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In this project I 8217 ll show how to design a Digital Voltmeter using 8051 Microcontroller and also explain its working Voltmeter is a measuring

Introduction Temperature is the most widely sensed parameter of all physical parameters because of its significance on materials and processes at the molecular level Temperature

In this DIY Project I will show you how to build a simple Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit using easily available components This circuit can

Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs are the mostly commonly used components in many applications They are made of semiconducting material In this project I will

8220 Shedding Light on Solar Security Wire Free Sun Powered Surveillance at Your Fingertips 8221 Solar powered security cameras offer a sustainable and flexible

Capacitors are the standard components in electronic circuits Different combinations of capacitors are used in circuits practically This article explains about series and parallel combinations

Exploring how capacitors store electrical energy involves understanding capacitance and charge We start with the basic idea of capacitance which is measured in Farads and

When DC supply voltage is applied to the capacitor the capacitor is charged slowly and finally it reaches to fully charged position At this point

One Transistor Electronic Code Lock System Circuit uses minimal components to deliver maximum security It combines simple design with new technology Ideal for keeping personal

In a voltage divider circuit the supply voltage or circuit voltage is distributed among all the components in the circuit equally depending on the capacity