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Iphone Stuck on Spinning Wheel – How To Fix?

Many times people cannot understand their devices or troubleshoot them, and this is pretty common when you have an iPhone. iPhones tend to have many amazing features but it also comes with some errors. And the iPhone spinning wheel is one of them. So if you are curious to learn more about this error, read this article in full.

Why Is My iPhone Stopped On A Spinning Wheel?

This is a very common issue faced by iOS users that when they restart their phone, a spinning wheel appears on the screen. There are various reasons which can be responsible for this issue, and some of them are listed below.

1. System Bug

Though iOS makes sure that they can provide their users with top-notch service, sometimes the users encounter some system bugs. The report of these bugs is shared with the developers, and later the issue is resolved. So the reason for the iPhone spinning wheel issue in your device might be a system bug. And in such cases, you should send feedback to the developers.

2. Hardware Configuration

Sometimes the software isn’t to be blamed for the abnormal working of the system, as there might be some issue with the hardware. If even after various restarts, the spinning wheel does not go away, then it means that your hardware needs to be checked, so it’s advisable to connect to Help and Support.

3. Impatience

Do not rush to a conclusion on the first try or just in a few minutes; you should try twice or thrice and wait for some time. And if the issue is not resolved, then move to various methods listed below.

There are numerous ways to make it much easier for users to fix the spinning wheel issue with their iPhone, and some of the methods are discussed below.

Hard Reset Your iPhone

Before using this method, make sure that your data is backed up because the chances of data loss are pretty high. Sometimes the devices show various bugs and issues too. In such cases, it’s better to reset the device as this takes your device back to the mode when you first used it.

This is an efficient method to fix errors and speed up the system.

So follow the steps listed below to hard reset your phone.

For iPhone 8-8+

  • Click on the ‘Volume increase’ key and then press the volume Decrease’ key.
  • Press the power key until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Now Enter your password to login into your device.

For iPhone 7-7+

  • Press the power button, press the Volume decrease button, and do not lose the button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

For iPhone 6s-6SE

  • Press the Home and Sleep button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Now release the button and let the device restart, and this will resolve the issue.

DFU Restore Your iPhone

Have you ever wondered how an independent device works without the user’s instruction? The answer to it is firmware. Firmware is the code of instruction that is saved on the hardware to ensure smooth working. So if your device is showing an issue, you can perform Device Firmware Update to solve the issue.

Follow the steps listed below to Device Firmware Update.

  • Install the recent version of the iTunes on your system.
  • Connect your device and play iTunes.
  • Now, put the device in the DFU Mode.

– For the iPhone model (6s/6s+ and earlier:)

  • Press the power & home button for 10 seconds.
  • Now release power but press home button until your iPhone is visible on iTunes in your system.

– For iPhone model (7/7 Plus:)

  • Press your power & sound decrease button on your device for 10 seconds.
  • Lift the power button while pressing the volume decrease button.
  • Wait for your device to appear in iTunes, and then release the release your home button.

– For iPhone 8 & 8 Plus, + iPhone, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, XS Max, XR,  X, XS,

  • Press the Volume increase button, and after that, press the Volume Decrease button.
  • Then press side button of your device until the screen goes blank and now let the device restart.

Contact Apple

If you cannot resolve this issue in your device even after following the methods listed above, you must contact Apple. Apple provides the most efficient customer care service so you can connect to them and let them know your issue.

Make sure you register your complaint, as this will resolve your issue as early as possible.


Using the devices to the maximum efficiency and resolving basic issues with the device are the signs of a good user, so one must be skilled in troubleshooting. The basic troubleshooting skills make it easier for a user to handle various issues in their device. Hope this article will help you fix the iPhone spinning wheel issue.

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