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Can You Change Siri’s Name

Siri is a virtual assistant for iOS, iPad, and apple watch and was introduced by Apple Corporation. This software is carried out by voice recognition, and it can do some pretty good things if used properly. Siri works as a personal voice assistant who can help an individual to call someone, check the weather update, it can also translate the phrase, and so much more.

How To “Change” Siri’s Name

Everyone desires unique names to change their application names and logos, and It is said that it is impossible to change Siri’s name. However, there can be a possibility.

This option is not available easily, but there is a brief method:

  1. On the top left, you will find an apple icon; press it.
  2. Choose the option of system preferences.
  3. Choose the accessibility option.
  4. Click on the voice control option.
  5. Click on the commands option.
  6. At the lower end of the screen, you will find a plus symbol, which helps in convention-making the instructions.
  7. You can add a name in the column when I say which is showing on the screen.
  8. Choose the equivalent app on the line.
  9. Make the reading perform command on the third line. To match the workflow.
  10.  Press ok.

Much more customizations can be done by using these commands. So that you can enjoy the new version of Siri. You can also make the commands that are easy for you so that you can change them when you want.

Accent differences can also play an essential role in your Siri not working. Take the example of the letter R, which has a lot of pronunciations according to different countries. In that case, you can turn off your voice recognition to activate Siri, and you can use your home button using Siri.

How Can I Change Siri’s Name on An iPhone?

For some people, it may come as bad news that Siri’s name cannot be changed, but there are some other options you can try to change. People often think that they can make Siri personalize how they want, but there can be some alternatives for that too. You cannot change Siri’s name, but you can change its accent and voice. Additionally, you can also teach Siri to call you by a name you want.

1. Change Accent & Voice Siri Uses

It can be fun to change Siri’s software based on where you live or what type of accent you use. You cannot change your Siri’s name because Apple has made it impossible for us, but in other terms, you can change the way how Siri pronounces your name with the help of your chosen dialect. Six different languages have been introduced in which Siri can reply to a user. Some rumors are going on that Apple is trying to make more of the accents. American, British, South African, Indian, Irish, and Australian accents are the ones that can be used on Siri.

Siri gives you an option of how you want it to sound. But if you get tired of that specific accent, you can always have the option to change it. You can change it by opening the settings on your iPhone. After that, click on the search and Siri option and go to Siri’s voice. You will have many options in different accents from which you can choose what you like.

2. Change The Language Siri Uses

For those whose native language is not English, they could find some issues with it, and gladly, Siri gives them the chance to change the language of the phone following their first language. You can change Siri’s language by opening the settings, choosing the option of Siri, and searching the icon. There will be more than one option for the user to change the language. This includes the languages such as Chinese, French, and Spanish & Italian. Once you are satisfied with the option you have chosen, you can press the icon ‘confirm’ and quit the screen and get back to using your iPhone.

3. Teach Siri To Respond To You With a Different Name

The indicated thing can be a user’s favorite when it comes to use because it makes you interact with Siri in the custom way possible. Nonetheless, you are not capable of changing Siri’s name on your phone, but who said anything about you that you couldn’t change your name on your phone? This will make Siri call you by the specified name you gave until you are fed up with it or want to change it again.

Access to your contact list on any of your apple devices; create a new get in touch with for yourself by registering the name you want your Siri to call. After it’s done, go to your settings. And choose Siri & search icon, and look for my information tab. You can select the contact name that you are in the vein of to be called. This can be changed any time you change your mind about Siri calling you by a specific name.


By these lines, it can be concluded that the Apple app does not permit a user to change the name of their Siri, but there are some ways by which you can change its accent, customize the name you wish to be called and take your Siri app to the whole new level of a personalized gadget. By using some specific steps, you can style your Siri app and use it accordingly. Siri allows you to change accents under the user’s language and dialect. By following some steps, you can customize accents as you want.

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