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How To Charge Bluetooth Speaker Without Charger

In today’s world, wired devices are slowly getting obsolete. They are replaced by wireless gadgets thanks to Bluetooth technology. Wireless gadgets are easy to carry anywhere you go, and there are no messy wires and tangling issues. Among wireless gadgets, a Bluetooth speaker is a common household gadget that is extremely popular among teenagers and young adults. A Bluetooth speaker enables us to listen to music from anywhere.

A Bluetooth speaker runs on a battery, and you have to recharge it from time to time to listen to music without any interruption. However, it can be infuriating when the battery of the Bluetooth speaker runs out, and you do not have the charger. Fortunately, you can charge your Bluetooth speaker with a charge too. In today’s article, you will find out how to charge your Bluetooth speaker without its charger.

How Can You Charge A Bluetooth Speaker Without Its Charger?

Here are all the different ways to charge a Bluetooth speaker seamlessly without having a proper charger.

1. Charge Using Your Smartphone

Charge Using Your Smartphone

You can simply charge the wireless speaker by using your smartphone. All you have to do is use the USB cable and connect it to your smartphone. In this way, you don’t have to worry about using a charger. You carry your phone all the time and you don’t have to get anything extra. Another great advantage is that you can charge with the smartphone as many times as you want.

However, it all depends upon the size of the battery of the speaker as well as the amount of charge you have on your smartphone. You must also ensure that the wireless speaker is compatible with your phone. If it is not compatible, you may end up damaging the ports of the smartphone as well as the speaker.

2. Charge Using Mobile Charger

Charge Using Mobile Charger

Bluetooth speakers will even allow you to charge them with a mobile charger. This will offer you better convenience as you don’t have to carry multiple chargers at a time. Nevertheless, you must know how to charge a wireless speaker with a mobile charger considering the compatibility. Handling it inappropriately can break the charging port of the speaker.

3. Charge Using A Powerbank

The third way of charging a wireless speaker will be by using a power bank. A power bank comes in a compact size for easy carry and you can recharge different types of devices instantly. It is perfect when the battery runs out at a remote location. You will easily find powerbanks that can come with multiple ports to recharge multiple devices on them. All you have to do is to plug it into the charging port. Even though some powerbanks can be expensive, it serves ideal for anyone who travels frequently.

4. Charge Using Your Laptop

Charge Using Your Laptop

You can even recharge your Bluetooth speaker with your laptop. When you charge the wireless speaker with a laptop, you don’t have to worry about the limited built-in battery like smartphones or other devices. By using a micro USB cable, you can easily recharge the wireless speaker. You just have to get the right cable and confirm if the Bluetooth speaker is charging. In most cases, you will find a red LED light that acts as an indicator if the wireless speaker is charging. As a matter of fact, most users prefer charging a Bluetooth speaker through their computers.

5. Charge Using A Wireless Charging Station

With wireless charging, you don’t have to worry about any mess. You can easily fix the problem of a dying wireless speaker battery. There are many types of wireless charging devices that can charge a Bluetooth speaker. However, make sure it is compatible with your Bluetooth speaker model. It enables you to use it from anywhere you want and you will only have to check the user manual if your Bluetooth speaker supports wireless charging.

6. Charge Using Your Own Wireless Charger

wireless chrgr

People who have some knowledge of technology can easily create a wireless charger. Even though it might be a bit technical and tricky, you can try it. Make sure that you have all the required items which include a soldering tool, inductive charging set, and a 9V charger.

  • After gathering the materials, you will first have to disassemble the Bluetooth speaker. Do it carefully so that there will be no damage to any of the internal components.
  • The next step will be to solder the +5V wires on the circuit board.
  • You will now have to connect with 9V on the emitter’s side.
  • In doing so, the wireless charger will be able to charge the device. If you are successful, you can tape the coil on the bottom of the case. Make sure that you prevent thick materials.

It is advisable to not try it if you find it difficult or have no idea. While performing these steps, your hands must be steady and they must not touch any other part of the board. You will also have to be careful when it comes to the input lines.

7. Time To Replace Your Battery

Even after trying all the attempts, if you happen to fail to recharge the battery of the speaker, the problem may be with the battery. When the battery is bad, it will not charge. For this, it is important to replace the battery. Keep in mind that you may require a technician for performing the task. You will have to take the wireless speaker to a professional technician and change the battery. In some cases, the problem can also be with the charging port.

How To Extend The Battery Life of A Bluetooth Speaker?

Here are some of the instructions that you must follow for extending the battery life of the Bluetooth speaker. You don’t have to worry about frequently charging it by preserving the battery life.

  • Turn Off The Speaker: By turning off the Bluetooth speaker when not in use, it stops the wireless communication between the devices and preserves the battery. Keeping the device on constantly can drain the battery fast. You must stop the habit of pausing the music or forgetting to turn off the speaker. There are even speakers that can come with the feature of auto shut-off.
  • Keeping the Wireless Speaker Cool: Another way of preserving battery life will be limiting the heat. You must know that high heat can be dangerous and dissipate the battery life quickly. Another thing will be to store the speaker in any dark and cool place. When you allow the speaker to sit in full sun, there are possibilities of damaging the battery. Additionally, never leave the speaker in any hot trunk which can degrade the battery quality.
  • Using Airplane Mode: Even when you turn on airplane mode, all forms of wireless communication will be disabled. In this way, you will be able to save battery as you will not be getting any notifications like emails, push notifications, and text messages.
  • Never Fully Recharge or Discharge: You must never fully discharge or charge the Bluetooth speaker. If the battery is 100%, you must never leave it plugged in. Another thing that you must note is that you should never over-charge even when you have ample access to the charger.
  • Keeping the Volume Down: An ideal way of preserving the battery is by keeping the volume down. Loud volume can consume more battery. For better efficiency, it will be ideal to keep the volume at 75% max.


A Bluetooth speaker is easy to carry around but charging it may be difficult at times as you may not remember to carry the dedicated charger all the time. If you have a USB cable, you can charge it from the laptop and even from your smartphone if possible. The best thing is to carry a power bank so that you can change any device instantly and that includes the Bluetooth speaker.

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