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How To Connect Speakers To Tv Without Receiver

It’s such an amazing feeling when you watch your favorite movie on the television and try to increase sound, but the television sound has some limits. However, you still want to enjoy the movie in loud noise, so you think of connecting speakers to your TV. But to your shock, you notice that your television does not have a receiver or it’s broken.

So to help you sort the same, in this article, we will discuss ways to help you connect speakers to TV without a receiver.

What is a Receiver?

The basic concept of connection of devices directly states that there has to be a sender and receiver for a connection. The sender is the component of the device which transmits the signals or commands like a remote or a device that sends input.

The sender plays a major role in maintaining the easy use of the device. If the sender of the device is ruptured, then the receiver will pass no commands, and no operation will take place.

On the contrary, a receiver helps the system receive the signals from the sender and process operations accordingly. If your TV remote is your sender, then your television is a receiver.

So the receiver intercepts commands and other forms of data like your Bluetooth earphones, which are connected to your device. And receives the song in the form of digital signals, which are intercepted at the receiver’s end.

Now, when you understand the importance of a receiver, what will be done if your TV receiver is not working and you want to connect to the home theatre or speakers. So let us further discuss methods for the same.

How To Connect Speakers To A Tv Without Receiver

Numerous ways can help users connect their speakers to television without a receiver, and some of them are discussed below.

1. 5 mm to RCA

The 3.5 mm cables are the ones bearing mono-pin and different colors, but the RCA pin is different as its pin is different from the 3.5 mm. It has a good transmission and stable connection. The RCA cable is placed in the television because they lack 3.5 mm ports, and then the 3.5mm end is placed in the speaker.

Once the connection is made, then a smooth audio transmission is observed.

2. 5 to 3.5 mm

Now, these are the types of cables you have seen in your homes as they are mono-pin bearing colors like red, white, and yellow. On the back of your television, there are ports of this 3.5 mm cable. So you place one end of these cables in your speaker and another one in the television.

There is a simple issue: some cables have low power ratings, so they short circuit when used for too long. So if you work with 3.5mm cables, you prefer using the one with high power ratings.

3. Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a very useful technology as it is a short-range wireless communication device that you can find in various devices around you like your Mobile Phone, car, television, etc. So by using Bluetooth, you can connect your speakers to TV; follow the steps listed below to connect via Bluetooth.

  • Open Bluetooth at both sender’s and receiver’s end.
  • Once the Bluetooth is open, find the speaker device’s Bluetooth in the TV Bluetooth menu.
  • Click on it, and it will show a pop-up to Pair, click on Pair.
  • Now This will connect both devices.

4. Using Two-Channel Amplifiers

Suppose your speaker does not have Bluetooth, then how can you connect the TV with a speaker? So here comes the mediator. The two-channel amplifier is that mediator as it acts as a circuit in which a sender is placed, whereas on the other, a receiver is placed.

So if your speaker does not support Bluetooth, you can connect these devices by using this mediator device known as a two-channel amplifier. Follow the steps listed below to establish the connection.

  • Take an amplifier, connect speakers to one end of the amplifier, and then connect television at the other end.
  • Once the input and output cables are in place, then power On the amplifier.
  • So now your speaker and television are connected via a third device.

5. Using a Direct Connection

This method is a bit risky for the speakers with low power ratings because, in such instances, the speakers are connected directly to television via cable. So all you have to do is to put in both the speaker cables on television, and it will work without a mediator.

So this is also a good method but make sure that your speakers have a good power rating.

6. Using a Hub

The hub is a term known by very few people, this is somehow a complex method. So if the methods mentioned above don’t work, you could opt for this method.

The hub is a device used to connect various devices simultaneously, like various systems in a network, so you can connect the television and speakers cable via the hub.


In this article, we have discussed various ways to ease the connection of a speaker with your television without a receiver. We discussed methods that included both wired and wireless connections. So I hope this article will clear some of your doubts.

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