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Can You Connect Airpods To Xbox One?

AirPods are extremely handy and you may also want to connect it to your Xbox One. When playing games using your Xbox, it would be really convenient to get rid of tangling wires that come with gaming headphones.

Airpods, on the other hand, provide great audio quality wirelessly. It is also much easier to set up AirPods as compared to gaming headsets. Moreover, gaming headsets are expensive and you may just utilize the Airpods that you already have lying around. Using an Airpod, you can not only hear audio but also communicate with fellow gamers using its built-in microphone.

AirPods can work with any version of Bluetooth. Unfortunately, Xbox does not support audio transmission via Bluetooth. Hence, AirPods won’t work directly with an Xbox. You will need to work around this problem. Below are five steps to help you out with connecting AirPods to your Xbox One.Connect Airpods To Xbox One

Step 1: Download the Xbox App on your Preferred Device

Your Xbox can be managed and configured from external devices like a smartphone, Ipad etc. You can do this using the Xbox One app. This app has a particular feature called “Communication with friends”. This feature can be used to enable AirPod connectivity to your Xbox.

To get started, you will need to download the Xbox app. Sign in to your Microsoft account by entering your credentials. In case the credentials that you have entered is not recognised, then you will need to create a fresh account. The app itself will guide you through the process to set up your account. You will need to add your console and link it with this newly created account. In the top-right portion of the home screen, you will find an option to add your console.

Before you click on the option, you will need your Xbox to be turned on. You will also need to log in to the Microsoft account that you have created on your console. You will get a prompt on your console. Click on Enable to set up the connection.

Step 2: Pair up your AirPods with your Mobile Device

Your AirPods will actually have to be paired with the device on which you have installed the Xbox app. If you have new AirPods that haven’t been paired with your device already, then you will need to pair it first. A chime will inform you that the AirPods have been paired and you can start using them with your Xbox.

Step 3: Turn on your Xbox and Make sure your Group is Ready

Switch on your Xbox to start gaming. If you were already in a group chat, then you might have to leave and rejoin it using the Xbox app to be able to use your AirPods.

Step 4: Create a Party with the Xbox App and Invite

You can create a party and invite your friends to it. Go to the people icon of your Xbox app. The Xbox equivalent of this is the “social section”. Now you will notice two icons at the top-right corner of the app’s screen. One icon is a headset and the other is a notepad.

Look for the headset icon and click on it to create a party. Grant any requested permissions regarding the use of your device’s microphone to continue. You can now add people to your party by selecting Add People. Whoever is online will be given priority in the list that appears. You can also add specific people to the created party using their gamer tags.

Alternatively, you can click on the notepad icon on the home screen of the app to add specific people from the list of your contacts. You have to select the Send Message button to invite them.

Step 5: Start your Chat and your Game!

People will start entering the chat room and you will hear them on the AirPods. You will also be able to use your AirPods’ mic to communicate with them. Now you can invite more people, play or simply leave the party at your leisure.

Use Alternative Method by Bluetooth Adapter

A Bluetooth adapter can also be used to connect your AirPods to the Xbox in case you do not want to use your mobile device and the Xbox app. A Bluetooth adapter will provide your Xbox with Bluetooth audio capabilities by plugging into the headphone port.

However, Bluetooth adapters can sometimes be very unreliable and provide an unstable connection. It will depend on the quality and make of the adapter itself. Of course, there is the additional cost of the Bluetooth adapter.

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Can You Connect Your Airpods to Your Xbox One?

While your Xbox may not have Bluetooth audio capabilities built into it, it is definitely possible to use your AirPods with it. If you want to do it without any additional hardware cost, then the Xbox app is the best way to go about it. However, if you do not prefer your mobile device to be engaged during your gaming session, then you will require a Bluetooth Audio adapter that will help connect your Airpods to the Xbox.

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