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6 Ways: How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

Got a new Android phone? Awesome! Whether you use different phones for work and personal stuff or just got an upgrade, losing your contacts can be a bummer. We get it – setting up a new phone can be stressful, especially when it comes to moving your contacts.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! This article is all about making it super easy for you. No need to stress about leaving your contacts behind. We’ve tried out different ways, and we’re here to share the simplest and best ones with you. So, Let’s Begin

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How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Android

1. Transfer Contacts from Android to Android Using Google Account Sync

 transferring contacts from one Android device to another is by syncing them through a Google backup. Here are straightforward steps to guide you through the process:

Step 1:- Go to Settings, Click on Google Transfer contact form google sync

Step 2:- Select Settings for Google Apps Option, and 

Step 3:- Select Google Contacts Sync Option

android to android google app Image 1

Step 4:- Select Status of Google contacts Sync

Step 5:- Toggle Automatically sync.

android to android google app image 2

To access your synced contacts on other devices or web browsers, sign in to your Google Account using the same credentials.

2. Transfer Contacts from Android to Android Using Contact Transfer App

Contact transfer apps offer a convenient and efficient solution for transferring contacts between devices. Here’s an improved step-by-step guide on using a contact transfer app:

  1. Install the App: Install a reliable contact transfer app from the app store on both Android devices.

android to android contact transfer app image 1

2. Open the app: Open the contact transfer app on both your old and new devices.

3. Select the Old Device: In the app on your old phone, pick the option to send or export contacts.

4. Choose Contacts: Select the contacts you want to transfer or pick all of them if you prefer.

android to android contact transfer app image 2


  • Initiate the transfer: Select all contacts or you can also choose selectively and click on Next,
  • Choose Unlock Option:- Choose Transfer Phone Numbers option as shown in below picture and click on Next

android to android contact transfer app image 4

  • Send:- You will see this interface shown in picture, which refers to choose how you want to send there are two ways,  one is through QR Code and Second one is through Mail. We selected QR Code as its a simple way.

android to android contact transfer app image 5

  • Scan QR Code:- Scan QR Code from old device
  • Wait for the transfer to complete: The app will initiate the contact transfer process, and patiently wait until it finishes.

android to android contact transfer app image 6

  • Verify the transfer: After the transfer is complete, check your contacts on the new device to ensure all desired information has been successfully transferred.

3. Share Contacts Using Bluetooth

Using Bluetooth is possibly the easiest way to transfer contacts between Android devices. Start by turning on Bluetooth on both devices through the notification panel, and proceed to pair the devices. Then, ensure they stay within Bluetooth range throughout the transfer process.

Here are the steps for importing contacts to Android by Bluetooth:

  1. Turn ON Bluetooth on both devices and pair them.

android to android bluetooth 1

2. Go to Contacts app, press and hold a contact until it’s highlighted.

3. Select Share Contacts Option, A pop up will appear and you will see sharing ways. Select Bluetooth and select the device.

Transfer contacts via bluetooth

3. The new device will receive a pop-up confirmation. Select the ‘Accept’ option, and the contacts will be downloaded to the new device.

android to android bluetooth 2

4. Share Contacts Using Nearby Share

Nearby Share is a handy Android feature that makes it easy to share files, links, and contacts with nearby devices. Here’s a quick and straightforward step-by-step guide on how to use Nearby Share specifically for sharing contacts:

  1. Make sure that both devices have Nearby Share enabled and are running Android 6.0 or a later version.

android to android nearby share 1

2. Customize visibility options, choosing to be visible to all nearby devices or only to your contacts.

android to android nearby share 2

3. Open Contacts app on the device containing the contact you wish to share.

4. Tap the share icon or “Share” option within the contact details and select Nearby Share as the sharing method

android to android nearby share 3

5. Choose the desired device from the list of nearby devices with Nearby Share enabled.

android to android nearby share 4

6. The recipient will get a notification asking for permission to accept the contact transfer. Select Accept to receive the contact.

android to android nearby share 5

 Once done, both devices will show a confirmation. The shared contact will now be available in the recipient’s Contacts app.

5. Transfer Contacts from Android to Android Using Contact

If you’re okay with a bit of manual work, you can save your contacts from your current Android phone and then bring them onto your new Android phone. The exact steps may vary depending on your Android version, the Contacts app, and your phone model, but you should be able to do something similar to the steps below:

  • On an old device: Go to Contacts, select three dots, click Contact Settings.
  • Choose Import/Export, select Export to Storage Device, save the file.Transfer contacts using contacts
  • Connect old and new devices via USB, email, or cloud storage.export contacts
  • On the new device: Open Contacts, find Import option.
  • Select the exported file, follow on-screen instructions to import.
  • Check the new device’s contact list to ensure successful transfer.

6. Transfer Contacts from Android to Android Using MobileTrans App

Transfer your contacts between Android phones effortlessly using MobileTrans – Phone Transfer, a handy third-party app. It’s super easy – just a click, and your contacts, along with other stuff like videos, music, messages, and photos, move from your old phone to the new one.

Steps to transfer Contacts using Mobiletrans App

  1. Open Wondershare MobileTrans
  2. Select “Phone Transfer” option
  3. Connect both Android devices to the computer via USB
  4. Select your source device and click on Flip 
  5. Select Contact option to transfer
  6. Click On start and you will see a pop up saying all contacts will be cleared before copy
  7. Select Cancel option
  8. Click on “Start” to initiate the transfer


Moving contacts from one Android device to another offers several methods, including contact transfer apps, Google Account sync, Bluetooth, and manual export-import. Each approach has its perks and considerations, considering factors like convenience, speed, and compatibility. By choosing the right method and following the steps, users can smoothly transfer contacts, guaranteeing easy access to crucial contact info on their new Android device.

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