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Where is Samsung TV Power Button Located?

Samsung is one of the premium manufacturers of several electronic devices including TVs. Their QLED lineup of TVs offers superior picture quality. Recently, Samsung entered into the manufacturing of OLED TVs with the branding name QD-OLED. As Samsung launches several TVs every year, its design profile may change from one model to another. In the process, it also relocates the Power Button depending on the design. If you are a Samsung TV owner and are looking to find out about Samsung TV Power Button, then we are here to help you out.

In this guide, we will see the common places where Samsung likes to put the Power Button. We will also see how to use the Samsung TV Power Button.

Where is Samsung TV Power Button?

Like all modern televisions, even Samsung TVs have a power button. But the issue is that Samsung changes the position of this power button from model to model.

So, how to find the Power Button on a Samsung TV? Let us jump straight to finding the location of the Samsung TV Power Button.

Here are some possible places on a TV where Samsung likes to put its power button.

  • Under Samsung Logo (Middle Underside)
  • Front Right Underside of TV
  • Left or Right Front Bezel (Touch Control)
  • Back Right Side of TV

Under Samsung Logo (Middle Underside)

The first place where you might find the power button is under the Samsung logo or right in the middle, underneath the front – lower bezel.

If you have access to look under the TV, then proceed to look for the power button. Or, you can simply place your finger and try to feel the button.

Usually, power buttons under the logo will have a rubber finish so that we can feel them without looking.

Front Right Underside of TV

Another common place for Samsung to put the power button is under the front right underside of the TV.

This is also the place where some Samsung TV models houses the IR Receiver (that receives signals from the TV Remote).

As a result, it is one of the last places many TV owners are likely to look for the power button.

Left or Right Front Bezel (Touch Control)

Some Samsung TVs have touch-sensitive user buttons including the power button instead of physical buttons.

For the touch control power button, Samsung places it on the front bezel, usually on the far-right side but very rarely on the left side.

As they are touch controls, these buttons have a silkscreen (white paint) on the surface to make things clear.

Back Right Side of TV

One of the worst places to put the power button is on the back side of the TV. You will not have any sort of visual context and all you can do is browse the back with your finger and start to feel the button.

If the Samsung TV Power button is on the back side, then chances are it is on the lower right side of the back panel.

You will find it very difficult to reach the power button on the back if you wall-mounted your TV.

What Can You Do with Samsung TV Power Button?

Now that we have seen the possible places to look for the power button on a Samsung TV, let us see some important things we can do with the power button.

The first and obvious thing is you can turn the TV ON and OFF with the power button. This is very useful if you misplaced your TV Remote, batteries run out in the remote or the TV remote control is completely damaged.

Another important thing you can do with the power button is cold boot your Samsung TV.

When we use the TV for a long time, it can run low on memory and become sluggish. Residual electrical charge will build in the TV and this results in glitches while opening apps, unresponsive TV unit or delayed response (taking a long time to turn ON or turn OFF), etc.

The solution to these problems is to cold boot your TV, which means you need to discharge the residual charge and reset the motherboard.

To do this, turn ON the TV. Now, press and hold the Samsung TV Power button until it turns off the TV and turns it on after a short duration.

Once the TV restarts, you can release the power button and this process completes the cold boot of your TV.


Samsung is an important player in the business of display, especially televisions (TVs). They are one of the largest manufacturers of LCD TVs and recently entered into QD-OLED TVs.

As Samsung launches tons of new models every year, it slightly alters the design elements of the TV from the previous generation.

One such change is the position of the Power Button. It is quite annoying that Samsung isn’t sticking to a single location for the Power Buttons on its TVs.

In this guide, we saw some possible places on the TV where you can locate the Samsung TV Power Button.

As a bonus, we also saw a couple of important jobs for the Samsung TV Power Button.

We tried to cover all the possible places Samsung likes to put the power button on its TVs. But if you feel we missed something or your Samsung TV has a different position for the power button, do let us know in the comments section so that other readers can find it useful.

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