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What is QtWebEngineProcess.exe?

QTWebEngineProcess.exe is an executable file developed by the Electronic Arts software developer. The QTWebEngineProcess.exe file is for Windows operating system and it is closely related to the gaming platform Origin. It helps to run different programs that are not compatible with the system.

You must be careful while deleting it in your Windows 10 operating system as it may be in the currently running process. Removing it will affect the performance of the related applications. However, it may use too much CPU or GPU. Also, viruses and malware transmit through this exe file.

How Safe Is QtWebEngineProcess.exe? Is it a Virus or Malware?

The question really arises if QTWebEngineProcess.exe is safe to run or is it malware or virus. You need to keep in mind that it is an executable file. QTWebEngineProcess.exe comes in the Program Files folder where Windows makes some of the programs. Usually, it is associated with gaming platforms for connecting with fellow gamers. However, it can also be in other programs like Dropbox, Steam, Ring Central, chromium-based QT Web Engine, Glyph, and Bitlord. These are all legitimate processes and are not malware or virus. It is used by different applications so that there will be smooth simultaneous sessions. It can trigger high CPU usage. This can particularly happen with the incompatibility of the applications.

However, it has to be noted that QTWebEngineProcess.exe is not a critical system file. Again you must not terminate or remove it when you happen to run any of the above programs. If it is consuming a lot of memory from your computer, you can reinstall it.

We can confirm if it is a legitimate file or a virus by knowing its location. The file location is in C: Program Files (x86)Origin. You can also go to the Task Manager and look for the verified signer. It must have the name of the software developer which is Electronics Arts. The file name will be QTWebEngineProcess.exe and the software name is BitLord. The size of the file is 22,024 bytes. However, if it says “Unable to verify”, then it is not legit software. You will have to uninstall the program as malware developers will create legitimate-looking filenames. Also, you need to uninstall any type of related apps with QTWebEngineProcess.exe.

How To Remove/Uninstall QtWebEngineProcess.exe?

If you feel that QTWebEngineProcess.exe is not an important part of your computer, you will have to uninstall it from your system. You can follow these steps to remove it.

You will have to keep in mind that if QTWebEngineProcess.exe is a part of the software program, you will also have to uninstall the program. These are the steps that you need to follow.

Step 1: Run the Uninstaller on your computer.

Step 2: Go to C:Program files followed by “Electronic Arts.

Step 3: Select “BitLord” followed by “Qt Qtwebengineprocess.”

Step 4: Click QtWebEngineProcess.exe_uninstall.exe.

The other method will be going through the “Control Panel.

Step 1: On your computer, go to the Control Panel.

Step 2: Select “Windows Installer.”

Step 3: Select “System Settings.”

Step 4: Click on the option “Add or Remove Programs.”

Step 5: Look for QtWebEngingeProcess.exe. You may also look for the developer name of “Electronic Arts” or the software name “BitLord.

Step 6: Select the option “Uninstall Program.”

Check The Spelling Of QtWebEngineProcess

Even though QTWebEngineProcess.exe is safe, it is always advisable to confirm the spelling of the file. It is executable and it must always be in the lower case within the Task Manager. The correct spelling is “qtwebengineprocess”. When several applications are running simultaneously, your computer may be infected. You can even make use of an antivirus program to see if it is not a Trojan or spyware.

You will have to note that QTWebEngineProcess.exe is required by various programs for running. There are many things you will have to note. Files that end with .dll and .exe extensions can be hidden malware. Even while making software installations, questionable files can be downloaded. The best solution for this is to have a full system scan to make sure that your computer does not have any malware.


When you have concluded that QTWebEngineProcess.exe is not malware, you can keep it on your computer. However, if there are no programs associated with it, you can delete it. It is always advisable to keep your antivirus programs up to date and run regular antivirus scans. You will have to be careful that .exe extension file names are executable and will harm your computer. Even while dealing with QTWebEngineProcess.exe, make sure that it belongs to a trusted application or the Windows operating system.

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