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Why Does My Xbox Controller Keeps Disconnecting?

xbox controllerIn the world of console gaming, Xbox is a major player (pun intended). Currently, in its fourth generation, the Xbox Gaming Console offers a premium gaming experience. To aid this, the Xbox Controller is a fantastic inclusion. Originally a wired controller, the design and performance of the Xbox Controller evolved over the years. Nowadays, as everything is wireless, even the Xbox Controller is wireless. The problem with several wireless devices is a stable connection. If you are scratching your head and thinking why does my Xbox Controller keep disconnecting frequently, then we are here to help you.

In this guide, we will see some possible reasons why your Xbox Controller keeps disconnecting. After that, we will take a look at some simple troubleshooting methods to keep your Xbox Controller from disconnecting.

Why Does My Xbox Controller Keep Disconnecting?

The Xbox is a series of gaming consoles from Microsoft. Connect the console to a TV or Monitor. Download the games using Xbox Network (previously Xbox Live). Start playing the games using the Xbox Controller. It is that simple.

Over the years, Microsoft progressively improved the design and performance of the main console as well as the controller.

Speaking of the controller, the original Xbox Controller uses a wired connection. The Xbox 360 controller was available as both wired and wireless.

Starting with Xbox One, Microsoft focused on the wireless controller with the ability to connect it using the USB cable.

Initially, Microsoft used its own protocol for wireless connection between the Xbox Console and the controller. But starting with the later versions of the Xbox One controller, it added support for Bluetooth as well.

Now, to answer the question “Why Does My Xbox Controller Keep Disconnecting Frequently”, we will explore some possible reasons.

  • The Controller’s batteries are dead (or low)
  • Distance between the controller and console is more
  • Xbox Controller’s firmware is not up to date
  • Update the Xbox Controller Driver

These are some common reasons why Xbox Controller keeps disconnecting from the console (or PC). There could be other reasons such as hardware or software issues, damaged controllers, etc.

How to Fix Xbox Controller from Disconnecting?

Let us now see some quick fixes to stop Xbox Controller from disconnecting.

Recharge or Replace Xbox Controller’s Battery

Depending on the version of the controller you have, it will either have a AA Battery or a built-in rechargeable battery.

The Xbox displays the charge status of the Xbox Controller’s battery on the home screen. There is also a battery indicator on the Controller itself.

Check the status of the battery charge and recharge if it is a rechargeable battery or replace them if they are AA batteries.

Update Xbox Controller’s Firmware

Microsoft releases regular updates to the Xbox Controllers to improve its performance. But if your controller is running on outdated firmware, then there is a chance that it keeps disconnecting.

All you can do is update the Controller’s firmware. Connect the Xbox Controller to the Console using the USB cable (micro-USB or Type C, depending on the type of controller you have).

Now, power on the Xbox Console and sign in to Xbox Network. Press the “Xbox” button on the controller and go to “Profile & system”.

In “Settings”, go to the “Devices & connections” option. From the right panel on the screen, select the “Accessories” option.

Select the controller on the screen and if there is an update available, continue with the update.

Alternatively, you can update the Xbox Controller’s firmware from a Windows machine. For this, you have to download the “Xbox Accessories App” from the Microsoft Store.

Connect the Xbox Controller to the PC using a USB cable and open the app. It will automatically detect the controller.

Now, press the three dots menu just below the configure button. On the left, you can see the firmware version of the Xbox Controller. It will also show any available updates.

If there is an update, apply it and wait until it finishes updating the firmware.

Update Your Xbox Console

That’s right. If your Xbox’s software is out of date, then also there is a chance that your Xbox Controller keeps disconnecting.

To update your Console, power it on and press the “Xbox” button on the controller. Now, go to “Profile & system” and select “Settings”.

Select “System” from the left panel and then select “Updates” on the right panel. This will check for updates and if there are any, apply them immediately.

Reduce the Distance Between Console and Controller

Whether it is Microsoft’s own Xbox Wireless Protocol or the universal Bluetooth connection, all wireless communications have range limitations.

If you move the controller farther from the console, it might go out of range and keeps disconnecting. Obstacles between your controller and the console will also affect the wireless transmission.

So, try and move the controller close to the console and see if it still continues to disconnect. Make sure that there are no obstacles between the controller and the console and it is facing the right direction.

Restart Your Xbox Console

A quick power cycle can solve a lot of problems. While the console is still on, press and hold the “Xbox” button on the Xbox Console for about 10 seconds. It will shut down.

Now, wait for 10 to 15 seconds (or slightly more) and press the “Xbox” button on the console once again to turn it on.

Check if the Xbox Controller stays connected without disconnecting.

Reconnect Xbox Controller with Console

Another quick solution is to disconnect the Xbox Controller from the Console and reconnect it.

Press and hold the Pair Button adjacent to the USB Port until the “Xbox” button on the controller flashes.

Now, press and hold the pair button once again until the light on the “Xbox” button on your controller becomes stable.

Factory Reset the Xbox Console

You can factory reset your Xbox Console to start fresh, including reconnecting the controller to the console.

Press the “Xbox” button on the Xbox Controller. Go to “Profile & system” and then select “Settings”.

Now, select “System” on the left panel and “Console Info” on the right panel. You will see a “Reset Console” option.

Select that. You can Reset the console with or without removing your games, game data, and apps. Select what is appropriate for you.

Use Xbox Controller with USB Cable

If everything that we mentioned above doesn’t work, then try to use the Controller with the help of a USB Cable. Sadly, we are not trying to fix the problem here but rather bypass it.

Now, if you are able to use your Xbox Controller using the USB cable, then there is a hardware problem with the “Wireless” part of the Controller (or console).

You can continue using it this way. Or, you can take it to a Microsoft authorized service center and try to resolve the issue there.

Contact Microsoft

If everything else fails, then there might be significant damage to your Xbox Controller. All you can do is contact Microsoft and see if the Controller is serviceable or not.

You can choose to service or repair the Controller. But if you are unsure, then try to get a replacement.

Before purchasing a new Xbox Controller, we recommend you to use another Xbox Controller (borrow one from your family or friend) and try to use it for some time. If there is no problem, then the problem is definitely with your Controller.

But if the borrowed controller is also giving you trouble, then there might be a problem with your Xbox Console itself.


Why does my Xbox Controller keep disconnecting frequently? This is somewhat a common question among several Xbox owners. They face frequent disconnection of the Controller and it is quite annoying.

In this guide, we saw the possible reasons as to why the Xbox Controller keeps disconnecting. After that, we also saw some basic troubleshooting methods to stop your Xbox Controller from disconnecting.

Even though we listed some popular solutions here, there can be many other ways to solve this issue. If you think we missed something or you tried any other way, please let us know in the comments section. This will be helpful to us as well as other readers.

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