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Discord Internal 500 Server Error – How To Fix It

Just like any other instant messaging service in the world, Discord is also not immune to a variety of technical issues and problems that hinder its performance and user experience. Today, we are going to talk about one such issue called internal server error 500 and find some ways to fix it.

The internal server error 500 is one of the most common issues faced by Discord users but it occurs quite rarely compared to others. As the name suggests, this error code represents the error in the server configurations, which hampers the communication between the app and its cloud network. So, you will usually find yourself facing the Discord internal server error 500 if there is a server issue from Discord’s end.

But if everything seems normal and there aren’t hundreds of tweets from other users, the problem may be with your system as well. To be sure, we are gathering some easy fixes for the problem that you can try out to see if it resolved the Discord internal server for you.

Just make sure you try out all of the solutions mentioned in this guide to increase the chances of fixing the problem yourself. It is certainly better than waiting around until the problem is diagnosed and fixed from Discord’s end.

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How to Resolve Internal Server Error 500

If you are facing Discord internal server error 500 for quite some time now, it might be occurring because of problems with connectivity and server-related issues from Discords. However, if the problem is not fixed automatically for hours, you should try out these solutions yourself. In some cases, you might end up fixing the issue yourself and enjoy reconnecting to your favorite servers and voice channels and enjoy multiplayer gaming and virtual meetups as before.

1. Check the Status of the Discord Server

The first thing that you should do is see if the problem is from your end or from the Discord service’s end. For that, you can check the status of the Discord server in your region. A lot of apps and services face problems like internal server error 500 if the local server in a particular region fails to communicate with the service properly.

Checking the status of Discord’s servers has been made pretty easy thanks to the overwhelming support of Discord. Discord keeps the status activity of its server pretty transparent and you can check the status of the service directly by visiting Here, you will see the real-time status of the API, Media Proxy, Notification, Search, and many other services offered by Discord. If all bars appear green, there is nothing wrong with any of the services at the moment.

However, some users might see orange or red markings in the status bar since it represents the status of local servers. If you are also seeing problems here, all you can do is sit and wait until Discord fixes the problem. Usually, these problems are fixed within an hour or 2.

2. Check the Status of the Internet Connection

The internal server error 500 can also occur because of a lack of communication between the application and the network server. So, it can also be caused by network problems. Therefore, the problem may as well appear if your internet connection is unstable. A poor network connection causes a loss in data transmission, affecting the data transmitted to and received by the server. So, you should check the status of your internet connection if you are facing internal server 500 repeatedly.

You can simply try reconnecting the network cable or restarting your router to see if it fixes the issue. If the problem is from your ISP, you can try switching to a different internet connection like mobile data, and see if that works for you. Also, keep in mind that the internal server error 500 can also be caused by a slow internet connection. It happens because of frequent request time-outs that cannot be compensated by a slow bandwidth connection.

3. Reinstalling the Application

A lot of times, Discord notices problems like internal server error 500, it manages to fix the problem by pushing a couple of updates right away. So when you quit the application and run it again, you will be greeted by the update window of Discord which will quickly install the update patches and fix the problem for you. However, it won’t be able to do so if the internal server error 500 is keeping the program disconnected from the main server.

To fix that, you should uninstall the program from your computer and download a new installation package from the official website. With that, you will get the latest version of the application which will come with all the new updates and patches. So, you can easily fix the internal server 500 problem with Discord by uninstalling and reinstalling the application.

4. Restart the System

Last but not the least, we will suggest restarting your system to get rid of the internal server error 500. In most cases, your system might be the culprit which is preventing data transmission between the application and its services. So, restarting your system is the quickest fix that you can apply to restart all the network services and try to fix the problem. This is not just for Windows computers, but also for Linux, macOS devices as well as mobile devices like Android or iPhone. Also, make sure that the network drivers of your system are up to date and are not causing the issue.

Managing Discord cache on PC

Another effective solution that can potentially resolve the internal server 500 problem is deleting the discord cache from your system. As you may already know, all applications generate cache as they function. So, it is possible that the cache folder is full, or there is a problem with cache that is causing problems with the communication between the application and the server.

Here’s how you can clear Discord cache on computer:

  1. Open the AppData folder on your computer. If you are not sure about the location, simply run the “%appdata% command in the “Run” window.
  2. In the folder, you will find a folder named “discord”.
  3. Inside, there are 3 different folders that have the cache files which are “Cache”, “CodeCache”, and “GPUCache”.
  4. Once you find these 3 folders, simply delete the folders.
  5. After that, you can launch Discord and see if the problem is fixed.
  6. Don’t worry about the folders as Discord will automatically create the folders again when needed.

Managing Discord cache on Mobile

A lot of users have also faced the Discord internal server error 500 on mobiles. Whether you are using an Android smartphone or an iPhone, you might come across the Discord internal server error 500 on your smartphone. But unlike on PC, the most you can do on your smartphone is delete the cache folder on your smartphone and see if that helps with the problem.

1. Managing Discord cache on Android

Clearing the cache files for Discord is quite simple on an Android device. All you will have to do is head over to the settings and check the installed applications page. Here, you can find Discord and you can access its properties by clicking on the app. Android OS offers a button to “Clear Cache” so that you can clean the cache quickly. You can also clear the data of the application if it does not help.

2. Managing Discord cache on iPhone

For an iPhone, you best bet is to uninstall the application from your smartphone and then reinstall it from the App Store. Once you delete the application, all of its files such as cache files and configuration settings will be deleted along with the app. So, you can simply download the updated package from the app store and delete the cache without any problem.


If you are facing the Discord internal server 500 problem on your desktop computer or laptop, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we have thoroughly covered the topic along with the problem, its reasons, and a handful of solutions that might work out perfectly for you. So, all you need to do is read our guide and try out the solutions that we have provided here. However, keep in mind that the problem is usually from Discord’s end and if none of the solutions work for you, you will have to wait until Discord fixes the problem from their side. If you have any more doubts or queries, you can reach us via the comment section below.

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