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How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Ethernet?

As you already know, Nintendo Switch is one of the world’s most successful gaming consoles that everyone wants to have right now. If you already own one, you already count among some of the luckiest and happiest people on the planet. We love playing games on our Nintendo Switch as well, especially online games, simply because competing with other people and winning against them feels fantastic.

So, what type of connection do you use to play online games on your Switch? If your answer is WiFi, you’re missing out on a lot of fun! We have already figured out a way to connect the Nintendo Switch to Ethernet, and believe us, it gives you an intense advantage and helps you win the online battles by a huge margin every time.

Since Nintendo Switch has thousands of games to enjoy online, why shouldn’t you have the best possible experience? But, you will definitely need a lightning-fast internet connection to play competitive games to always stay ahead of your opponents. No doubt, the WiFi speeds are quite pleasing and have improved a lot over time. However, if you compare the speeds to a wired connection, WiFi speeds are still struggling behind. Hence, there is no doubt that Ethernet offers a much better online gaming experience, no matter whatever platform it is!

But, the question is, how to connect Nintendo Switch to Ethernet? Especially when there is no port given on the dock for such a cable connection. Don’t worry; we will tell you about the complete process step by step, so make sure to stay on the page and follow the steps properly.

Steps to connect Nintendo Switch to Ethernet Connection

Although the Nintendo Switch became popular because of its portable form-factor. If you use your Switch device like any other normal console, and fortunately, the router is also placed nearby, it’s better to take advantage of it and use an Ethernet connection. Not only will it provide you with better internet speeds, but also the connection stability will improve by a huge factor.

So, let’s see what we need to here:

  1. First of all, you will need a LAN adapter, which is basically a small cable that converts the USB port on the back of your Switch dock into an Ethernet port.
  2. Connect the LAN adapter to one of the USB ports of your Nintendo Switch Dock.
  3. Now, join the Ethernet cable to the LAN adapter.
  4. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the router or gateway.
  5. Place your Nintendo Switch into the dock, and connect the dock to a TV.
  6. Turn on the console, and go to System Settings.
  7. Here, select the Internet tab on the left, and go to the Internet Settings section.
  8. Your Switch console will automatically start looking up for nearby Wi-Fi connections.
  9. Since we have connected the Ethernet Cable, a Wired Connection option will appear on your screen.
  10. Choose Connect to the Internet via Wired Connection.
  11. Once you select the wired connection option, the console will test the connection; this might take a minute or two.

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As you can see, the process of connecting the Nintendo Switch to an Ethernet is so simple and straightforward. If your Nintendo is usually placed at one spot, and you barely take it out of the dock, it’s better to play online using the wired connection. Everyone knows the internet speed and stability is much better on a wired connection, so why not take advantage of it, right!

All you need is a LAN adapter that can convert the USB port into an Ethernet port, and you’re done! Make some simple necessary connections, join the cables into the correct ports, and that’s it!

Hope you liked this method of connecting the Nintendo Switch to the Ethernet. In case you have any further queries, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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