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4 Easy Ways To Fix The DirecTV Error 775

DirecTV allows its subscribers to watch TV shows of their choice, acting as an alternative cable Tv service via direct broadcast Satellite service. Although it is a solid means, some glitches might occur at times that will cause you hindrance. They can be easily solved by applying some practices.

What Causes DirecTV Error 775

DIRECTV Error 775 means an interruption between your receiver and the main satellite Dish. This error causes your television screen to be frozen or become blank. This Error may be caused because of some simple issues caused by your side including a loose connection of the DirecTV Receiver, off the connection, or severed\frayed cable.

You can solve these issues and let this error not disturb you anymore.

The following are the solutions to your problem that you can try.

Fix 1. Checking If There’s Any Loose Connection On The DirecTV Receiver

The most common reason that causes DirecTV Error 755 is loose connections. You will be sitting in front of your TV but it’ll be showing a 755 Error, then you have to check your cables first.

To fix this issue, follow the steps below:

Go to your DirecTV Receiver.

Check if all the cables are properly seated and if there are no loose cables. Strat from satellite In.

Make sure to plug all the cables properly and well seated.

Then go back and turn it on again to see if the problem is resolved and Error 755 is lost.

Fix 2. Checking The Swim Power Inserter

Many users use a Swim power inserter as well as a satellite dish with the DirecTV receiver. For using it, you must connect the power inserter to the power outlet that has a connection to the DirecTV satellite dishes.

If you face a 755 error in using swim power, it might happen if the power inserter is not in the same place as the DirecTV receiver or is not properly plugged into the power outlet.

To solve the problem with the Swim power inserter, follow the steps below:

Plug out the swim power inserter.

After this, you must wait for 30-40 secs before inserting it again into the power outlet.

Now turn on your DirecTV Television again to see if the issue has been resolved.

Fix 3. Waiting For Any Storm To Pass

If you are seeing DirecTV Error 755 occurring multiple times whenever you try to watch television, it might be because of some natural herniation or Interference caused due to storms or Climate changes. In this case, you can’t do anything except wait patiently for the storms and hinder sales to pass away. But before this patience, always make sure there are no issues with the DirecTV receiver.

Fix4. Call For Technical Support

In case all the solutions go in vain for your issues, contact the DirecTV Service provider to state your 755 error. It happens because of some malfunctions in the hardware or software of DirecTV, Due to some fraying or severed cables, or pressured or fractured cables in your DirecTV receiver or satellite dish. If this is the reason, service providers can only help you fix your issue.


We have stated some reasons and their fixes for you DirecTV Error 755. Try solving your problems and applying them one by one and see what works for you.

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