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What To Do If Your Samsung TV Won’t Turn ON?

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of TVs, monitors, and other display devices. Their QLED lineup of TVs are very popular as they have excellent panels, high-end signal processing, and all the other bells and whistles (except Dolby Vision). Recently, Samsung started venturing into OLED TVs as a competition to the monopolistic LG’s OLED Panels. Other TV manufacturers such as Sony and Panasonic started using Samsung’s OLED Panels. Despite their popularity, specs, and build-quality, several users reported their Samsung TV won’t turn ON.

In this guide, we will explore this issue with some Samsung TVs. First, we will see the reasons why a Samsung TV won’t turn on. After that, we will take a look at some simple troubleshooting solutions to fix the issue.

Is Your Samsung TV Not Turning On?

Samsung Electronics is one of the largest manufacturers of different electronic devices, appliances, and gadgets. They are a big-name entity in the world of flat screen panels, be it TVs or Monitors.

If we dig a little bit deeper, Samsung Display is responsible for manufacturing all the panels for TVs, Monitors, Smartphones, etc. They provide these panels to different electronics manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics, Apple, Sony, Panasonic, etc.

Initially, all Samsung panels were of LCD type, especially if take TVs and Monitors. Samsung Display also produces OLED Panels (with their iconic AMOLED Panels), first only for Samsung Electronics (to put in their Smartphones and Tablets) and later to other Smartphone, Tablet, and Laptop Manufacturers (Apple, Xiaomi, BBK Group, etc.).

While Samsung’s LCD TVs with their QLED Technology are very good, we cannot compare them to the superior OLED TVs. LG had a near monopoly on OLED Panels for TV.

Things changed recently when Samsung Display started producing OLED Panels for TVs and Monitors. Other display manufacturers soon started integrating these OLED Panels into their display unit.

ASUS and Dell Monitors, Sony and Panasonic TVs, and even Samsung TVs brought OLED TVs and Monitors into the market with excellent reviews, ratings, and performance.

Focusing on Samsung TVs, their OLED LCD TVs are one of the best-selling TVs out there. They are competing against the likes of Nano Cell LCD IPS Panels from LG in terms of picture quality, color accuracy, and viewing angles.

But even with all the high-end components and technology, all electronics tend to fail at one point and Samsung TVs are no exception.

We have seen several Samsung TV owners complain about their TV not turning on. If you are facing a similar issue, the you are not alone.

Why Samsung TV Won’t Turn ON?

Okay. We know that there are many Samsung TVs out there that won’t turn on. But what exactly are the reasons for this?

There could be several reasons why your Samsung TV won’t turn on. One of the common problems that users reported (upon investigating) is their Samsung TV and its remote are no longer in sync (or paired).

If there is a problem with the power cable or the power outlet, then also the Samsung TV won’t turn on.

This is very rare, but a faulty firmware update might be the culprit. Or if your Samsung TV has an outdated firmware.

Most modern TVs have multiple HDMI inputs for us to plug in different devices such as Set-top box, Gaming Console, Laptop, Camera, Sound Bar, etc. If you selected the wrong input source, then the Samsung TV might not work properly or won’t turn on.

All these reasons are very simple and easily fixable. But there are some serious and worrisome reasons such as fried power supply or motherboard, faulty panel, broken LED Backlight, etc.

In all these cases (and other similar ones), there is no simple fix or solution. You have to contact Samsung to get a better response and hopefully solve the problem.

How To Fix It?

1. Power Cycle Your Samsung TV

If your Samsung TV is on, press and hold the power button on the TV to about 10 seconds to turn it off. Now, take the power cord from the outlet and wait for 30 to 60 seconds.

Now, press and hold the TV’s power button to drain any residual power. We recommend you to hold the power button for about 30 seconds or more.

Plug the power cord back into the outlet. Press and hold the power button on the Samsung TV for at least 10 seconds. This will turn on the TV and hopefully this will fix the problem.

2. Check The Input Source

If you are using multiple input devices such as cable, Set-top Box, Streaming Device, Gaming Console (PlayStation or Xbox), or any other device with your Samsung TV, then chances are you set input to one device, say a PlayStation, and forgot.

If this is the case, then unplug all the HDMI Cables from the back of the TV and do a power cycle as we mentioned in the previous section.

This solution worked for several users. If it worked for you, then plug the devices back to the Samsung TV and select the proper HDMI Input.

3. Check Batteries Of The Remote

You Samsung TV’s Remote Control need a pair of AA Batteries (or AAA, depending on the model) to work properly.

If the batteries are running out of juice or if there is any improper contact, then the remote control might not be able to send signals to the TV.

Take out the batteries and re-install them properly. If you are sure they are old batteries (or aging batteries), try to replace them with new ones.

Before inserting new batteries, you can do the similar “residual power drain” method that we did to the TV. After removing the old batteries, press and hold the power button on the remote for at least 30 seconds.

4. Check Power Cable And Outlet

A loose power cord or outlet might not make proper connection with the prongs and your Samsung TV might not receive the power.

So, we recommend you to check all the power cables and outlets that you regularly use. If there is no problem with the power cord, try and insert it into a different outlet and see.

5. Reset Samsung TV

If you are able to turn on your Samsung TV using any of the previous methods, we recommend your to do a full reset of the TV.

Using the remote control or the button on the Samsung TV, navigate to “Settings”, and then to “General”. Here, you will find a “Reset” option.

If you select this option, this will delete all your TV’s Settings, Apps, Network Data, etc. and restore all factory default settings.

If you have a Samsung Smart TV, then you can connect a keyboard or mouse to the USB Port and use it to navigate through the settings.

Some other ways you can control your Samsung TV are using a universal Remote Control or through Samsungs SmartThings App on your Smartphone.

6. Problem With Backlight LED

Like all LCD TVs, even Samsung QLED TVs have a source of backlight in the form LED Strips. These can be on the edges (top and bottom or left and right) or on all the borders.

If there is a problem with the LED Backlight, then you will not see any picture on the display. In this case, your TV will turn on and you can see some activity of the standby light. But as the backlight LED are not functioning (either a wiring problem or complete damage), your Samsung TV will not work.

You have to contact Samsung support team or any Samsung-authorized service center. The situation varied depending on the warranty status of your Samsung TV.

7. Faulty Power Supply

All the electronic components inside your Samsung TV needs proper power and the power supply in your TV provide it.

Most modes flat-screen TVs use switching power supplies, which are usually compact and robust. But capacitors are one of the common points of failure in power supplies.

Also, if there was any sudden power spike or lightning strike in your area, then the power supply’s protection mechanism kicks in and might sacrifice a fuse, MOV, or other protection component.

If this is the case, you have to contact Samsung service as they will analyze the board and provide with a better solution.

8. Fried Motherboard

The motherboard on Samsung TV (or any other TV) has all the signal processing wizardry on it that takes digital (or analog) signals and displays them on the panel.

TV’s Motherboard is a very sensitive component as a whole and if it is damaged for some reason, then your Samsung TV won’t turn on.

Even in this situation, you have to contact Samsung support or servicing team for further assistance.


Samsung is one of the top-tier manufacturers of TVs. Their QLED TVs and recently, their OLED TVs are top-of-the-line stuff.

But several users reported their Samsung TV won’t turn on. While this is annoying, there are some easy fixes for the problem.

In this guide, we saw some reasons why a Samsung TV won’t turn on. After that, we also saw some simple solution that might fix the issue.

If you feel we missed something, do let us know in the comments section as it will be helpful to us as well as other readers.

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