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Bluetooth vs Wired Headphones Radiation

A lot of concern is often raised regarding wireless tech products, especially wireless earphones. As we all know, wireless devices are mostly operated over Bluetooth technology. While there hasn’t been any conclusive research whatsoever that might link the usage of wireless devices with health problems, a lot of users are worried about health hazards after significant usage of mobiles devices as well as wireless Bluetooth earphones.

Today, we are going to dive deep into the topic and try to find out whether Bluetooth devices can potentially cause any health issues to the user. We will cover both wired as well as wireless earphones to offer you comprehensive data over which you can rely before you buy your next pair of headsets. We will recommend you to stick until the end of this guide to get all the information which you should know before you decide which option you should go with,

About Bluetooth

bluetooth technology

Before we talk about Bluetooth earphones, let us try to understand what Bluetooth technology is and how it works. As far as you can remember, you will only find Bluetooth-powered wireless devices that you can connect with your smartphone. This includes smartwatches, earphones, headphones, and much more. To put it in simple terms, Bluetooth technology allows various devices to connect with each other simultaneously and offer wireless data transfer between these devices.

Bluetooth technology uses a signal of a certain wavelength to transmit information. The range of Bluetooth-supported devices is usually about 30 feet due to the signal strength. The signal transmitted and received via Bluetooth devices is usually safe and secured. The signals are constantly changing to keep the connection secured. Generally, the devices switch within a range of frequencies about hundreds of times every second.

Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth headsets, headphones, or earphones are some of the most popular Bluetooth-powered devices available in the market right now. Due to the ease of access and the advantage of portability, a lot of users are switching to wireless audio devices. And with the latest technological advances, you will also find pretty amusing audio quality with the wireless earphones designed by Apple, Sennheiser, Samsung, and many other renowned brands.

One of the lesser-known advantages of Bluetooth headphones is the apparent reduction in SAR or selective absorption rate. As the Bluetooth earphones replace the cable with a tiny Bluetooth receiver, the radio waves that are generated while using the devices are reduced, and thus, the SAR rate is noticeably lower. Another major advantage of Bluetooth headsets is that you can keep your smartphone or other Bluetooth up to 30 feet away from your body.

Corded Headsets

Corded Headsets

Wired earphones are one of the first iterations of portable listening devices and they are still being used due to the quality of sound possible with analog signals. There have been numerous brands that have designed a variety of options suitable for a particular set of users. There are sports headsets, premium IEMs, studio-grade headsets, and many more.

Using a wired headset is also a pretty good choice as it manages to reduce the SAR values by up to 8 to 22 times based on the model you are using. The cable of the wired headset works as an antenna for the device which carries a small amount of signal to the drivers. Even though you still absorb radiation through the cable, it is mainly absorbed by your body instead of your head, where the effects are barely noticeable. A lot of headsets are also offered with a ferrite head nowadays which further reduces the SAR value.

Ferrite Beads

Ferrite Beads

Ferrite beads are specifically designed to reduce the radiation levels from a live cord. Once a ferrite bead is added to the wired headset, you can basically consider the device completely safe and healthy for routine use.

The ferrite beads are pretty basic in terms of design and application. If you take a look at your laptop charger or a power cord of a heavy electronic device, you will probably find a ferrite bead attached to the cable. These cylindrical sections on the cable stop high-frequency current and keep the electronic circuit safe from sudden power surges.

However, the ferrite beads are also useful as they reduce the RF radiation. A standard ferrite bead can offer up to 90% reduction in RF radiation which makes the device pretty safe for your ears. A standard ferrite bead is pretty inexpensive and can be easily connected to any wired headset. This can be a great option if you already own a pair of decent wired headsets and do not wish to spend more on yet another pair just to be safe from the radiation. Instead, you can simply add the ferrite bead to the cable and you are all set.

What is EMF Radiation?

If you are not familiar with the concept of radiation and how it can affect you, don’t worry. We will take a brief look at the concept of EMF radiation and try to understand how it can affect you. EMF stands for electronic and magnetic fields which are prime characters of every electronic device. EMF radiation can basically be defined as a field of energy generated around electronic devices. The intensity of the EMF field generated by the device depends on the frequency levels. Higher energy frequency usually creates higher energy levels.

The EMF radiation is generated with the device as long as it is active. However, you would have to be exposed to EMF radiation for a very long time for it to have an effect on your body. It does not create any significant impact if you are using the earphones for shorter periods of time.

Do Bluetooth Headphones Give Off Radiation?

To put it simply, yes. Bluetooth headphones or any other wireless device for that matter emit non-ionizing radiations. It can be considered as low-frequency radiation that does not have any major impact on the human body. Similar output can be observed on various other electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, and microwaves. But, the radiation is not only limited to wireless devices. Instead, you can also observe electromagnetic radiation from wired devices as well.

Do Wired Headphones Give Off Radiation?

When it comes to wired headphones, you are completely safe from electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, it is probably a safer option to use a wired set of earphones for longer listening sessions. But, you are still not completely safe and you are still exposed to the risk of suffering from high-frequency energy exposure.

Fortunately, there is a solution for that. Using ferrite beads, as we mentioned earlier, allows you to minimize the effects of high-frequency energy. A ferrite bead can be attached to almost any wired headset and it prevents the cable from becoming a high-frequency antenna. It simply reduces the amounts of radiation being absorbed by your body as well as your ears to minimize the hazardous effects. Not only that, but the ferrite beads also avoid the interference caused by external electromagnetic fields.

Radiation-free Headphones

There are a handful of headphones that are rated to be completely radiation-free. Even though the standard earphones do not pose a lot of hazards to the human body, you should prefer getting radiation-free headphones if you have a sensitive body. The radiation-free headphones can be used for long sessions without having to worry about health hazards.

DefenderShield EMF-Free Adult Headphones

The DefenderShield EMF-Free Adult Headphones offer complete protection against EMF as well as 5G wavelengths without any downgrade in the audio quality whatsoever. They have achieved it by offering a braided nylon cable on the inside with an outer copper layer that protects you from electrical energy.

Kinden Air Tube Earbuds

If you prefer using binaural earphones, then the Kinden Air Tube Earbuds might be a good choice. These pairs of earbuds also offer shielded wires that reduce the conduction of faradic currents. It also manages to reduce radiofrequency radiations as well as induction. The Kinden Air Tube Earbuds are compatible with all smartphones, tablets, and every other similar audio device.

Atmore Anti-Radiation Headphones

Lastly, we will recommend getting the Atmore Anti-Radiation Headphones which guarantees about 99% reduction in harmful traditions. The Atmore Anti-Radiation Headphones have air tube construction so that there is always a safe distance between your ear and your phone. Also, these headphones do not have a magnet inside them which eradicates the chances of exposure to EMF radiation. To make the device even more secure, you also get metal shielded and the earbuds have special spears to make the signals EMF-free.


We hope that we have offered you all the information you needed to know about radiations caused by wired as well as wireless headphones. As you might have realized, there is no imminent danger or threat posed by any type of headphones. But if you are still conscious, you should prefer getting wired headphones instead of wireless ones to reduce the chances of EMF radiation. To be more safe and secure, you can also add a ferrite bead to the wired headphones and enjoy long sessions of listening without any worry.

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