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How To Turn On A Samsung TV Without A Remote?

Most TVs come with a remote control in order to manage the control of the device. But what if I tell you, you can actually control your TV without using a remote control? Yes, you heard it right. Samsung TV is really accessible without a remote control. Although it gives you limited access, still remote-free is a real smart device experience. In today’s article, we’ll learn about how to turn on a Samsung TV and control it without a remote control. What are the errors you might face, and how to troubleshoot it?samsung image

What are Different Methods and Ways to Turn on Samsung TV without a Remote?

Multiple ways can help you control your Samsung TV, like using the power button, Samsung Smart Thing app, or any other application. In the below guide, we will help you with the complete step-by-step process.

1. By using a Power Button

A power button is one of the easiest methods to control your TV without using a remote control. In order to access the TV with the power button, make sure you locate the button properly. You may find it at the back of your TV, under the panel in the middle, or at the side.

  • Step 1:  Once you locate the power button, then press and hold the button to turn on the TV.
  • Step 2:  Now using the manual controls you can access the TV features

2. By using the Samsung SmartThings App (If Even the Power Button is Broken but Working)

There are chances that you might not be able to control the power button, maybe because it is already damaged and not working. In such situations, the Samsung SmartThings App is the coolest alternative ever. Below is the step-by-step guide to control.

  • Step 1: Download and install the SmartThings app from the Play Store/ App Store on your smartphone
  • Step 2: Open the app & log in to your account (for new users, create a new account)
  • Step 3: If you have multiple devices (TV) then turn on the one that needs to be connected
  • Step 4: Locate the plus sign (+), one can find it in the top corner. Once found click on the same.
  • Step 5: Once you click on the plus sign, select the device you want to connect from the dropdown list.
  • Step 6: Click on the TV icon, select Samsung TV, then click on TV again
  • Step 7: Click on Start and select the location & a room, then click on next
  • Step 8: Select the smart TV you want to access from the drop-down list of the available devices

Note: Further step varies according to the model of your Smart TV

  • For models from 2020 – 23, the user has to use the remote to click OK on the screen.
  • For models from 2017 – 19, the user has to enter the PIN given on the TV screen to their phone.
  • For 2016 models the user has to access it with the help of buttons on the TV or remote to click on allow

Now complete the process by giving a name to your TV with the help of the Smart things app from your phone and then click on Done.

3. Using the Other Applications

There are many other applications available in the market that can help users to access their Samsung smart TV without a TV remote apart from the Samsung SmartThings App. We have listed one of the best choices for your easy understanding of Android and IOS both.

1. For Android Devices

TV (Samsung) Remote Control – TV (Samsung) Remote Control is a widely used application by Android users as an alternative to the Samsung SmartThing app. This appall allows users to connect to their TV and access it with the help of a smartphone. This app turns the smartphone screen into a virtual remote that looks exactly like a physical remote. The same design helps the user to understand the controls easily. A user can connect the application to the TV by simple wifi pairing.

2. For IOS Devices:

  • Remote: remote for Samsung TV – Remote is one of the best options available in the market currently. An app specifically designed for Samsung TV’s. It has a really large touchpad screen that allows the user to connect with the device automatically once the first pairing is done successfully.
  • Smart TV Things: Sam TV Remote – The Sam TV Remote may have been new in the race, but it has a huge number of users. Due to its unique user interface and easy shortcuts, many users find it more convenient than any other application.

ControlMeister Samsung Remote – The ControlMeister is widely known for its services. This application helps you to turn your smartphone into a remote control. All of these features and that too free. Yes, you heard it right ControlMeister provides all the virtual remote controlling services completely free. Unlike others, this app does not have any premium charges.

What Should I Do if My Samsung TV isn’t Turned On?

Many users get scared when their Samsung TV does not start even after using all the Adobe mentioned methods. Well, there can be possibilities for that, but generally this type of issue occurs due to poor power or connection supply. In order to avoid such issues, try using below any one of the methods.

1. Unplug and Replug the TV.

There are possibilities that the TV is not turning due to poor power connectivity. It usually happens due to a loose connection between the socket and the plug. try unplugging the plug and then, after a few seconds, plug it back. Once done, please check if the TV is working.

2. Check the Connections.

Manier times, it has been reported by users that such cases occur due to poor connections. To resolve this, you just need to check the connectivity plugs and whether everything is working properly or not. Once done, then check if the TV is connected properly.

3. Check Your Surge Protectors if You are Using Them.

Surge protectors are indeed one of the best tools to save your electronic gadgets from unwanted spikes or power surges. But sometimes, due to dust or loose plugins, the surge protectors do not supply the power properly through the port. That can be one of the reasons why the TV might not turn on.

What Should I Do if My Samsung TV Turns On, but There is No Picture?

There are chances a user might face such issues with their Samsung TV and honestly this issue does appear quite difficult as there is no problem with the power supply. Well, don’t worry. such errors can occur due to poor connectivity, device hardware issues or might be because of firmware. In order to troubleshoot the no-picture error try using one of below mentioned methods.

1. Check the Connections

Internet connectivity is the crucial element of any smart TV. Due to poor connectivity, the user might face issues with the performance of the device. not just that, they can also face no-picture problems. In such cases, it is better to check if the TV is properly connected to the right network or not. If yes, then check the connection services to see if it has a valid internet connection supply.

2. Restart the TV and Source Device

There are chances that it is due to dust or might be because of some other reason. the device hardware gets into problems due to which the TV screen won’t show the picture. In such cases, it is better to restart the TV and the source together to clear the issue at once.

3. Adjust Picture Settings

Everybody wants to get the best picture quality from their drive and the service provider. But in general, the picture quality actually depends on the configuration of the TV. If your TV is not compatible with any of the picture quality, the user might face a no-picture problem. In such cases, try resetting the picture setting to default. This will get the TV back on the proper viewing track.

4. Test with Different Sources

If you have already checked the power supply and internet connection, and if both are working fine. then there are chances that the problem might be with the source. in order to identify such issues clearly and to resolve them. try connecting your TV with other sources.

5. Update Firmware

Nowadays, it has become very common for smart devices to behave strangely if their firmware or OS is outdated. it is better to always keep the devices up to date with the latest OS or firmware versions.

6. Factory Reset

Manier times the user updates the device’s setting above the system configuration, which is not accessible. In such cases, the best suggestion is to perform a factory reset process that will reset all the device settings to default, and the TV will work fine again.

Turn On Samsung TV without Remote – FAQs

1. What could cause the Samsung TV to not turn on?

Ans: The issue might occur due to poor power connectivity; try checking with the power supply sockets, power surge (if used any). If the issue still persists, try using any one of the troubleshooting methods from the above list.

2. What is the Samsung TV Power Button?

Ans: The power button in the Samsung TV  can be a physical or virtual button that controls the power status of your TV. The main function of this button is to turn on and off the TV. whereas there are many other applications also of this power button.

3. What does it mean when your TV turns on but the screen is black?

Ans: Generally, the black screen issue revolves around the supply source. If there is a problem while transmitting the visuals from source to TV, then such type of issue can occur. In such situations, it is better to check first the input source connectivity.

4. Where can I locate the power button on the Samsung TV?

Ans: A user may find the power button at the back of their TV if not, then under the panel at the middle side or at the side.

5. How do I know if my Samsung TV fuse is blown?

Ans: In order to check if the TV fuse is blown, first of all, unplug the TV safely to avoid any electric shock. Then locate the fuse it is typically stationed near the power supply board. Once you locate the fuse, then visually check if everything seems to be okay with the device. If not, then try testing the fuse. There are many ways to test the fuse working, such as using a multimeter or by replacing the fuse.


Samsung TV has a really great impression in the market due to its high visual and pixel quality. because of this, it has become many users’ favourite TV of all time. But most of them are unaware if they face any problem with the power button or if they want to access the TV without using the remote control then what are the possibilities to achieve it. It is always advised to go through instructions properly and execute the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods carefully step-by-step to avoid any unwanted difficulties.

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