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How to Rename Bluetooth on iPhone?

Bluetooth is such an easy-to-use technology that almost every smartphone has it and anyone can use it to share files from one device to another. However, the process of connecting one iPhone with another can be a little bit tough if you are not able to identify the right device to connect to. It’s because there are usually dozens of Bluetooth devices activated around us that finding the right one to connect to becomes confusing sometimes.

That’s where the importance of Bluetooth names comes into play. So, if you are interested to know how you can change your iPhone’s Bluetooth Name, this guide is all about it and will explain to you all the process in a few simple steps. That said, you should read this guide until the end and follow all the steps properly that we have mentioned down there for you.

How to Rename Bluetooth on iPhone?

Renaming the Bluetooth can be quite handy at times as it gives a unique identification to your device. So, the next time when you try to connect with someone’s smartphone via Bluetooth, your iPhone’s name will uniquely appear on their screen and the connection process will become a lot easier for both of you.

This guide is solely for the people who own an iPhone and want to change the Bluetooth name. The process is pretty simple and straightforward, so we are listing down some of the major steps that you need to follow to change the Bluetooth name on your iPhone. Thus, make sure you follow all the steps properly. Also, we will be sharing a lot of other useful information regarding Bluetooth names at the end of this article, so make sure to read the full guide.

How to Change the iPhone Bluetooth Name?

  • Find and Press the Settings icon

First of all, go to the Settings on your iPhone.

  • Go to the General option

Now, Scroll down until you find the General Settings on your iPhone.

  • Press the About button at the top of the screen

In the general option, you will come across a bunch of options. At the top of that section, you will find the About button, click on it.Change the iPhone Bluetooth Name

  • Tap the Name button at the top of the screen

Here, you will see the first option is for the name of your iPhone, tap on it.

  • Delete the name

You can either click on the text field and delete the entire name, or you can simply press the X button that is located at the right end of the text field to delete the current name.

  • Enter a new name

Once you have deleted the older name, the text field must be empty now. Enter a new name as you wish and press Done on the keyboard.

Change the iPhone Bluetooth Name 2Additional Information Regarding Changing your iPhone Bluetooth Name

The basic criteria that Apple iPhone’s follow to set a default name for the Bluetooth is that they take your Name, which is associated with the Apple ID, and set the Bluetooth name as “Your_Name’s iPhone”. For instance, if the Apple ID has the name Andrew on it, the default Bluetooth name on your iPhone will be Andrew’s iPhone. Although the default name is not at all bad, sometimes it can create a lot of confusion. Let’s suppose you have multiple iPhones or there are multiple people with the same name in one room, the other person won’t be able to find the right device to connect to.

In such cases, where there are many people with the same name, this default Bluetooth name is not a viable choice to use as it can be very confusing. With that said, it’s highly important that you should change your Bluetooth’s name to something else that can make the other person recognize you more uniquely and easily.

The same case can happen while connecting to AirPods as well. Once you set up your AirPods, they automatically get linked to your Apple ID and fetch your first name from there. Using your first name, you’ll always find your AirPods named “Your_Name’s AirPods”. Again, if there are two people in the same room who have the same name, you might end up trying to connect to someone else’s AirPods.

Well, it’s also possible to rename your AirPods as well. It’s pretty simple as all you need to do is click on the (i) button that appears right beside your AirPods Name, in the Connected Devices section of your iPhone’s Bluetooth Settings. From there, you can set your AirPods name to whatever you want, it’s that simple!


As we said earlier, it was this easy to change the Bluetooth name of your iPhone. Usually, people find it difficult to change the Bluetooth name because they try searching for this setting in the Bluetooth section of the iPhone. However, it’s a general setting and can be only changed when you follow the steps that we have mentioned in this guide for you.

Well, using these simple steps, you will be able to change the Bluetooth name of your iPhone as many times as you want. In case you find this guide informative or helpful, and any of your friends need to know about it, don’t forget to help them out by sharing this guide with them. Moreover, if you have any other similar queries or doubts regarding this topic, feel free to share them in the comments section and discuss them with us!

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