, move on to the next method.

2. Is Your TV Muted

So, there is no sound on your Vizio TV. But what about the volume key itself? Have you checked the volume status? Probably you muted the TV yourself and forgot about it together! So, try pressing the mute button once. If the sound returns, you are all set! If not, let’s try something else!

3. Check the TV Volume

So, you tried changing the remote’s batteries and pressing the buttons; everything seemed alright. Let’s try the volume of your Vizio TV. Probably the TV volume is set at the lowest level!

You must adjust the value once again to ensure the audio is clear.

4. Try Checking HDMI Cables

The remote is alright, and the TV mute button is also not activated. Despite that, the volume is not coming. Well, probably, the HDMI cables need some attention.

HDMI cables that are damaged, torn or old often do not offer good services. If you use such cables to connect your Vizio TV with external speakers, the speakers may not even work.

So, check the cables. Try detaching and reattaching the cables first.

If the cables look old or have visible damage, replace them with new cables.

5. Check Your-Top Box

The volume settings of your Vizio TV work well. But, the Tv still has o audible sound. It is time to check the set-top Box or dth box.

If the box volume is set at zero, your Tv will not offer any output audio.

First, check the volume of the set-top Box using the relevant remote. If the volume is low or at zero, increase it to a comfortable audio level.

If there is no such problem, you should check the next method.

6. If SAP has been Enabled on your TV

Have you checked the SAP status? SAP stands for Secondary Audio Programming; specialised programming is often used to entertain TV viewers who watch a show or movie in a different language than the original language.

Since this is not the original language of the content, the video comes with a secondary audio streaming. You will face audio issues if you are watching a foreign movie in your native language and the SAP is not enabled. You may not even get audio despite the audio settings being perfectly normal.

Here is how you can check the SAP settings on your Vizio TV-

  • First, press the “Menu” button on the TV remote
  • Next, when the menu screen appears on your TV, click on “Audio” to open the relevant option.
  • In the new screen, from all the available options, select “SAP”. Under this tab, select the desired settings and enable the SAP settings.
  • You can also try disabling the “DTS TruSurround” to prevent interruption with your Vizio Tv audio.

7. Turn Off DTS TruSurround on your Vizio TV

We already stated that turning off the DTS TruSurround often helps to prevent the audio issue. If the DTS TruSurround does not work with your Tv audio, you will get any audio output as well. You can follow these steps to turn off this sound of the DTH service-

  • First, visit the Main Menu of your TV by pressing the menu button on the remote.
  • Next, open the “Audio Settings.”
  • From here, open “Advanced Audio” using the up and down buttons
  • On the screen, you will find DTS TruSurround. Could you turn it off?

8. Check the Audio Cable Status.

Do you use any external audio devices like headphones with your Vizio TV? If you are prone to leaving those audio devices connected to your TV, you will definitely face audio issues.

If any external audio device is left plugged in, the Tv will not offer any output audio through the speakers. So, check if there is any audio device with a 3.5 mm cable left open. If it is, disconnect the device. You may get to hear clear audio.

9. Reset Your Vizio TV

You may need to reset your Vizio TV if nothing works. After you reset the device, it may start working properly without the audio issue.

Here is how you can reset your TV-

  • First, open the Menu by pressing the menu button on your TV remote
  • Next, using navigation buttons, select “System.”
  • On the next screen, select “OK” and proceed.
  • If your Tv asks for a parental code, put it using the numeric buttons of your tv remote. If you do not have any parental code, just put “0000” instead to proceed.
  • Now, select “Reset.”
  • After that, press “OK” to complete the reset procedure. Your TV will shut off and restart automatically after resetting is complete.
  • Now, login and sign up again using the credentials

10. Contact the Vizio Support Team

If resetting does not help, you need to contact the Vizio support team. The technical experts may be able to offer you a solution to the muted audio issue. You can connect to them with the chat or call back option to get in touch with them.


The no audio phenomenon is disturbing and often a recurring issue. If you are facing this problem with your Vizio TV, you can use this article as a guiding manual to solve the problem.

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