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How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One

Are you sick of tangled cords and strewn chords on the floor while gaming? Say goodbye to wired headphones and take your gaming experience to the next level with Bluetooth headphones. Though they give you a lot of flexibility in many ways, there is always the question of how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One, as well as numerous connectivity concerns and worries when getting an Xbox One series. Even, if you are one among them don’t get worried.

In this article, we covered all of your worries. Yes, you heard that right. We will address your concerns and assist you in resolving the issue so that you may enjoy your game’s audio to the fullest. Before proceeding further, have a look at the topics that are incorporated in the article for your reference. 

So, without further ado, let’s get right into the topic for the day…

Is it Possible to Use Wireless Headphones With Xbox One?

Yes, it is possible to use wireless headphones with Xbox One. well, keep in mind that not all Xbox One models have native Bluetooth audio connections. 

  • And, if your Xbox One is compatible, you can quickly pair Bluetooth headphones with the console via the settings menu. 
  • Whereas, if you have an incompatible Xbox One model, you can use a Bluetooth audio transmitter to connect wireless headphones through the available ports, allowing you the convenience of wireless audio while gaming.

Which Headphones are Compatible With an Xbox One?

Here is the list of the headphones that can be effortlessly paired and used with an Xbox One Console.

Headphone type




Wired gaming headphones

3.5 audio jack (or) USB

All Xbox One models

Make sure that the headphones are compatible with the Xbox One controller and audio jack

Wired headphones with an adapter

3.5 audio jack and adapter

All Xbox One models

You need an adapter for Xbox One X and Xbox One S without an audio jack

Xbox-licensed wireless headphones

Wireless adaptor

All Xbox One models

Requires Xbox licensed wireless headphones with no setup fuss

Bluetooth headphones


Xbox One S and Xbox One X only

Check Xbox model compatibility for direct Bluetooth pairing

Top Headphone Brands that Work Efficiently With an Xbox One

We researched multiple resources and compiled a list of some of the most popular headphone brands and compatible product versions that can be used with Xbox One consoles.


Product model



Arctis 9X

These headphones are particularly designed for Xbox One and Xbox Series X



These headphones come with an auto-pairing option to connect with Xbox Wireless without dongles


Nari Ultimate, Thresher

Haptic feedback is included for a more immersive experience

Turtle Beach

Stealth 700 Gen 2

These headphones have controls for game (or) chat audio balance and enhanced comfort


CloudX Flight, Cloud II

Comes with long battery life and robust construction 


HS75 XB Wireless

Included with immersive Dolby Atmos spatial audio

Astro Gaming

A50, A40 TR

These headphones offer exceptional audio quality and customizable EQ

Prerequisites for Connecting any Headphones to an Xbox

Most wireless headphones and headsets that are compatible with the Xbox One will also work with the Xbox Series X (or) S. Well, here are some of the requirements you will need for connecting headphones to an Xbox. 

Requirements for connecting headphones to Xbox One Console

1. Compatible Xbox One Console

Firstly make sure that the Xbox One model you have supports headphones connectivity. Although most Xbox One consoles support headphones, only the Xbox One X and Xbox One S feature native Bluetooth compatibility for easy pairing with Bluetooth headphones.

2. Wired Headphones

If your Xbox One console lacks a built-in Bluetooth feature, then you can use wired gaming headphones with a 3.5mm audio jack. You can plug these headphones directly into the Xbox One controller, allowing you to hear game audio and chat.

3. Wireless Headphones (For Bluetooth-Enabled Models)

If you prefer wireless convenience, you can use Xbox-licensed wireless headphones that are specifically designed for Xbox One consoles. These headphones use a Wireless additional adapter for establishing a seamless and reliable connection. 

On the other hand, you can connect an Xbox One X (or) Xbox One S with compatible Bluetooth headphones directly to the console without any adapters. Also, make sure your headphones support Bluetooth connectivity and follow the pairing process in the Xbox One settings.

[Note: If you are opting for wireless (or) Bluetooth headphones ensure that they are fully charged before using them to avoid any sort of interruptions during your gaming sessions.]

4. Bluetooth Audio Transmitter (For Bluetooth-incompatible Models)

If your Xbox One console doesn’t have a built-in Bluetooth feature, but you still want to use Bluetooth (or) wireless headphones, a Bluetooth audio transmitter can help. This transmitter is often equipped with a 3.5mm audio connector (or) optical audio allowing wireless transmission with Bluetooth headphones.

[Note: If you use a Bluetooth audio transmitter, make sure it has a reliable power supply, such as batteries (or) a USB port.]

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One?

Pairing Bluetooth headphones with the Xbox One usually entails a few steps that must be properly followed. Look into the detailed process for connecting wireless headphones to your Xbox One.

Step-1: Check Compatibility

First, check if your Xbox One model supports Bluetooth audio connections. 

  • Usually, the Xbox One X and Xbox One S consoles feature built-in Bluetooth capability. 
  • Whereas if you have an older Xbox One model, then it lacks built-in Bluetooth. In this case, you will need a Bluetooth audio transmitter. 

Step-2: Pair Your Headphones

Turn on your Bluetooth headphones and put them into pairing mode.

  • Just press and hold the power button (or) a dedicated pairing button down until the LED light turns on. 
  • If you are unable to complete this process (or) have got stuck in the middle, refer to the user manual for detailed instructions on the paring process.

Step-3: Customize Xbox One Settings

Turn on your Xbox One console and log in to your profile. Then hit the Xbox button on your controller from the Xbox home screen to open the guide. Then, go to the “Profile & System” page and choose “Settings.”

Step-4: Pair Your Headphones

  • Navigate to the “Settings” menu and select “Devices & Connections”. Then choose “Bluetooth” under the “Devices & connections” menu and click on the “Add Bluetooth (or) other device” option. 
  • Choose “Everything else” next. The Xbox One will begin searching for nearby Bluetooth devices. Find your headphones from the list to begin the pairing process.

Step-5: Finish the Pairing Process

Follow the instructions displayed on your screen to complete the pairing process. Finally, your Bluetooth headphones will be connected to your Xbox One once the pairing process is completed successfully. 

Step-6: Adjust Audio Settings

You can adjust the audio settings of your headphones by navigating to the “Bluetooth” option under “Devices & Connections.” You can customize the audio output, chat mixer, and mic monitoring to your preference.

Step-7: Start Gaming With Bluetooth Headphones

Now that your Bluetooth headphones are successfully connected, put them on, and start playing your favorite games with wireless freedom and immersive sound.

How to Connect Non-Compatible Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One?

You will need a Bluetooth audio transmitter to connect non-compatible Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One. However, keep in mind that Bluetooth transmitters only transmit audio. As a result, you won’t be able to use the microphone on your headphones. Set it up successfully by following the simple steps that are listed below. 

Step-1: Check Compatibility

Make sure your Xbox One console is not natively compatible with Bluetooth headphones. This method is typically applicable to older Xbox One models that lack built-in Bluetooth support.

Step-2: Get a Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

Purchase a Bluetooth audio transmitter from a reputable electronics store (or) internet reseller and make sure it has Bluetooth 4.0 (or) above and an audio input option, such as a 3.5mm audio connector (or) optical audio for seamless connectivity. 

Step-3: Prepare Bluetooth Audio Transmitter for Pairing

Charge the Bluetooth audio transmitter using a power source such as a battery (or) USB power and turn it on. Now, follow the transmitter’s instructions to initiate pairing mode. 

Step-4: Pair the Audio Transmitter With the Xbox One

Locate the appropriate audio output port on your Xbox One and directly plug the transmitter into the 3.5mm audio jack. If your Xbox One has an optical audio port, use the necessary cables to connect the transmitter. 

Step-5: Pair the Audio Transmitter to the Headphones

Turn on your headphones and start pairing mode. Remember that some headphones have different pairing procedures than others, so read the user handbook.

Step-6: Complete the Pairing Process

When the transmitter detects your headphones, they will appear in the available Bluetooth devices. Then select your headphones to finish the pairing procedure. 

Step-7: Adjust Audio Settings

Navigate to the Xbox One audio settings to fine-tune the volume, chat mixer, and any other audio preferences.

Step-8: Start Gaming With Bluetooth Headphones

Put on your non-compatible Bluetooth headphones after connecting them to the Xbox One via the Bluetooth audio transmitter, and enjoy a wireless gaming experience with rich sound.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones Via Xbox Remote Play?

Xbox has a remote gaming service called “Xbox Remote Play” that allows you to play Xbox games on many different kinds of devices such as your laptop, smartphone TV, or Android streaming box. You may simply utilize the wireless headset for console gaming if you use the Remote Play feature.

Here are some simple steps to connect Bluetooth headphones through Xbox remote play:

  • Step-1: First, pair your standard Bluetooth headphones with your smartphone.
  • Step-2: Then connect your phone to the Xbox controller. If you don’t have an official Xbox controller, you may use any Xinput Bluetooth controller.
  • Step-3: Switch to your console profile and select “Profile and systems” under the “Guide” button.
  • Step-4: Then go to “Settings” and head over to the “Device and Connections”. Here you will find the “Remote features”.
  • Step-5: Enable the remote features settings and change the power mode to “Instant-on” from settings as well.
  • Step-6: When you’re finished with the setup, open the Xbox app on your smartphone and press the “Remote Play” button on the top of the screen. Now pair your console with the app.
  • Step-7: After connecting your console, you can start playing any game you have on your smartphone (or) any other Remote Play-compatible device.

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Bluetooth Headphones – FAQs

1. How do I know if my Bluetooth headphones are compatible with Xbox One?

Ans: Firstly, check whether you have an Xbox One X (or) an Xbox One S. If this is the case, you may try pairing your Bluetooth headphones through the Xbox One settings. If your console does not have native Bluetooth connectivity, you must utilize a Bluetooth audio transmitter.

2. Why doesn’t the Xbox One support Bluetooth Audio?

Ans: It’s because Microsoft, the firm behind Xbox, opted to take a different approach to wireless communication.
 Instead of Bluetooth, all Xbox consoles employ a proprietary wireless protocol known as Xbox Wireless.

3. Can I use multiple Bluetooth headphones simultaneously on the same Xbox One console?

Ans: Multiple Bluetooth headphones cannot be connected to an Xbox One console at the same time. Only one Bluetooth audio device can be paired and used at the same time.

4. What if my Xbox One doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth?

Ans: If your Xbox One model lacks built-in Bluetooth, you can still use Bluetooth headphones by connecting them via a Bluetooth audio transmitter. The transmitter connects to the audio output ports of the Xbox One, enabling wireless communication with Bluetooth headphones.

5. Can I use my Bluetooth headphones for both game audio and chat?

Ans: Yes, Bluetooth headphones can be used for both game audio and chat. Once synced, your headphones should be able to handle both audio streams at the same time.

6. Are there any latency (or) audio quality issues with Bluetooth headphones on Xbox One?

Ans: While Bluetooth headphones generally work well, some users might experience slight audio delays also known as latency due to the wireless transmission. The extent of the delay can vary depending on the headphones and the transmitter used. Additionally, the audio quality may not be as high as using wired headphones.

7. Can I use Bluetooth headphones with Xbox One for party chat?

Ans: Currently, Xbox One party chat does not directly support Bluetooth headphones. For party conversation, you may need to utilize the Xbox software on your mobile device while utilizing Bluetooth headphones for game audio.

8. Can I use Bluetooth headphones on Xbox One for audio during video playback and streaming apps?

Ans: Yes, once connected to the Xbox One, your Bluetooth headphones will function for every audio output, including game audio, movie playing, and streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube.

9. Can I connect AirPods to the Xbox?

Ans: Absolutely, you can. Put your headphones (or) wireless earbuds in pairing mode. After a few seconds, the adapter will detect the headset and complete the pairing process. It may take a couple of tries.


Finally, you can definitely play Xbox One games without using wireless headphones. You should be able to utilize your existing Bluetooth headphones with your Xbox system using the above-mentioned ways, saving you the trouble of purchasing a new device. However, it allows you to save money. Well, if you have any connection problems, rebooting your Bluetooth headphones will generally solve the problem. If not, you can check out our other articles on how to repair Bluetooth audio issues including audio stuttering, sound delays, and zero sound.  We hope this article is quite helpful and has helped you in connecting your Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One successfully. Limit your cables, hold back, and play without any boundaries. 

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