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How To Chromecast Apple TV?

Watching your favourite content on Apple TV is fun, but small screens like smartphones or tablets foil your viewing experience. Connecting the smartphone with a bigger screen like a smart TV seems like a good idea. Nobody desires to be trapped in a web of connectivity cables as a user. If only there was a way of mirroring the contents of Apple TV to the television. Do not worry as the Chromecast comes to your rescue.

Chromecast is a device developed by Google that allows the user to stream media from any device to a television. This device helps in simplifying the way we stream media between two devices. Connecting Apple TV with Chromecast might look like a challenge for some users. This article will guide you through several solutions for using Chromecast with Apple TV.

Chromecast And Apple TV

Chromecast is a device developed for the Google ecosystem. It is externally connected to a device via HDMI ports or directly comes built-in with the device. It can stream media from popular OTT platforms, YouTube, and other services. The streaming quality can be set to a higher resolution of 1080p from Chromecast devices. Chromecast is known for maintaining streaming quality across all devices without any loss in the frames. This device however lacks a user interface and users have to control everything via a connected device.

Similarly, the Apple TV is a streaming device developed for the Apple ecosystem. Unlike the Chromecast, Apple TV features a dedicated user interface. Apple TV comes equipped with many additional features compared to the Chromecast. Being an Apple product, it is compatible with other products from Apple. It also has a better-streaming quality set to 4K resolution. Using AirPlay features, Apple TV allows mirroring of any device’s screen to a television. Apart from this, it also offers access to Apple TV+ streaming service and Apple Arcade.

Is It Possible to Watch Apple TV on Chromecast?

A simple answer to the question would be yes, it is possible to watch Apple Tv on Chromecast. Since Chromecast and Apple TV belong to different ecosystems, combining them is a bit complex. The Chromecast device can receive and stream videos on a TV with the help of any phone or computer. The Apple TV however casts media only via AirPlay, making it difficult to use it with non-Apple products.

There are several bypasses to this problem, which help you connect Apple Tv with Chromecast. Users can cast the content of Apple TV by installing the Chrome browser on their devices. Chrome browsers offer built-in casting features that can be used with Apple TV (the user must log in to Apple TV via the browser). Apart from this, several methods to cast Apple TV with Chromecast are explained in the next section.

Methods For Casting Apple TV With Chromecast

1. With The Help of Google TV

It is possible to stream Apple TV on Chromecast if users have the latest version of Google TV. Users have to access the app tab on Google TV via Chromecast simply. Here, users can search for the Apple TV application. The user can install, update, or open the Apple TV app from this section. After launching the Apple TV application, it will start running via Chromecast on Google TV. Streaming of series or movies can be done after completing the previous steps.

2. With The Help of Casting Apps

There are several casting apps available in the market which offer connectivity for Apple TV on Chromecast. You can choose any popular app like AllCast, ApowerMirror, etc to initiate the casting process. To make this solution work, users must connect the Chromecast and the device to the same network. After installation, launch the casting app on your device after installation and access Chromecast from the available list. Users will get a cast option on their screen after playing any content.

3. With The Help of Third-Party Devices

Users can also opt for a third-party device to stream Apple TV’s Chromecast content. Roku streaming stick is one of the most popular third-party devices that allows content streaming across Apple TV and Chromecast. First, users must connect their TV with a Roku stick. Both Roku Stick and Apple TV must be connected to the same network. The next step includes downloading, installing, and launching the Roku app on your device. Users can access the Apple TV option from the Roku app and play the content. A cast option is created on the right corner of the device’s screen which resumes casting of the content on TV.

4. Chromecast Apple TV With Edge Browser

The Microsoft Edge browser is built on the open-source Chromium software from Google. This makes the Edge browser compatible with the Chromecast service, similar to the Chrome web browser. The availability of the Edge browser across all devices makes it ideal for using Apple TV on Chromecast. To Chromecast Apple TV’s content With edge browser, user can follow these steps:

  • Launching the Edge browser, users must visit the “” URL. By entering the login credentials, users can access their Apple TV+ account
  • When the homepage loads all the content, users can click on their favorite content
  • When the video loads, the user can right-click to open a sub-menu
  • Amongst several options, the user has to select the “cast media to the device” option
  • By selecting the Chromecast device from the “cast tab” section, streaming is initiated

5. Chromecast Apple TV Without Google TV

Some television sets including older generation units feature Chromecast without Google TV. It is still possible to cast Apple TV if users have a Google Chrome web browser installed. Users must first connect their TVs and devices to the same internet connection. Users must sign into their account to visit the Apple TV Plus website via Chrome browser. After this step, the user can access the cast option from the browser’s menu. Users must select their Chromecast device from the list of available devices. Streaming will instantly begin after clicking on the device name.

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Apple TV – FAQs

1. What to do when you are not able to cast Apple TV?

Ans: Users can locate the problem by checking every factor step by step. The devices should not be kept far from each other as it will cause connectivity problems. Both devices must be ON, and connected to the same WiFi network. Users can also restart the devices to reestablish the connection with the television.

2. Can you cast Apple TV with any TV?

Ans: You can cast Apple TV with any TV if both are compatible. With the help of services like AirPlay, you can cast content from your Apple device onto a television. Besides this, Apple TV can also be cast on compatible devices like Mac.

3. How to mirror an iPhone to Chromecast for free?

Ans: There are several options to mirror an iPhone to Chromecast for free. Users can use third-party apps which allow connectivity between Chromecast and iPhone without additional charges. The app must be approved and safe for use, to keep the user’s device safe from damage.

4. Is it possible to AirPlay Chromecast?

Ans: Currently, it is impossible to use AirPlay with Chromecast devices (not even Chrome browser). There are upcoming possibilities of this feature being made available to the public. Until then, users must rely on third-party apps, browsers, and other options.

Final Words

Since we live in the age of connectivity, it is okay to desire to work on Apple TV with Chromecast. Even if both products belong to different ecosystems, the possibility of connecting them helps improve the consumers’ viewing experience. With this article, we have answered whether it is possible to use both technologies or not. We have also discussed several ways to cast Apple TV to Chromecast legally. Users can use this information to stream their favorite content from Apple TV across larger scenes.

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