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How to Fix Roku Tv When Sound is Not Working ?

Roku is one of the best entertainment services to enjoy with friends, family, and alone. A perfect streaming platform that offers you a huge number of shows, movies, and many more. Not just that, it also allows you to switch between any streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and many others. In recent times many users have opted for this service, and with increasing numbers of users, the feedback counts have also been raised like a peak. The feedback related to services, supports, problems, and many more.

Out of this, we have come up with the most common issue that the majority of users face i.e. no sound issue. well, if you are one of them who is experiencing a no-sound issue, then you are in the correct place. In today’s article, we’ll learn about some general mistakes that lead to the no-sound issue and what is the solution to them.Roku tv image

How to Fix the Roku TV No Sound Issue?

Well, we all are fond of this amazing streaming platform, and nobody wants such type of interruptions in between. Many possibilities can cause users to experience no-sound issues. Likewise, damaged volume key or mute key, poor audio connection errors, and many more. In the below guide, we will help you with some key troubleshooting methods that can help you to resolve the issue.

1. Check the Volume and Check Whether the Mute Option is Off or Not.

This is the simplest and easiest method, many might even not consider this as a troubleshooting method as this is just a negligence error. But usually, people do forget that they are on a zero-volume setup or on a mute. This might happen unconsciously or consciously to avoid disturbance in some important task. To check Remote is syncing or not. So just as a reminder, check if you are on a zero-volume setup. In order to check, simply press the volume up key or mute button.

Note – Make sure the audio device is turned on.

2. Check the Audio Connections.

In many cases, the problem occurs due to the poor connectivity of the audio devices. The audio devices are external equipment that has no direct involvement with the Roku working. Whereas if this device gets affected due to some reason, it won’t function properly, and the task won’t be executed successfully. In simple terms, if you are watching a movie on Roku and you have connected it with an external audio device and the device fails to connect with a Roku unit properly, then it will cause no sound issue. That is why always make sure your audio devices are properly connected and are well synced with the Roku unit configuration.

3. Check if the Issue is Affecting All Channels or Apps.

Once you are done checking with the remote control and audio device, there is no hardware issue. Now, crosscheck with the service provider functioning if the problem is specifically with any channel or with an application. There can be a possibility that an individual channel, show, or service provider (app) has a working problem. In order to verify such errors, to check the article and try switching between channels. If you are using streaming services, try switching to any other application or show.

4. Switch Off the Roku App’s Private Listening Feature.

One of the best features that Roku App offers is its private listening feature. This feature allows users to listen to the ongoing program on TV on their personal headphones that are connected to their mobile phone or tablet. Many users have reported they face such issues only when they are connected to the Roku unit using a private listening feature. In order to clear the issue, try switching off the private listening feature and check on the real audio device of the unit if the problem is resolved or not.

5. Check Your Cable Connections.

There are chances the composite cable that has been used with your Roku TV unit may have been damaged or not connected properly. It is always advised to check the connecting ports also if they are clean and have no dust inside because that can also be one of the reasons that the device is not able to outsource the audio. try removing all the cables and reconnecting them to resolve the issue.

6. Inspect the HDMI Connection on Your Roku and Swap Your HDMI Inputs.

If you are using an HDMI connection with your Roku TV unit, make sure the device input setting is properly set on HDMI. And if it’s already on a proper setup, try swapping it with other HDMI inputs like HDMI1 or HDMI2 and then reverse it back to your default HDMI setting. This process is actually done to resist the device inputs and to clear the no-sound issue.

7. Check Roku’s Audio Settings.

There are chances that the no sound issue may have occurred due to a mismatch in audio input and output settings. Make sure the audio output settings are correctly configured with the one that you are actually using. Below are the steps to check the audio settings

  • Step 1: Go to Roku TV on-screen menu
  • Step 2: Select Roku TV settings
  • Step 3: Click on Audio Settings
  • Step 4: Click on Audio Output
  • Step 5: Check if the Audio Output setting is correctly configured with the device that you are using as the output source.

8. Restart Your Roku TV.

Once all the hardware and external configuration is checked and if you don’t find any error, then try restarting the Roku TV unit. Restarting any electrical device helps the unit manage the performing memory, stabilize the software working, clear the cache, and resolve network-related issues. Hence restarting your Roku TV unit can be a great help to resolve the issue.

9. Power Cycle Your Roku TV.

Power cycle is one of the best options for any electronic device to give a soft restart. Below are the steps to perform a Power cycle on your Roku TV setup.

  • Step 1: Turn off your Roku TV unit and any other input/Output device that is connected.
  • Step 2: Unplug the power cables from the socket of your Roku TV unit and other connected devices.
  • Step 3: Wait for a minute or two in order to discharge the capacitors completely.
  • Step 4: Replug the power cables into your power sockets and turn the unit On.

10. Check for Software Updates.

It has become very common nowadays for any device to reduce the working efficiency if the software is outdated. The device might also start facing some internal technical issues that are completely unknown to the users. In order to avoid such problems make sure your device is up to date with the latest OS version. As the Roku TV itself comes with a self OS, make sure it is updated to the latest version to avoid any problems.

11. Change Roku’s Audio Settings to Default.

In some cases, it has been observed that due to frequent audio setting alterations, the device faces no sound issue. May it be because the user has too many devices one after another with the Roku TV unit and updated the setting as per requirement? In order to overcome such an issue, try resetting the audio setting to default and check if the issue is resolved.

12. Factory Reset Your Roku TV.

If none of the above methods worked and the issue continues to persist. You can perform the factory reset. This will help you to restore the default setting as per the manufacturer of the device. Not just for audio settings, but every device setting will turn back to default.

Note – Factory reset will erase all the data stored in the device.

Below are the steps to perform a factory reset on your Roku TV unit.

  • Step 1: Access to the home screen using the “Home” button from your Roku TV remote.
  • Step 2: Scroll down and go to “Settings”.
  • Step 3: Scroll down and click on “System”
  • Step 4: Select “Advanced system setting”
  • Step 5: Select “Factory Reset”.

Note: The device will ask for a 4-digit verification code to confirm the execution of the process.

  • Step 6: Enter the code and press “OK”.

Note: Once the code is entered correctly, a notification will pop up on the screen as a warning message with all the details related to the factory reset and its effect.

  • Step 7: Select “Confirm” to execute the process.

Note – Once you click on confirm, your Roku TV  will initiate the process.

Still, the issue persists and needs to be fixed.

Contact Roku’s customer support.

After executing all the methods mentioned above, if the issue still persists, it is advised to connect with Roku’s customer support team. For any device, if all the troubleshooting methods fail to resolve the issue, then there are chances that the device has some technical or hardware-related issue. Such an issue needs to be addressed by professionals from the brand. as solving this issue might lead to extra damage. For precautionary purposes, it is always better to connect with Roku’s customer support.

Roku TV No Sound – FAQs

1. How do I connect a soundbar to Roku TV?

Ans: A soundbar can be connected to a Roku TV with the help of an HDMI ARC port. Once you connect the soundbar to the Roku TV using an HDMI, the unit will automatically detect the connected device and update the default setting as required. If the unit does not recognize the device being a non-Roku soundbar, a user can update the setting using System settings from the home screen.

2. Why is my Roku remote not controlling the volume on my soundbar?

Ans: Before processing with any troubleshooting methods, make sure the remote has a proper power supply i.e. it has charged batteries. Once checked, if the issue still persists, then there might be an issue with the soundbar connectivity. check if both the devices are connected properly, and the settings are updated in the correct manner.

3. Where is the reset button on the Roku soundbar?

Ans: The reset Roku button helps the user to execute the factory reset process for the device. generally, this button is located at the back or side of the remote. It is usually a very small dimensional button, and it is barely accessible with the fingers.

4. What audio format does Roku support?

Ans: Generally, Roku TVs support almost all types of audio formats, but the detailed specification completely depends upon the model that you are using. The format may vary from model to model as per the unit’s capabilities.

5. How do I turn off audio accessibility on Roku?

Ans: To turn off audio on your Roku TV, Follow this steps:
* Step 1: Access to settings.
* Step 2: Click on accessibility.
* Step 3: Disable the required feature.
* Step 4: Confirm the disability of the feature by pressing OK.


Roku TV no sound, is not so common issue, but it is better to keep the devices set up with properly configured settings. Any external device connection or advanced configured setting may lead to no sound issue. If you come across such a problem, try using any of the above methods to troubleshoot the error. Hopefully, the above-mentioned method will resolve your issue, and if not, try connecting with Roku’s customer support and seek help from a professional from the manufacturer’s side. It advised to keep the device up to date with the latest OS version and try to alter the input and output settings as minimum as possible to avoid such issues.

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