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How to Cancel AT&T Internet Service?

Are you considering ending your AT&T Internet subscription but feeling uncertain about the process? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ve distilled the steps you need to navigate smoothly through the cancellation procedure. Whether you’re intrigued by a hassle-free phone call, a personalized in-store experience, or the convenience of an online method, we’ve got you covered. By the end of this guide, you’ll have the confidence and know-how to bid adieu to your AT&T Internet service without any confusion or unnecessary fees.

Ways to Cancel Internet AT&T Service

Canceling a service often feels like diving into an abyss of confusing options and uncertain paths. However, with AT&T, bid farewell to that anxiety! They offer multiple avenues to terminate your Internet service. Each method is tailored to suit different preferences and needs, ensuring there’s a way out that aligns perfectly with your comfort zone.

1. Through Phone Call

Many clients opt to cancel their AT&T Internet service via phone for its simplicity, especially when time constraints or location hurdles make visiting a physical store challenging. However, be prepared for a process that may take some time due to AT&T’s retention scripts.

To expedite the cancellation, follow these steps:

  • Call AT&T Customer Service: Dial 1-800-288-2020 to connect with the AT&T customer service line.
  • Verification Process: If your identity isn’t immediately confirmed through your phone number, be ready to provide your account number or other necessary details for verification.
  • Specify Reason for Call: Clearly state “cancel service” as the purpose of your call.
  • Service Clarification: When asked about the specific service you’re canceling, specify “Internet.”
  • Engage with Customer Service Representative: Once connected, inform the representative that you need to close your Internet account due to moving out of the country.
  • Request Early Cancellation Date: Ideally, request a cancellation date that precedes the next billing period to avoid paying for an extra month of service.
  • Equipment Return Process: The representative will guide you through the requirements for returning the equipment and provide a “return authorization number.” If you choose UPS for equipment return, be sure to note down this number.

By following these steps, you’ll navigate the phone cancellation process efficiently and ensure a smooth transition out of your AT&T Internet service.

2. Visit an AT&T Store

Visiting an AT&T store is a direct way to manage your service cancellation while ensuring a smooth equipment return process. Follow these steps:

  • Equipment Preparation: Gather all AT&T Internet equipment received, including the modem, receivers, gateway, cables, and related items. If possible, use the original packaging for safe transport.
  • Visit an AT&T Store: Head to an AT&T store and approach a store agent for assistance.
  • Cancellation Request: Inform the agent that you need assistance canceling your AT&T account due to moving out of their service area. If prompted to transfer service, clarify that you’re relocating out of the country.
  • Choose Cancellation Date: Set a cancellation date within the current billing period to avoid additional charges for the following month.
  • Receipt for Equipment Return: Ensure you receive a receipt for the returned equipment and the cancellation interaction, confirming the successful completion of the cancellation process.

By following these steps at an AT&T store, you’ll effectively cancel your service and handle the equipment return, ensuring a hassle-free process.

3. Through Online (DSL Customers Only)

For DSL customers looking for a convenient and efficient way to cancel their AT&T Internet service, an online option is available. Follow these steps:

  • Head to Start by visiting the official AT&T website at
  • Navigate to Support: In the top menu, locate and select “Support.”
  • Access Bill & Account: Click on “Bill & Account” to proceed to the relevant section.
  • Select Service Options: Within the options for Move, Change, Suspend, and Cancel Service, choose “Cancel and Suspend.”
  • Cancellation Solution: Under “Cancel Your Service,” select “Solution.”
  • Expand Options: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Show More” to reveal additional options.
  • Submit Online Cancellation Request: To initiate the cancellation process, click “Submit an Online Cancellation Request.”
  • Log In and Submit Request: Log in to your account, go to your Account page, and submit your cancellation request.

By following these steps, DSL customers can efficiently and securely cancel their AT&T Internet service online, providing a streamlined process tailored to their needs.

About Cancellation Fee

Cancellation fees are applicable if you decide to terminate your AT&T service prematurely, particularly for contracted services. The fee structure is as follows: $15 per month for each remaining month of the contract duration.

Some AT&T services come with contracts, while others do not. For instance, AT&T Internet-only plans typically do not require a contract, whereas phone and TV bundles may involve a two-year agreement. If you opt to cancel your service before the contract’s stipulated duration, you may incur “early termination fees.”

The early termination fees vary based on the contract duration. For 1-year contracts, the fee can go up to $180, and for 2-year contracts, it may reach up to $360. Essentially, the calculation is straightforward: you are required to pay $15 for each month remaining in your contract.

Here’s a breakdown of early termination fees in table format:

Type of Service Contract Duration Early Termination Fee (Per Month) Total Potential Fee
AT&T Internet-only No Contract N/A N/A
Phone and TV Bundles 1-year Up to $15 Up to $180
Phone and TV Bundles 2-year Up to $15 Up to $360

This table provides a clear overview of the potential fees associated with early termination based on the type and duration of your AT&T service contract.

Steps to Cancel Your AT&T Service

Navigating the process of canceling your AT&T service demands precision and understanding of the necessary steps. From settling outstanding bills to ensuring the smooth return of equipment, each step plays a crucial role in successfully ending your subscription. Let’s break down the sequence of actions required to terminate your AT&T service seamlessly.

1. Pay Out Your Account Bills

Before initiating the cancellation process, it’s imperative to settle any outstanding bills associated with your AT&T service. Ensure that all charges, fees, and usage costs are paid in full. This step is crucial to avoid any complications during the cancellation and to guarantee a smooth transition out of your AT&T service.

2. Gather Your Account Information

Collect all relevant account details associated with your AT&T service. This includes your account number, contact information, any correspondence or documentation related to the service, and any passwords or PINs associated with your account. Having this information readily available will streamline the cancellation process and ensure accuracy when communicating with AT&T’s customer service representatives.

3. Initiate the Cancellation of Your AT&T Internet Service

Certainly! Initiating the cancellation of your AT&T Internet service can be done through various channels, as mentioned previously: via phone, by visiting an AT&T store, or through the online method (specifically available for DSL customers). You can choose the method that aligns best with your preferences and convenience. Once you’ve decided on the preferred method, follow the specific instructions provided earlier in this article to commence the cancellation process smoothly. Whether it’s making a phone call, visiting a store, or navigating through the online procedure, initiating the cancellation marks the beginning of concluding your AT&T Internet service.

4. Pay Your Early AT&T Cancellation Fee (if Applicable)

If you are subject to an early termination fee due to canceling your AT&T service before the contract duration ends, ensure that you settle this fee. The cancellation fee varies based on the remaining months left in your contract, as outlined in your agreement. It’s crucial to pay this fee promptly to avoid any potential complications and ensure the completion of the cancellation process. Be mindful of the fee amount and ensure it’s paid in accordance with the terms stipulated in your AT&T service contract.

5. Process the Return of AT&T Internet Equipment

Returning the equipment provided by AT&T is a crucial step in the cancellation process. Depending on how you initiated the cancellation:

In-Person Cancellation: If you canceled your service in person, you can conveniently return the equipment at the same time.

Phone or Online Cancellation (For DSL Customers Only): If you canceled via phone or online (specifically for DSL customers), AT&T will facilitate the return process through UPS. They will provide you with a prepaid shipping label and an equipment return authorization number.

For a UPS return, ensure you have:

  • Pre-paid Shipping Label and Return Authorization Number: These will be provided by AT&T for your return.
  • Equipment Packaging: If available, use the original boxes for packaging. If not, use a sturdy box and pack the equipment neatly.
  • Accessories: Include all power cords, Ethernet wires, and other accessories that were initially provided with the equipment.

Leased equipment must be returned within 21 days to avoid additional charges. Failing to return leased equipment within this timeframe may result in being billed for the equipment. Given the high fees associated with unreturned equipment, it’s crucial to adhere to the return guidelines to prevent any unnecessary charges.

6. Make Sure that Billing Has Stopped

After initiating the cancellation process and returning the equipment, it’s crucial to verify that billing for your AT&T service has ceased. Confirm with AT&T’s customer service that your account has been officially closed and billing has been halted to avoid any unexpected charges or fees.

Cancel AT&T Internet Service – FAQs

1. Can I cancel my AT&T Internet service at any time?

Ans: Yes, you can cancel your AT&T Internet service at any time. However, early termination fees might apply if you’re under a contract.

2. What equipment do I need to return when canceling AT&T Internet?

Ans: Typically, you’ll need to return equipment such as the modem, receivers, gateway, and related accessories. AT&T will provide instructions and return labels.

3. What is the equipment return process for AT&T Internet cancellation?

Ans: If canceling in person, return the equipment at the same time. For phone or online cancellations, AT&T will provide a prepaid shipping label and return authorization number for UPS return. Ensure timely return to avoid additional charges.

4. Will I receive a refund if I cancel my AT&T service mid-month?

Ans: AT&T typically prorated charges, so you might receive a partial refund for the unused portion of your service.

5.  How can I confirm that my AT&T service has been successfully canceled?

Ans: Contact AT&T customer service to confirm the closure of your account and verify that billing has stopped.


In conclusion, canceling your AT&T Internet service doesn’t have to be a headache! Choose your preferred method – phone, in-store, or online (DSL only) – and follow the guide’s clear steps. Remember to settle bills, gather information, initiate cancellation, pay any early termination fees, return equipment properly, and confirm billing stops. With this roadmap, you can confidently navigate the process and say goodbye to your AT&T Internet subscription without any confusion or unnecessary fees. So relax, take a deep breath, and follow the guide – smooth sailing awaits!

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