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Top 10 WordPress Malware Removal Plugins

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most used platforms to host websites from various countries. But, managing software is not an easy task. You have to ensure the site has meaningful content, serves the demands of the consumers, and, of course, is secure for your viewers.

In this internet age, most internet users prefer a secure website that offers them enough protection from cybercrime attacks, including phishing, malware etc.

So, you must maintain a safe website and regularly check the malware or spyware attacks on your website. WordPress sites also require maintenance. If there is the slightest presence of any malware, it is better to remove that to ensure the safety of your website and the viewers.

Fortunately, WordPress offers some help in this section. You will find multiple WordPress plug-ins deployed to search and remove the malware or spyware present on any site. On top of that, these plug-ins also find the possible threats that can hamper your website and offer you suggestions to keep the site secure all the time.

What Is Malware?

Malware is the acronym for malicious software. Malware is software or code that is embedded with a dangerous program that is enough to damage a website or may allow unauthorized access to any website.

WordPress malware can lead a cyber attacker to gain your access; it can often lead to dangerous consequences, including losing control over your website, damaging your Meta descriptions and even altering contents on your website.

Here are the top malware removal plug-ins for WordPress sites that you need to check out right now-

Best WordPress Malware Removal Plug-ins

1. MalCare – Best WordPress Malware Removal Plug-in

MalCareFirst in this list comes the MalCare malware removal plug-in from MalCare Security. The agency is known as one of the leading software developers in the cyber security sector, and their WordPress plug-in is something you must check out. After all, MalCare produced this malware removal plug-in after researching over 240000 WordPress sites to build a collection intelligence database.

The best part about Malcare is its service package- a complete malware removal plug-in that removes the malware and offers advanced firewall protection. On top of that, the one-touch malware cleanup for any WordPress site is one of the most convenient features you can ask for!


  • It offers a scan feature to detect all the present malware on your website
  • One touch cleanup for removing all malware. It searches its servers to find the trace of the malware. Hence, it runs smoothly in the background without causing disturbance to your
  • Malcare offers advanced firewall protection that prevents malicious logins, dubious login attempts and unauthorized IP addresses from keeping your site secured.
  • It also prevents any unauthorized login and unauthorized change on your website.
  • Malcare plug-in offers backup that is available all around the The backup feature uses Blog Vault backup services to secure and protect backup for your website content.
  • It allows you to keep a note about file changes(even minimal changes will be notified)
  • You can also monitor the other installed plug-ins on your website to check if any plug-in is the source of a malware attack.
  • Malcare offers support through email, instant chat and a contact page. The dashboard is always open for an immediate chat session if you encounter any problem using the Malcare malware removal plug-in.


  • One touch cleanup
  • Easy malware detection from a vast database
  • One-stop detection for hard-to-find malware
  • Blog vault-powered secured website backup
  • Smart firewalls
  • Real-time alerts for malware attack
  • Does not impact your server performance
  • Emergency cleaning during any time
  • Dedicated support team


  • The free version doesn’t offer cleanup. Hence you need to buy the premium plug-in at the cost of $99

2. WordFence Malware Cleaner

WordFenceWordFence malware cleaner can be your one-stop solution if you want something other WordPress users trust. It has more than 3 million active installs and is quite popular in the website security sector for its wide range of features.

The best part of the WordFence malware cleaner plug-in is its exclusive features, including malware detection, cleanup, and other preventive measures.

Its malware scanner is one of the best now and can find hard-to-find malware easily in a few minutes.

Not just IP addresses, or logins, WordFence malware cleaner, scans even the content and themes of your website to find the faintest trace of malware for you.

On top of that, WordFence malware cleaner offers an excellent firewall to keep your website secure from any malware attack.


  • The web application firewall from WordFence prevents any kind of malicious traffic, including dubious IP addresses and unauthorized logins on your website.
  • It also has a dedicated security scanner that regularly checks your core files, other plug-ins and themes, suspected URLs, SEP spam, backdoors and code injections.
  • You can schedule the scanning procedure to get updates about any malware on your
  • WordFence also has other security features, including limited login attempts, spam comment filters
  • It monitors the live traffic to check out the unauthorized login attempts and unauthorized used agents and blocks these
  • WordFence has a dedicated support system that any user can use, even the free version. There is a dedicated support team that is always ready to help you.


  • Offers you monthly reports
  • Offers a good firewall with advanced features
  • Live traffic monitoring
  • Unauthorized agent blocking
  • Monthly reports
  • Scheduled scanning feature
  • Responsive support team


  • The scheduled scanning is only available to premium versions
  • The scanning feature is only applicable to the preserved server
  • The free scanning feature is not good
  • The scanning procedure often causes the server resources to get exhausted
  • False positive alerts at times, even if there is no malware present
  • The support system often offers better service to premium users than free users
  • No automatic cleanups. Even the premium cleanup service is not satisfactory
  • Price is extremely high

3. Sucuri Malware Scanner and Cleaner

Sucuri Malware Scanner and CleanerIn the case of website security, especially for WordPress sites, many users trust Sucuri. It is a one-stop anti-malware plug-in that detects and removes the malware from your system to protect your site and your contents. On top of that, Sucuri also offers SEO fixing and prevents malicious links and authorities from attacking your beloved website.

Sucuri takes website security to the next step with real-time warnings about the dropped traffic and works to keep the site in average condition. Like any other anti-malware WordPress plug-in, it also blocks any malware, including future malware attacks, through the traffic.

Sucuri allows its users to fully use all the features, including advanced DDoS mitigation and other features. After all, GoDaddy is its owner, and you can never expect anything less from Sucuri!


  • Offers real-time scanning to trace the presence of malware and malicious codes to keep your website secure.
  • It has a file integrity checking system that effectively checks all the files on your website, including the original ones from WordPress.Org, to find and delete malware instantly.
  • It checks if there is any search engine that has blacklisted your site and allows you to do the needful to remove the blacklisting tag.
  • Offers an intelligent firewall to protect against future malware attacks
  • Sucuri has an active dashboard that alerts you if anything suspicious happens on your website.


  • File integrity monitoring
  • effective firewall for better security
  • Real-time updates
  • Post hack security actions
  • Remote malware scanning
  • Activity auditing


  • No automatic cleaners
  • The firewall configuration is poor
  • Constant alerts are annoying
  • You need a premium purchase to access all the services
  • Highly impacted the server resources, interfering with the user experience of your website
  • Economically priced

4. Astra Security Suite

Astra Security SuiteAstra security suite is one of the most premium malware prevention plug-ins that comes with a dedicated firewall, ML-enabled malware scanner and instant malware removal with instant and faster checking.

The best part is that Astra is free of cost and has no hidden charge. So, if you are not ready to spend some extra on a plug-in for malware removal yet want good service, choose Astra.

Austra has quite an impressive client base, including industry leaders like Gillette, Ford, African Union, Oman Airways etc. The dashboard is pretty simple and user-friendly too! You will never need some expert knowledge to use Australia.

Even though Astra offers exceptional support, its free version is well-managed and jam-packed with features!


  • Astra has a dedicated channel to prevent credit card fraud. It prevents malicious injections and IP addresses from stealing your customers’ credentials. On top of that, it also offers secure Otp to prevent payment gateway fraud.
  • Astra regularly performs security audits and offers you a detailed report.
  • It checks all the IP addresses on your server and prevents any type of suspected malware or IP address login on your
  • Australia also offers AQL injection and cross-site scripting
  • If you have an ecommerce website, Astra will help you to go for spam comment filtering. Online marketing spam blockage and payment gateway security.


  • Offers dedicated malware removal for ecommerce sites, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting and online marketing spam filtering
  • It can identify 100+ internet threats, including malware, and removes everything.
  • Regular security audits
  • Firewall implementation
  • Security Message for dubious login
  • Responsive support team
  • Installation is easy


  • No automated cleanings
  • User-friendly interface
  • Too many notifications often seem overwhelming
  • The cleanup speed of the free plan is very slow
  • High price tag

5. CleanTalk Security and Malware Scan

CleanTalk Security and Malware ScanSome hidden gems do not get enough spotlights but are equally good. CleanTalk Security and Malware Scan are one such malware-removing plug-ins that are not well known but offer excellent service.

CleanTalk offers all the essential services, including malware detection and malware removal. But what makes it exceptional? Well, it has a low price tag with so many features.

It will scan all the files and find threats, including malicious codes embedded inside them. On top of that, it also repairs all the files to ensure your website remains secure always.


  • Offers a dedicated web app firewall for your website. It does not offer you notifications about the malware before asking for cleanup, and it does it automatically,
  • The antivirus scanner scans all malwares and informs You can also get an automated scan to find all the malware on your site.
  • The malware limits unauthorized login attempts and blocks login IP addresses if
  • CleanTalk Security also offers you regular reports on email. You can go for daily or monthly email alerts to know what is happening on your On top of that, it also offers a security audit log.
  • CleanTalk Security malware removal plug-in also monitors the real-time traffic on your site and identifies any type of suspected activity.
  • It also offers brute force


  • Automated cleanup
  • Automatic spam removal
  • Auto scans available
  • Email alerts for cleanup and other real-time monitoring


  • It deletes the infected files automatically to remove plug-ins
  • No advanced scanning is available
  • Some time may offer you false positive results

6. BulletProof Security

BulletProof SecurityIt is another WordPress malware prevention plug-in that keeps your website secure enough. If you are well aware of WordPress technical matters, you can always try CleanTalk Security and Malware Scan. Even if it requires expert knowledge, it offers a lot of customization in case of malware protection.

The best part about BulletProof Security is its exploit-guard mechanism that allows you to employ the plug-in effectively. On top of that, it also offers you enough functionality, including advanced security payment features.


  • BulletProof Security scans all the filters and directories from the server and alerts you about the impending malware threat.
  • It offers an anti-spam feature to prevent and block spam filters and spam comments.
  • BulletProof security scans for all the login details and alerts you about HTTP errors and suspicious logins.
  • It also maintains a continuous backup for all data, including website contents, files, etc.
  • The BulletProof security plug-in’s intelligent firewall prevents malware from attacking your site again.
  • The Base64 decoder, exploit-guards, and auto-fix feature allow you to give string security to your WordPress site against attackers.


  • Regular monitoring features
  • Customization available for security management and malware removal
  • HTTP errors and login errors activity monitoring
  • Intelligent backup for all the contents
  • Anti-spam functionally to prevent spam comments


  • The interface is complicated and may seem overwhelming for beginners
  • You may not be able to access all the features without purchasing the premium version
  • Not for sites with massive traffic as it deletes files often without taking any permission

7. Cerber Security

Cerber SecurityNext is Cerber Security, another hidden gem you need to use once. Experts applaud Cerber Security for its features/. This plug-in is known for its advanced anti-malware effects that delete malwares and perform regular scanning.

One of the best parts about Cerber Security is its auto-cleanup feature. So, you will never be disappointed with the cleaning service.


  • Cerber Security scans everything, including other plug-ins, themes and your content files, to detect viruses and malware to remove them effectively.
  • Cerber Security offers two types of scans, full scan and Quick scan. The Quick Scan checks only the executable extensions, while the Full scan checks all files and media files to discover possible threats.
  • It also checks all login attempts through your website and blocks suspicious logins.
  • Cerber Security also offers cookie checking, including XML- RPC requests, cookie authentication etc.
  • It effectively blocklists suspicious IP addresses. On top of that, Cerber Security can also white list IP addresses if required.
  • Cerber Security offers proper “.php” security, including wp-login-php, wp-signup.php, and wp-register.php from malware and other types of cyber attacks.
  • It prevents automated redirection to the login page to prevent fraud
  • Cerber Security plug-in scans Pingbacks and Trackbacks and removes everything.


  • Two types of scanning, including auto-cleanups
  • Malware scanner
  • Auto Redirection blockage
  • Cookie checking and authentication
  • IP address monitoring
  • .php security for WordPress website


  • It often deleted files without any malware threat
  • Proper cleanup may not be available
  • Strains the server so much that the website performance often degrades

8. Jetpack

Cerber SecurityThe Jetpack malware removal plug-in comes with basic and advanced features. This malware prevention plug-in is the product of Automatic Inc, the maker of WordPress.

You can scan your whole WordPress site in a few minutes, get audit reports on your mail, and detect sensitive areas. On top of that, it can also prevent bots from attacking or logging in inside your website.

The best part about the Jetpack plug-in is its external dashboard. On top of that, it also serves as a good support team for you.


  • Jetpack plug-in offers centralized management if you have multiple WordPress sites. You will get to manage everything in a single place with that app’s “Manage” feature. The administrators will access the dashboard to scan malware and get real-time reports.
  • Jetpack also offers SEO optimization with its unique photon feature. It can increase the loading speed of your website to ensure you get more visitors.
  • Jetpack comes with Publicise and Traffic stats that offer you real-time reports on the traffic and visitor
  • Jetpack also offers a unique Protect feature that effectively identifies suspicious IP addresses and blocks them. On top of that, it also prevents failed login attempts to prevent hacking of your WordPress sites.


  • Centralized management for multiple WordPress sites
  • Real-time monitoring of traffic through tools
  • Offers exceptional security on IP management through Protect feature
  • Allows detailed checking
  • Great support
  • External dashboard
  • You can integrate this plug-in with your WordPress account.


  • The cleanup feature is not available.
  • The free plan doesn’t offer all the premium features
  • The scanning is not adequate, and advances in free versions
  • The vulnerability detection is not competent
  • Firewall protection is not available

9. All-in-one WP Security

All-in-one WP SecurityThe All-in-one security plug-in can help you to maintain malware threats with its features. It also has a scanning feature and a string firewall to protect your site. On top of that, it is entirely free.

The unique security scanner also modifies files instead of deleting them. Hence, you will not lose anything even after malware infestation.

On top of that, it also provides account security, prevents delicious and duplicate login attempts, and blocks such attempts to prevent hacking.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Regular report with graphical representation
  • Offers core file backup


  • No proper malware-oriented cleanup and scanning are available
  • The plug-in may interface with website indexing

10. SecuPress

SecuPressLast on this list is SecuPress. It comes with basic features. SecuPresss is ideal for users who have just started their journey with WordPress. Its best feature is its user-friendly interface.

It offers malware scanning and malware deletion for WordPress. On top of that, it also comes with a proper firewall for your site.

The best part about SecuPress is its reports facility. With graphical representation, you can get scheduled reports on the malware threat and prevention, logs and other factors.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Regular report
  • Good firewall


  • Does not offer dedicated cleanup
  • The scanning feature is only basic
  • Its support is not great. You may need to wait for hours to get a response.

Criteria for Choosing the Best WordPress Malware Removal Plug-in

As you can see, multiple WordPress plug-ins can effectively detect and manage malware from your site. But not every plug-in is ideal for your website. Here are some criteria that can help you to choose the best malware prevention plug-in-

1. Malware Scanning

The first and foremost criterion is the facility of scanning. You need to invest in a plug-in that has a powerful scanner. Without a powerful scanner, you may not get details on the lurking malware. If the malware remains unnoticed, it can lead to drastic consequences.

2. Quick Support

Not every WordPress user is a technical genius. People with intermediate cyber security knowledge often manage WordPress sites. Hence, a plug-in with a dedicated support team is essential. If the plug-in does not have quick support, it won’t serve you well. After all, do you want to wait hours to get assistance for a problem?

Instead, use a plug-in with support facilities, including chat, email and message options.

3. Time Consumed

For malware detection, you need some time. But, if you go for a plug-in that takes a lot of time, it can cause more issues than securing the site. While it scans for hours, new malware may also damage your site.

So, opt for a fast scanning plug-in that does not take hours.

4. Firewall

Without a firewall, your website will never be adequately protected. It adds an extra layer of protection to your WordPress site. On top of that, a secure firewall can prevent most malware and cyber attacks. So, always choose a plug-in that offers a good firewall.

5. Performance

The performance of your website is the key to success. Nobody lives in a slow-loading site or a site with a poor and lagging interface. Plug-ins often interfere with the site servers, causing your website to become slower and lagged. It, in turn, may reduce the traffic. Hence, go for a fast, lighter plug-in that does not exhaust your server much.

When should you use a malware removal plug-in?

The main question here is when you need to use the removal plug-in. Well, if you can afford a malware prevention plug-in, we recommend using it round the clock for a secure website.

If you have an eCommerce site, a malware prevention plug-in is a basic necessity as many people regularly visit and log in to your website for shopping.

Nobody knows when malware can damage or infect their site. Prevention is always the best policy for a site you view, trust, and love.

Signs that website is under malware attack

Malware can attack your website anytime, any day. But there are a few signs that can help you to understand when malware attacks your site-

  • Google sets a warning about your site.

One of the main signs is the Google warning. If your device screen turns red and comes with a message “deceptive site ahead” with a warning logo, it is probably already infected by multiple malware.

In many cases, Google also notifies website admins about the malware attack. But, for this, your site must be connected to the Google Search Console.

  • The traffic has gone downwards.

If suddenly the website traffic has gone downhill? Probably your site is under malware attack, and the visitors are not keen to open a site that seems suspicious to them.

  • The site is slower

A malware-infected site also becomes slower and laggy. If you suddenly find your site takes much more time to load, you probably need to find the malware causing this issue.

  • Your site seems different on search

One of the easiest ways to determine a malware attack is by searching your website on different search engines. Malware often lead to a change in website appearance, including a changed Meta description. If you find that your website contains unknown alphabets or website embedded lines or even unwanted or irrelevant keywords or phrases, it is probably infected with malware.


All the WordPress plug-ins described in this article are very popular and effective. Our expert team has prepared this list after careful analysis and research. Investing in an excellent malware-removing plug-in for your website is always better to ensure the site remains secure and safe. You can choose any from this list as per your preference.

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