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Bonjour Service Windows 10

We all know that Apple services work mostly for Apple devices. Not just services, even Apple devices work well with other Apple devices rather than Windows or Linux devices. For example, it is very difficult to share files from Windows PC to MacBook and vice versa. Similarly, you cannot connect Windows and MacBook easily to share one printer or scanner. That is where Bonjour Service Windows 10 comes with the scene.

About Bonjour Service Win 10

Developed by Apple, Bonjour Software as a service comes pre-loaded in iOS and OS X operating systems. On the other hand, Bonjour Service Windows 10 is available for Windows 10 users. The application basically helps to connect the devices within a network and use available services from the connected devices.

The best part is that there is no need for any configuration to set up the network. Most importantly, it lets Windows users to connect to Apple devices in the network as well as use the shared Apple services. It is not a standalone software but a service and hence, it works in the background so that connected software can use the services for communication and networking sharing activities.

For example, iTunes app which is an Apple service, multiple computers connected to the network set by Bonjour can use iTunes app. This means the computers can access shared media libraries easily. This is applicable for iTunes, iPhone, iChat, Skype, Pidgin, and much more.

Key Features –

  • Zero configuration required for networking.
  • Works with both wireless and wired networks.
  • Keeps tracks of connected devices systematically.
  • Ensures low bandwidth consumption.
  • Provides location service to applications.
  • Proper address assignment and name resolution.
  • Supports Windows XP to Windows 10.

Can We Disable Bonjour Service Win 10 Without Any Issue?

You may be wondering if disabling Bonjour Service on Windows 10 will hamper the performance of your computer. Keep in mind that this service comes with certain applications and therefore, when you disable the service, the associated applications will stop working and malfunctioning. To be more precise, uninstalling or disabling Bonjour Service will make iTunes malfunctioning. However, you will not be able to use it directly as it works in the background.

Bonjour Service communicates with the local data network. The question to the answer is yes, you can disable Bonjour Service Windows 10 if you don’t want to use the service. However, uninstalling the application is not suggested especially when you are using some shared Apple devices and services.

Methods Disable Bonjour Service on Win 10?

You can easily disable Bonjour Service on Windows 10. There are two ways to perform this task and they are listed below.

Method 1: Disable Bonjour Service through Control Panel

To disable the service via the Control Panel, you will have to follow these steps.

  • Press the Windows key on the keyboard to launch the “Start” menu. Now you need to type “Control Panel” and hit Enter.
  • When you reach the Control Panel window, you will have to go to “Program and Features“.
  • Once you click this option, you will find Bonjour Service. At the top of the list, you need to click on “Uninstall“.
  • To confirm the uninstallation, you will have to click “Yes“.

Method 2: Disable Bonjour Service Through Services

Another way to disable the service is through Services. Here is what you need to follow.

  • Launch “Search Bar” and type “Services“. This will open the Services window.
  • In the next step, you will have to look for “Bonjour Services“. Once you find it, double click on it which will open the Properties.
  • After opening the properties window, you will come across a drop-down menu. Here you will have to choose “Startup type” and then “Disable“.
  • For executing the change, you will have to click on “Apply/OK“.


For Windows users who want to avail Apple services like iTunes, Bonjour is a blessing. You can use the shared Apple service on Windows which is otherwise not possible. However, if you do not have any requirement to use Apple services, you can disable it so that it does not run in the background and consume system resources.

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